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Thanks! Email shared.

I bought it yesterday :) Is there another way I can contact you?

Welcome! But maybe you didn't see the second part of my message - could you see if you could fix it, please?

To support your great work I bought the bundle. Really good stuff, love it.

But I'm also not able to get the Retro Pixel Effect Pack 1 Full.rar.

Wish I'd found this during the review period - though was definitely worth the post jam playthrough :)

I like to take my time in these things so I cleared it in 21 mins 5 secs, lol. I liked how there were clear shortcuts through each level for time-attacking (and avoiding that tricky spiky zone on the last level!!)

Had some 'Alone in the Dark' vibes playing this one - the part in AITD2 where you play as Grace (yup showing my age here). Although the princess has more tricks available to outsmart the enemies so didn't feel quite as defenceless. It being difficult to avoid the guard's attacks added to the sense of menace - liked that too. Great game.

Thank you Satinel, and thanks for the tip! Yeah it's a shame - even finding the time to review 50 games (and that's a big ask) would only scratch 5% of the submissions!! I might suggest to the GDTV guys to extend the review period for next time or to encourage further (unofficial) review cycles or showcases... The latter could be down to us in the discord 'community' to arrange I guess :)

Now the heat of the gamejam and review period is behind us... I think you got robbed on the 'fun' rating (and I can feel that as mine was lower than I expected). I thought the bow mechanic was EXCELLENT, had a lot of work put in and you could definitely build a game around that alone.

Blending that fun shooting mechanic with the nudge-nudge-wink-wink fantasy bits and I reckon you'd have a winner.

I missed your game during the review period (thought I'd got everyone I followed from yesteryear(s), doh). Was a cool concept and implementation. Neat little package and not too difficult - I mean sometimes it was tricky to get a heart across but our intrepid cheater doesn't lose lives so often :)

Thank you so much, really appreciate it :) This was my first 3D game.

I was worried a bit about performance as the last two years' GDTVs I was using onboard graphics, but I finally got a GPU last August. Actually I spent most of last Saturday working on the performance, as hundreds of enemies with all the Unity FPS Microgame components on them did not run well (navmesh agents firing several raycasts every update and other horrors).

An unlimited mode is a great idea. I'm going to add in more fun stuff to try and capture more of the VS magic, like 1) more interesting weapons 2) better passive items 3) all that lovely meta: unlockables and 4) all the missing juice... I haven't got a clue about 3D rendering so the art style might change radically to pixel art (I was going to go down this route initially but had 0 time to do art..!)

Thanks again!

This was cool! I played it in a rather cowardly fashion in 2D (hiding in the top left corner while the beam sweeps) and won without too much trouble (though it took a while).

Then I replayed in 3D only more bravely which was quicker and more fun dodging the balls.

You could definitely expand on this one. Got a little Space Harrier type vibe from all the balls flying towards the camera!

This was really cool and quite esoteric! I progressed to level 3 but the unavoidable (as far as I could see) insect dude got me every time after I got to the cat cube (didn't quite figure out how to quickly determine which way to turn the cubes)

Nice game and very original.

Nice game. The music was cool too :)

I finished it although it took me a slightly embarrassing amount of time to get past the first set of logs in the cave, doh :)

Ah, finally someone found the edge of the map :) (and told me at least). The game starts glitching big-time around there as the navmesh agents are spawned outside the navmesh. Sorry about that, world needed to be bigger but forgot to do it! Hope you enjoyed it regardless.

I was wondering if I'd be able to check out any more games tonight as I'm away from my PC but fortunately I came across your game. It works perfectly on mobile once I got used to the dragging mechanic.

Was addictive enough to see it through to the end. Nice little puzzler!

And thank you so much for the undo function.

The Fae dude hiding the machine gun cracked me up, and the OTT voice acting was absolutely on point. I can tell you had a lot of fun making this one.

So I kicked off by getting completely killed by the first ogre but then got handy with headshotting and things went pretty well from there.

I was kinda relieved that the new enemies on level two didn't outrange me. I think I wished they were a bit scarier though.

Really good entry, congrats all!

Great work!

The game mechanic was super and the level design really showed a respect for the player. I felt the split-bot dynamic was only ever used to aid and not to hinder (at least for a player that's not running in like a bull in a china shop :)

It's rare in these days of 'Souls-like difficulty' that I play a game where I get the level designer has cared a lot for the player rather than trying to splat them at any given moment - appreciated that.

The game mechanic brought back a faint memory of an ancient Spectrum isometric game called 'Head over Heels' with a similar theme of 'two players in a single player game' cooperation.

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What a lovely platformer. I was going to use coins as a score then on the end screen I realised that wasn't the point (though I did manage to get every one on that last screen). I can't really think of anything to nitpick on. Great job.

My score was lives: 15, cat: 5. I thought the pink guys were enemies at first, then I tried touching one :)

Edit: and congrats on your first game jam! Hopefully the first of many. They really are amazing for creativity and productivity.

I really liked this one! The graphics reminded me of old 90s PC platformer / puzzlers - very nice.

As far as level design went that was also very kind to the player, there's a lot of scope to be mean when making the first dimension switch on a level, so I appreciate you avoiding that.

A funky tune is the only thing I could think of to complete the experience. Otherwise, an excellent job.

Thank you! I used the Unity FPS Starter as a basis, but obviously using all the guns at once on autofire needed a lil bit of refactoring (e.g. hacking it to bits)

Thank you! Ahhh, you can probably tell which Boomer Shooters I love :) Imagine a few beheaded bombers peeling up behind you on the rear view mirror :)

You are quite right with the magnet upgrade - wish I'd had the time to implement it. Thinking about it I could probably do it in 15 minutes, just another collider on the pickups that makes them move towards the player on collision. Funny how those 15 minute new features have to be dropped in the heat of deadline day :D

Why are my hairs standing on end? Is it cold in here?

Took me a while to figure out the game mechanics - was moving the cursor around constantly (playing hunt the pixel ala graphic adventure games). Eventually I twigged that I needed to stick around on the various points of interest.

Great pixel art, animations and story. Overall I appreciate the 'difficulty', but I'm a stubborn sod and don't like to leave games unfinished :) (assuming the sitting on the cupboard being the last thing)

I had a nice time exploring the beautiful island. Would have been great to have a few more story events. I didn't find any places to use the 'M' key ability, are there any?

What lorporlem said :)

I did enjoy it, didn't have any issues understanding what to do (got all five artifacts). I'd say even just some echoey dungeon footstep sounds would have brought the dungeon to life a bit more. Appreciate the fast movement and sprinting - there's nothing more boring than slow movement in an FPS.

The scene transitions were super cool. In fact I fiddled with them so much on a replay that on my second playthrough I got the bad ending lol

Thank you, Samm! I've upped the music from -4dB to 0dB in the latest build. I agree it deserves to be played loud as the it s wonderfully over the top :)

Thank you, yes I somehow broke the invincibility... Just took a look and it was a really simple fix, doh. The ending's not exciting but if you fancy seeing more of the game I have fixed that function and uploaded a new build.

Tip: grabbing the launcher upgrade tends to take care of things (on refIection I set the splash damage / distance a little bit too high)

Thanks Porkrind, I slipped my game to a buddy and he got me playing it again. Was trying to see if a shotgun only run was viable - seemed to be, although the mob turns into a blob that runs over itself and is pretty horrific. Launcher too imba :) But I always prefer to improve underpowered things than nerf things.

Re: sucking up the orbs, that would be cool and I did have that in mind. Though unfortunately Unity 3D doesn't have the cool Point Effector 2D, which I missed a lot - both my previous GDTV Gamejam entries have used those to slurp up nearby coins / XP.

Thanks Joaken. Yes, there's a bug hiding there I think, where if an enemy spawns too close to another it will get 'bumped' closer to the player (every enemy is supposed to spawn 50 Unity units away on the edge of a sphere). Makes the game a bit less 'relaxing' than I'd aimed for.

Hahaha thanks, and you are exactly right. I'd initially thought to remove the mouseaim aspect and have the player's weapons automatically seek out the nearest enemy, but not sure how that'd quite work in 3D - probably a minimap would be required.

A touching story and apart from that I loved the music, art and filters used. A nice tight package, very well produced in the short timeframe, congrats.

Cool game! I really liked the atmosphere and art style. It had me grinning bigtime despite the game being a little bit on the difficult style (though this is a good match for the pixel art era it resembles!).

Nice story and mechanics around the progression. I think there's a concept here that you could expand on into a full game. Perhaps an evolution into 3D and even a realisation then that being in 3D isn't necessarily better :)

Nice game :) I'm terrible at Tower Defense games, but I love to play 'em regardless. Really felt polished and the music was cool.

I got to round 24, but I'll probably come back to improve on that after I learned the pencil cannons have a longer range (loved the scissor projectiles btw!)

Nice game, the chiptune matched the presentation really well.I liked how you'd fleshed out the alternate dimension stuff more than I did - I wanted to include higher risk / reward there but settled just for invincibility.

Only suggestions I'd have would be to have the main attack autofire when the mouse is held down. And maybe in a sound notification when your dash is ready would be nice too.

I won in 1:25 on normal and lasted 2:41 on endless. I was trying to be clever and use the pierce feature on the player's weapon but ended up being blasted to bits :) Good game.

This was a lot of fun. Elder got me the first time but I cheekily rushed past the guards on my second try and concentrated on the prize :) Nice one.

Thanks guys, I've finally got a bit of free time so gonna check these out :)

What you've built is really great. What I so often find is that I spent 90% of my time on the game engine then the remainder building content. And it never feels like there's enough time. That said the atmosphere was spot-on. The mechanics are also great, loved the 3 hit combo you can perform.

The parallax is sweet, although a bit too fast moving (stuff in the background should move 'slower' than the foreground). How did you do it? I always struggle with parallax, although my games are usually top-down rather than side-on.

I did find myself wanting more so please continue with this one!

Good work rating so many games - that's a big effort. Will make sure I check out and review yours just for that.

Hi gang,

I'm super strapped for time today+this weekend but want to review more games if I can - if you've a 'coffee break' type game, i.e. completable within 15 mins or quicker please share it here!

My game is also in that vein, should also be winnable within 10 mins, it's an FPS / 3D Vampire Survivors type hybrid - play in browser:


Thanks Joaken, my game - a quick FPS blaster, straight into the action and winnable within 10 mins.