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Howdy everyone!

We put out a small release just for funsies - it’s a small, randomly generated text based Survival RPG aptly called Tiny Survival.

We are also shipping out a limited number of physical floppy discs with extra goodies to those who support this small release.

Head on over to our page to check it out.

And thanks for viewing our post :)

Hey! Yes, I am assuming you purchased the Bizzariodeluxe? If so please feel free to claim a refund through We needed to sell all of the available units to produce the Bizzariodeluxe edition. However, if you send me your email I will email you some unreleased shit :)

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Howdy! You are totally right - and the box being displayed is a mockup ( a close to production mockup). We will remove any semblance of nintendo iconography on the final production copies. :)

You can get the Deluxe copy here:

Hello everyone!

We are looking for feedback in regards to the controls of our first project: Bizzarioware!

Feel free to comment feedback here, on our project page:, or through our google form.

Awesome video! I would suggest going into the mixlist mode and toggling on the tutorials :) Thanks for playing and thanks for making a vid!

WOW!! Thank you! We really appreciate the support and should have a new build coming soon that will address some of the usability issues.

Howdy everyone!

We are The Strangest Interactive and we are super stoked to finally be releasing our first game on!

Blurb: Bizzarioware is an ongoing collection of psychedelic, strange and lɐǝɹɹns microgames played in 15 second increments. It is your all access pass to wasting time immersed in a fast-paced hypercosmic void of micro design.  That distant yet familiar feeling of throwing back an off-brand energy drink as you race down the freeway two hours before the sun comes up and underglows bypass your pupils, piercing straight through your retinas.

For a sensory overload, head on over to our project page and give it a whirl!: