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Hello :) Wondering what font you used, or if it's an original font, would you be able to make and provide it please? Specifically, the one in the "anime book". It's very good^^

Most certainly!

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Think of games like pokemon or zelda, imagine a 16x16 zelda sprite smackin an enemy, the "smack" particles wouldn't be much bigger than the 16x16 enemy, and the animation would be rather short as well. This remains true for everything, perhaps a portal to another world could have 30-60 frames, but it wouldn't be much bigger than 24px squared if it's for a 16x16 character.

I really love the new version and all of the awesome updates you've added recently! But I've been waiting for some support for Gameboy style games since I bought this a couple years back

Hello, would you be able to make it a little easier to make smaller (and shorter) animations? I make games that usually use a 16x16 tileset, so animations would often be around 16 to 32 pixels squared, and animation length might be around 6-20 frames? I've tried using the program a lot with these canvases and animation lengths, but even when I'm able to make something that looks good the loop doesn't seem to work for anything less than 30 frames.

Hey! Yeah, if Thai is added I would be using your font for all languages my game (and your font) supports (except English). I'm aiming to have English, Spanish, Thai, Korean, and Japanese in my game.

Hello, would you be able to add Thai soon!! There's not many characters like Japanese and Chinese, I don't think it would be too difficult. I've been thinking about using this font for my game Nuumonsters which has plans to come on Switch soon but I REALLY want Thai !!!!

Aw thank you so very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it and that I was able to help you as well :D

Hey guys! I'll be writing a short article about some tips and tricks game makers can use to save themselves a lot of time and create more progress on your game in less time :)
I'm an experience game developer using mostly GameMaker studio 2, I've released multiple games to Steam and worked on 100+ freelance video game projects^^ Without further ado let's get right into it.

- World Building
So world building can be an extremely long, and boring process! You have to design large areas, towns, forests, and you have to decorate the grounds, buildings, trees, and other foliage. It's a lot! I've made many top-down RPG games, and I've found ways to speed up this process immensely. The most important bit is going to be randomized foliage, this is your non-collideables like flowers, grassy patches, perhaps decor on trees like fruits or flowers, etc. It's quite easy to create a script that runs either on map loading or even while the player is roaming around that finds tiles, runs a number generator, and then select a random decor tile to place here. This can even be used in 3D games to a certain extent. This saves you the trouble of manually placing thousands of grassy tiles, flowers, etc, and then constantly being worried about if you're using too many or too little of one tile, or if anything is too busy or empty. I've found that I'm able to get promising results with a script that runs when the room/map is loaded with editable values so that I can choose how frequent decor is added and how often certain tiles are used/not used. Use lot's of tile layers! For the longest time I tried to use as little tile layers as possible, usually only 1 or 2, I'd even make extra special tiles on my tileset to avoid needing to use more tile layers. You can save a lot of time by having 3-5 and designating specific tilesets to tile layers to avoid accidentally working on the wrong layer. One last thing I'd like to add, if you feel like you're getting "writer's block" while trying to design towns/forests, I suggest going into a separate area and just sketch something out without thinking at all, or even drawing a design on paper. Do this a couple times until you get a design you're happy with, then go back and polish it!

- Data Structure Initialization
For creating arrays and data structures, I would highly recommend creating scripts that assist you over hand typing every little thing! Let me give you an example:
itemdex[0, 0] = spr_wood;
itemdex[0, 1] = "Wood";
itemdex[0, 2] = 200;

This is a simple 2D array for a Wood item with a value of 200. Not too bad, but eventually your arrays might need 5-10 times more data! For this, you could create a script that makes adding things to your arrays much simpler, like so:
ADD_ITEM(spr_wood, "Wood", 200);
With this method, you can also assign defaults, in case certain values will often times be the same over many array entries. An example would be setting value to a default of 200 gold since most items would be that much. So instead you'd write: ADD_ITEM(spr_wood, "Wood", -1) since the "value" will fall into the default value of 200. If there's any questions on how to set up a script that does this I'll gladly assist you!

- Coming up with story, enemies, characters, character names, dialogue, etc

For this one, I'm gonna touch back on something I mentioned in World Building. If you find yourself getting stuck, go into a separate area and just let your thoughts flow endlessly. Don't worry about whether anything is good or bad, just write. Let's take names for example, open a document called "Names" and just write 30 names. From here, if you still can't pick one you like, pick a random one and decide to change it later. Chances are, you'll either just end up sticking with that name and it will be fine, or you'll think of a name you like better one day and you can easily replace it with a CTRL + F and Replace All~ You want to minimize time spent nit picking on small details like this. This is also very helpful, because now whenever you need a new name, character, enemy, etc, you'll have a whole document filled with them that you can just pick and choose from. Story is a bit more complex and important though. For this one, I'd suggest jotting a bunch of random ideas, picking your favorites, polish it up a bit, send it to a couple friends to get their input and then move on to the next thing. This method can be used for a new chapter, arc, character background, and anything else.

I have some more things on my mind as well, but this is a good chunk of text so I will leave it at this for now :) If anyone would like to request more tips or tips on certain areas of game creation feel free to comment or message me in my discord channel! Thank you^^

Can you clarify what you mean with "many editions"? I think redundant content should be avoided.

Hi, I'm sorry. Can you provide a little more details? Perhaps I can assist you somehow

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Hey there! I just updated the game and included a Mac version in the downloads :) I'm still learning with Mac OS so please let me know if you run into any issues, I'll address them ASAP!

Hello~ I'm very glad it was useful to you!
Perhaps I'll create a second post or update this one with more tips soon, thanks again and good luck^^

The is Windows, if you're using Mac OSX I will upload a Mac version later today :)

Thank you very much! The project will continue to be updated consistently, and I'm hoping to replace some of the more basic Nuumonsters designs as time passes as well. So far there's about 60 monsters and about 10 have received updated/recreated sprites.

Hey! I'd love to have it eventually, at the moment I'm focusing on other things, but once the game reaches it's completion I will be looking into online trading and battling, and possible the ability to enter other player's worlds~

Hi there, I'm a solo indie dev and I've recently released Nuumonsters to Steam and itch. Since my Steam release less than 3 months ago I've updated it 16+ times.
I'm currently working on an in-depth story for the player to explore, and (trying) to get an iconic OST made for the game. Currently I have 60+ monsters, 70+ different moves, several towns and areas, almost 100 Trainers and NPC's, battling, inventory with lots of items, and fishing.

Next I'm adding customizable, secret/hidden bases, and then I am going full ham on implement an awesome story. But when I look back at games like Pokemon Emerald, the story isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. The game is such a joy to play even long after the story is beaten, and you often find yourself avoiding the story because you'd rather do your own thing out in the open world.

So to restate my original question, what makes monster tamer games so great? What kind of things should I add, or focus on, to really bring out that nostalgic feeling left in the past. I'm told by many people that the game does a great job feeling nostalgic, but I believe that's mostly due to the art style. I'm really proud of my art, but I want it to be more than something pretty to look at. I want it to feel like an awesome adventure people can look back on years later and have those same nostalgic feelings they had with other classic titles.

Any tips are appreciated, I'll try to respond to each and every one of you, thanks for reading!

Hi, lots of questions with people asking how to get attention to their games, so I decided to write some methods here I've learned over the years.

I'd say the first part would be effort. Whenever you share your game, simply recording yourself playing quickly, with no, or, in-game music, sometimes it's fine but, it's really lazy. I know that it's difficult to create high effort videos and visuals, and most definitely time consuming but, let me offer some tips. I won't state the obvious, like posting to a range or social media accounts, but here goes:

- Instead of simply sharing a screenshot to social media, include a short but sweet message about the challenges you overcame in this update, and perhaps entice readers with some kind of mystery behind the update.
- Create puzzles that can be solved just by looking at the image, pokemon's rock push challenges are fun, and pretty easy! These can also be shown on one screen.
- When posting videos, ensure the start of the video isn't the same every single time, like an intro or the title screen, if you're using in-game music, make sure you at least mix it up once in a while. Perhaps add a manual BGM controller so you can choose which songs plays.
- Ensure videos are quick and interactive, don't leave long waiting periods on the video, especially at the beginning, You can quickly edit these out, or use debug tools to skip/speed them up. Modern day social media has reduced the common persons attention span so, you want to be sure your videos go from one thing to the other quickly, but, not too quickly.

People will see the effort that you're putting in and respect it, to a certain extent. If your content, videos, and screenshots scream "amateur indie dev", it will be much more difficult for people to become excited about your game.

I tried to go a little outside the box for this one, if anyone has ideas like these please feel free to share them in the comments below! Additionally, if anyone has sources available with more great tips for marketing games, or even marketing in general, I'd love to give them a read~ Thanks again~

Do you have anything that would force the gamemaker application to draw above everything on the screen no matter what?

See this screenshot:

I'm using a different extension of yours to draw this animated character with a transparent background. Currently, I can even move her around and the background updates so that it always stays "Transparent". However, if I click on google chrome, she disappears.

This is just a test since I only discovered your wonderful extensions today, but my idea is to have an "idle rpg" game that's always on top of your screen (aside from fullscreen applications). I actually have the entire game designed too, but dropped it since previously I couldn't solve the transparent background issue.

Let me know if you have anything that can do this :)

Wow, thank you so much Yal! I think I will do this so that I can have a project with only the battling present, so that I can reference it easily. Thanks again!

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Hi Yal, I'm a pretty big fan of yours, I've seen you so many times on here and on the gamemaker forums over the years.

I was wondering if you had some insight on the best way to customize this?

I'm wanting to learn from your engine and eventually make my own version of it from scratch, but for now I'm just attempting to get my proof of concept working using this.

I would like to use my own project and import your monster battling/collection system into it if possible, but the amount of scripts it has is a little overwhelming. I wouldn't know what to bring and what not to bring, yet at the same time, I find it somewhat difficult to import my project into this one and get everything working correctly.

Please let me know if you have any advice, thank you!

Edit: Hey so I decided to go from scratch and look towards you engine for occasional guidance.. Wish me luck!

Thank you for replying. I will wait patiently, but eagerly :D
I'm a huge fan of everything you make, keep it up ^_^

Will you ever make background images? Just curious bc i love your style ^_^

These are being used for my game Nuumonsters so I won't be selling them :)
Here's the game if you're interested:

Highest Priority Quick Updates and Fixes:

  • Add in Music and SFX Toggle to Pause menu
  • Add more things to Player's room
  • Add in more dialogue for the existing goddesses
  • Add in more music and SFX
  • Add in more things to spend materials on (Any ideas?)

Thank you. You as well^^

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"You have died. You choose to live your after-life in a turn-based RPG game with no one but beautiful goddesses to talk to. Laugh your way through a comical story-line as you battle monsters, unlock new powers, and recruit goddesses to your party!"

Hello, this is one of my first games. I decided to make something somewhat small scope, with dialogue as the games focus. Only, the dialogue is purely written to make players laugh. I have never written gags or jokes before, or even long lengths of dialogue, but I'm happy to say that I've got some positive feedback from my beta testers^^

I'm starting this devlog to assist in shaping the game to what I know it can become. I can use all the feedback I can get as an in-experienced game developer. I'm a great programmer, and decent pixel artist, but dialogue, story, game design, these things scare me a little.. But I do  know that this game is at a decent starting point to becoming something I can be very proud of. Eventually, I'd like to have several characters, detailed portraits and emotions for all characters, lot's of mini-games, secrets, and other fun things to do.

Currently in the game, there is:

  • The hero, Yukihiro. He's a NEET.
  • Four goddesses that you can talk to.
  • A decent amount of dialogue for each character (50-100 messages total PER goddess)
  • Basic foraging gameplay and turn based combat against enemy's
  • A few spells you can get to speed up gathering, and presents to find that greatly speed up gathering
  • 5 different tilesets, multiple resource types, and 5 large-ish areas to explore

What I'd like to have in the finished product:

  • Eight goddesses to talk to + more dialogue for existing ones
  • Detailed portraits with emotions and sfx for every character
  • Mini-games like fishing, archery, guessing game gambling, arcade games, etc
  • A customizeable home base where you can buy things to put into it
  • Several different spells to unlock and upgrade for gathering that are ALSO usable in combat
  • The ability to complete goddesses routes which would allow you to bring them with you 
  • Some type of "post-game" adventure that includes lot's of battles, and teamwork with the goddesses.

This game is currently available for cheap on Steam as is, but I'm willing to give discounts, demo's, and even free keys to especially helpful people. The best place to contact me is on my discord server, I'll put a link there below^^

Any and all feedback is appreciated, I'll look forward to everything you have to say, thank you, and cheers!

Screenshots of the game:

Screencap of the turn based combat

Screencap of the turn based combat

This is how the dialogue looks when speaking to a goddess

Here you can see the lightning spell, it arcs to nearby resources.

Here you can see the lightning spell, it arcs to nearby resources!

Discord Link:

Steam Page:

Another great pack^^
I'll look forward to the next one as well.
P.S. Let me know if you ever need a programmer, I'd love to work alongside a talented artist. You can see games I've made here:

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noffing happawens wen i doburu clickuru it jus do noffing and i haff upudated windaroo's and alsuro upudated garaffics dwivers pws halpame

That would be awesome :) No rush if you're busy though, I made a font of my own for the meantime

Do you have a font I could have to use with this ? I love how you made all the letters in this but I'd like to keep the same letters throughout my game if I end up using these assets.

If not could you make one, or even a couple? I'll buy it :D
I'd recommend using this website, it's super easy to make a font with.

Love your work, please keep it up :)

I'm in awe. If I weren't already in the middle of a couple projects I'd be testing out and using this right now. Looks great! Can't wait to see updates

Very glad to see you making more content!

ooo, okay! I will very likely take you up on something relatively soon. What would be the best way to contact you ? You can email me at :)

I love this, do you work for hire ? I need some specific work done :)

Alrighty, well good luck!

Thank you! It looks great so far, will you be releasing this to Steam ? Can't wait to try it out !