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Awesome stuff man! Played it for a while, it was really intriguing. THe concept was good, the graphics were simple, and the music was the best! 5/5 ;)

Eagerly waiting for this!


RIP for your pc LMFAO


Dude this game is so fricking cool! The gameplay is simple yet entertaining! Loved it overall. Keep making more games like this!
(Btw I am also your regular viewer and subscriber.)

Wow! This game was truly something! I was thinking that doing all the nice things(Clearing the room etc) Will lead to a happy ending but it was the opposite! This game really gave tears to my eyes. Thanks a lot for making me understand the value of my life again :)

Awesome gameplay! Never seen such type of mechanics before, good job!

This game is a free, top-down bullet hell shooter with pretty unique and new gameplay you might have never seen of! With awesome art style and 2D post-processed graphics, this game will surely give you a thrilling as well as nostalgic experience!


Really cool! Personally, I liked the sudden death feature by spikes a lot! They were really a jumpscare.

Awesome game! The art is too good to be kept silent! The gameplay is truly satisfying. Loved it!

will check that out ;)

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Thanks a lot! Sry if the trailer was too dramatic it was my first time making a video so I didn't know how to do it

So, I made this game within a period of 33-34 days. This is my first ever big project and I have also made a trailer on it. The game's name is TheItch. It is a story-rich, 2D platformer, free game where the core mechanics are centered around your heart rate as the source of energy.  Play the game here -

Thanks :)

I just wanted to ask that will the theme be compulsory to follow? I mean will it be ok if I just make a rhythm game on any genre?

Awesome! As always, the visuals were the best. The gameplay was somewhat similar to Tetris but it was really good! Keep it up!!!

A true masterpiece! I am soon going to publish a gameplay video about this game on Youtube. It was totally worth playing it. Rated it 5/5 :)