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Hey Catapilla - do you have any logs or anything to spare? Or a description of when the game crashes? Anything to help us help get the issue resolved. :)


No they aren't actual NFT's, they are just digital trading cards! :)


Hey! Very soon!

We are in the process of wrapping everything up on our side and will make an announcement soon!


Yoooo :) Thank you and yes we are going to update this mess, it sucks it has so much performance problems. We didnt run into a ton during testing but it is what it is!

Yeah we totally agree - we are going to be updating it for performance! :)

Your good to upload it! No worries! :)

Haha! There are definitely performance issues, we are going to clean them up soon! :) Thank you for the kind words!

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Hey everyone,

As you all know - the jam is complete! We are very thankful to those who participated and are very excited to play through all the games you have submitted.

We are extending the jam voting period to 09/12/21. This is due to us being a bit burnt out after working on our own jam entry, as well as trying to wrangle the judges. Our plan is to get judge feedback and announce award winners on 09/12/21. We are going to shoot for distributing prizes by 10/15/21 if everything goes according to plan. 

In the time frame we will also be working towards the steam compilation of SSMM award winners. If you are an award winner, we will reach out with more info. :)

In the mean time, please feel free to rate each others entries and look forward to official judge feedback on your entry :)


- Strio Team

Collision Check is correct, everyone is free to vote on the jam entries but we are meeting with the judges to designate award winners!


We will be setting up some networking devices to play the games with the judges and with the team!


Hey Alex - StarBannerGames is correct. Just make something wild! You don’t have to make a multiplayer game but if you do there is a chance you could get an additional prize!

hell yeah

Hey! I was wondering if we could get into contact! 

It is still possible for you to participate! Join our discord and ask for a key in the nightmare forum :)

Love this so much. 

The fever dream encapsulates and captures you - you cannot leave ;)

Howdy SpookyGrowly,

The Nightmare Boxed Edition only includes the build for PC, but that does bring up a good point. 

In the future we will consider including a MAC disc and a WIN Disc.

If you need a digital copy of the deluxe edition for MC, please join our discord and we will DM you a code:



Thank you for the feedback!

TY for playing!

TY :heart:

Join the discord and let me know you are looking for a key, one of us will DM you one.

Messaged you on Discord!

Noted - that is a very sick bunny!

Hey Yall,

Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention! So to be clear - is the issue that there is considerable input lag or that the controls dont work at all?

Can someone send us a video of their issue and also their exact PC specs/setup so that we can try troubleshooting it in a VM?

Also - we did have a few folks say that they had issues with controls when the KB/Mouse and Joypads were connected. No idea why that would be the case but our suggestion is to disconnect joypads while playing for the time being.

Let us know - and once again thank you for bringing this up! :)


Also that is an awesome avatar haha!

Hey Taufox,

We will post a link to the music used in Nightmare probably during its next release!


Hey AndreasS, Prometheus or Drowsydryad

If any of yall could send us a link to a video of the issue it would help greatly. 

We also may be able to cut a development build for yall to run that should give us logs on what is causing the issue.

But the first step would be just a quick video snippet showing the issue if possible. :)


Hey Jordan,

Thank you for the further feedback and praise!

We are in the process of gathering spec to test for a later build - on the PC that you were having trouble running nightmare, do you mind sending us those specs for that PC?


Howdy everyone,

Here is another update:


Hey Gzal,

Can you please send us the specs of your PC and distro you are running?

We are not cutting a new build for a while, but we will be sure to put it into the release testing schedule.


Hey fabsbulwayen,

Can you please send us the specs of your PC and distro you are running?

We are not cutting a new build for a while, but we will be sure to put it into the release testing schedule.


Hey sorry about that - we just added more! Grab one friend :)

Ty for playing!

TY for playing!

Very interesting concept - and very impressive for a jam game. Is everything procedural?

Excellent entry!

Wow - kinda floored here. This was such a unique entry to the jam. Played like the top 10 titles and this was a very special one for me. The physics are also funny!