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A short platformer made by for the 2021 Game Jam.
Submitted by Anthony J, DarkstarGameStudio (@darkstargames_), MortyDice (@mortydice), SkyhammerSound — 11 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline
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Nice work!

I know that time is an issue, but i can see a solid game here. Polish to the dialog and movement systems will add alot.

I like the creative perspective


I like the idea, but the execution could have been better. Please polish it a bit more after the jam. :) Movement is ok and visuals are great, but those story popups stopping you from moving gave me high blood pressure :D Idea is really cool tho, and special thumbs up for the "did the game start" 👍


There is potential. A very interesting element in the form of "did the game start?". The plot idea is very capacious and you can still explore it. Congratulations on your teamwork! For me, it's a huuge challenge to create a game with strangers!


Love the unique perspective of being so small, you don't see this too often. Fun little platformer, well done!


Interesting game. Pausing everything to play one line of dialog at a time did kinda break the experience for me. I enjoyed the monster fight, wished there were more enemies in that first level!


In Illusia, there is no greater enemy than yourself.  :)


It is a very good platformer game!  There is a good history, thing I really appreciate in games like that.  The dialogue broke a little the game-mood.  Perhaps transforming it to voices without stopping the game? 

I would like to see it expanded once the jam finishes!  Good work!

Submitted (1 edit)

It was quite a nice platformer to play :) The dialog that pause didn't bother me too much, I appreciated to have time to follow the story. Also they werent timed in a way that it made me fall or anything.
Good job, it would be nice to see more of this game, my fav part was slaying that monster. Missed like 5 shots before I got it, it delivered a good fight :P


I liked the mood, but the interruptions with the text could be done better. Please do another build in which the text pops up but doesn't stop you from moving.
I don't mind the player size, it gives a good perspective. 


Man The Mood of the game...definitely 5 stars. I loved the creepy and horror feeling I got from the enemy phase.  and the dialogues gave me the chills tbh. real great work.

Submitted (1 edit)

I like the idea! Not sure if it was intentional that the character keeps running to the left. I myself had issues of drifting only after building the project. This unfortunately made the platforming really tricky. I loved the snippets of dialogue but really had a hard time with it freezing the character because it forced me retry my jump each time.  Loved the dreamy mood though! Good job team!


Nice concept! It may have been my machine but I had an issue where the boy wouldn't get out of bed (a bit like me some Mondays). Had to restart a few times until it worked. I'm running at a > 1080p resolution and on an old 'GPU' so it may well just be my machine.


Interesting concept, simple enough to play and loved the colour transition once the enemy was dead.

On the downside the constant freezing for the text was annoying and made me want to not play and I felt it was far too zoomed out i.e. the player was just too tiny.


Nice work team, I enjoyed playing this one on my livestream. Keep up the great work.


Thanks! It was definitely a fun project to work on.


Cool game. Interesting feel. Too a while to figure out you had to go to the credits in order to actually play the game.



That Sandman is a nefarious thing


Oh my god, I died at the 3d rendering at the end. That's beautiful. Such a beautiful boy. 

I really liked the meta "did the game start?" thing at the beginning. I wish it had been a bigger part of the game. Controls felt good enough, though I thought I should be able to aim the spear. 

The real killer here is the dialogue. I appreciated it, but it stopping the game every time and appearing so frequently really killed any momentum and flow to the game. Could those just be overlayed and keep the game moving instead of freezing everything?

Great job on this team. The music and sprites are gorgeous. 


Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the feedback - We had a great time working on it.


Hi there, thank you for submitting to the jam. Please note that source is required with your submission, so please edit your entry to include a link to the source.

Developer (3 edits)

I included a zip file of the project folder called "GDTV-GAMEJAM-2021 Source".  Should I also host this file on a Google Drive? 


Where is the zip file on the submission page?

Developer (2 edits)

Okay, I think the game and source is uploaded properly now.  I also hosted externally on a Google Drive, just in case.


Yep, it looks good now :)