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Eu respondo a todos! e eu quero estudar português no futuro então :)

They came in wav format D:

However, it wouldn't be difficult to use a software that can quickly convert them to whatever format you please~

You can preview some of the tracks in my game preview, now available here!

Hey, I will update this page soon to include commercial licenses :)

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Hello :) It's not possible just yet but it will be very soon. I have already made and coded this feature and I will be adding it into the engine after more testing^^

As for PvP, we do have plans to implement it, but it's still a little ways off as we have other priorities at the moment.


I will perhaps do it one day, once the engine is much farther along :)

Oh! D: I thought you were just informing me, I didn't realize you were waiting for my response to play the game!
It's an exe, so you'll get a warning like that by default.

There's nothing wrong or malicious about the game or exe, you can play it without worry, I assure you :)

Yes, I'm working the project closer to RPG Maker as much as I can, and also looking to add more dialogue options that are similar to shin megami tensei as it's been requested a lot :)

You can make games for consoles :) It's almost impossible to make a game engine for console, however we would be able to make like a "make your own game" where you can create games and send them to friends and stuff, similar to mario maker :)

Sure :)
I can update the asset that includes the monsters, name, descriptions, and so on ^^

Heyo~ Absolutely it's fine to use them with other tilesets!

You can use these in GameMaker studio as well, if you want to use MonMae, then you should buy it to use it, but you don't need to buy it just to commercialize the separate assets :)

Each of these asset packs come with their own commercial licenses! Hope that answers all your questions :D

Check it now^^ I updated a couple of things :)

Hi^^ Yeah sometimes itch's servers are a little unreliable with HTML5 games unfortunately D:

I recommend downloading the windows exe instead as I don't have power or control over itch's servers unfortunately.

These are awesome! And very very cute, looking forward to seeing more out of this series !!!!

Really?? That's so funny XD Me too, I got wayy too far into that game for how "small" it is lol

Ohhhh I see, yeah that makes more sense haha. They're very very good !!!

Sounds great :D

Yeah :D They certainly do, I often look at their pixel artworks for inspiration. They're gorgeous 

These are really good, I loved the cars!

Amazing, never thought I'd see love for GB Cardcaptor Sakura!!

Really really cool!!! 

These are directly from Final Fantasy? Like the famous game?

The characters and leaf topped houses are absolutely staggering 

Wow!! Super stylish, reminds me of tiny towers :D 

These are adorable, I also love the cover photo of them :D

Thank you soooo much :D

This is written in GML^^

Definitely let me know if you make progress on your game! We would also love to see you and your project in our MonMae discord server :D If I ever start using Godot in the future I'll be sure to let you know! 

I'm not sure if it's possible D: Even only the art itself isn't possible, as it exceeds the limitations of Gameboy hardware.

However, edited versions of the tileset could be made and used for .pocket and GB versions of the game, and the game could be re-made in GB Studio, which is something I've always wanted to do!

But, I don't think the engine will be able to support native exportation to Pocket/GB, I would have to make a similar version of this for GB Studio WHICH, may very well be possible. I will look into it :)

Hello~ Yes I'm working on a demo/trial to release in the future :)

For now, I suggest checking out the game demo available at the top of the page, and our quick YouTube Tutorial series ^^

Hey! That's very cool. I'm super interested in Godot and plan on giving it a very honest attempt once I finish my current projects :) I wish you all the success!

Is it? It's convenient for me when I'm importing into an engine, as the gifs usually convert to frames no?

If you'd like I can push an update with an index map instead (monsters organized by 3x3)

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I would suggest using Twitter then :)
Twitter (in my opinion) is the easiest place to go viral since you can interact with many people in your niche while posting your art daily, and whenever people re-post your posts/artwork (which happens often, especially if you're often chatting with other Twitter users) you can easily get noticed.

Especially if you chat with people with lots of followers often, and they notice your posts and give you a share, since everyone that follows them with see it, and you as the original poster. Additionally, thanks to this share/repost feature, your posts can go on huge repost chains and blow up. That's my advice :)

There's a ton of good "Twitter" tutorial videos I'm sure you could watch too, but the basis of it is to just post daily and chat with other people in your niche on their posts (and ofc repliers to your own posts) whenever you have free time 

Anytime! Keep it up :D

Once we get to version 1.0 and a working version on Steam we will asses where the engine is at, and if things go well we'll very likely be adding back sprites. So, likely yes, but not guaranteed. If we do add them however it will be this year for sure and included in the current price.

Fun, cute grahics too :)

Very cool! Cute cover photo too :D

limited color palettes ftw!! Love it :D

Omg I love this