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Thanks for reaching out! The license for my music packs is "All rights reserved", meaning here that you have the right to use the assets in your games but I reserve other rights. Thanks for pointing it out that I hadn't selected one, as the other asset stores that I use have their own licenses so I hadn't even thought I have to check one here. Cheers!

Visuals are nice, and the general atmosphere is good. I'd enhance it a bit more with some ambient music. Good job!

Thanks! It was definitely a fun project to work on.

Intro sale (34% off) ends May 26th 2021 at midnight (EEST)!

Link to asset:
Link to preview at SoundCloud:

The 8-bit Action Game Music Pack from Skyhammer Sound contains 10 seamlessly looping tracks that are perfect for a retro, 8 bit style games. Composed with the aid of a faithful emulation of the legendary 6581 and 8580 SID chip models, this chiptune music pack is certain to help your players stay immersed in the game you’re creating. All tracks are mixed and mastered with a professional touch, and ready to be used in your project.

This music pack is a great match for arcade and retro games, for example in such genres as action/adventure, shoot ‘em up, racing and platformers. The tracks work well as level themes or menu themes. Each track is infused with memorable and catchy melodies inspired by the great composers of the 8-bit era.

I'm here to provide support if the need arises! The zip contains 10 WAV files which are easy to import to the game engine of your choice. Feel free to ask me anything related to the asset here :)

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To celebrate the first Creator Day, I made both game music packs available at 30% off. Or if you buy them as a bundle, you get them at 50% off.

So buy one, get the other for free!

Sale ends today at midnight PT, same as all the other Creator Day sales.

Great idea, thanks! I made both my fantasy game music packs available today for 30% off, or as a bundle for 50% off:

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Hi there,

Glad to be here, this is my first post to this forum!

I have recently released two new game music packs that I thought I'd group together in this forum post. Feel free to ask questions and throw in comments, I'll check in here regularly.

Medieval Fantasy Game Music Pack

Link to asset page

This music pack contains almost 45 minutes of music with 24 tracks (10 full tracks and 10 loops + 4 diegetic in-game tracks) inspired by medieval and renaissance music. They provide an easy and hassle-free way to achieve a medieval fantasy ambience in your game.

The content of this pack is a great match for action and adventure RPG games inspired by medieval themes, all kinds of fantasy settings and magical worlds. Some of the possible uses range from inns and taverns to castles, forts and barracks, to town market squares and character themes. Full tracks can be used as main themes or story scenes while the loops work perfectly as background music for levels. The diegetic tracks are mixed with minimal reverb, so it is easy to blend them in the game’s ambience.

Cinematic Fantasy Game Music Pack

Link to asset page

This music pack contains over half an hour of cinematic, orchestral music with 7 full tracks and 6 loops. The content is a great match for action and adventure RPG games, high fantasy settings, magical worlds and unforgettable moments. Some of the possible uses range from quiet, peaceful villages to quirky, magical adventures and epic, emotional cutscenes.

I hope you will find the content of these music packs valuable for you upcoming games!

- Janne / Skyhammer Sound -