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Nice one, I did play it to completion during the jam; looking forward to seeing you develop it further!

Nice platformer :)

Great job, really good - wish I'd found your game during the rating period. I very nearly went with on-death upgrades on my game but couldn't quite get it to fit.

I declared victory by getting all upgrades (minigun allowed me to weave in a 90 degree arc and clear anything ahead). 19:02 with $31470 to spare. Cheers :)

Got round to playing your game at last. Short but sweet :) Got a lot of cool mechanics in, just I guess you were strapped for time to get more level content in.

I really liked it. UI was excellent, really slick. And of course the googly eyes. Ideas for improvement:

  •  stop the camera movement on the pause / upgrade screen
  • add some sounds - these are so key for boom boom games :)
  • maybe make the enemies more aggressive, it's a bit easy to dodge their attacks. Though obviously the first few enemies should be literal cannon fodder.

Loved it, very well observed and very well done!

He says to be cool, but I don't know how yet

Hey nice game! I'm really bad at Tower Defense games but got to the second level at least. As others have mentioned, descriptions on the towers would be nice, it's a bit trial and error at the moment and there's not a lot of room for error (I suck at TD as mentioned ;))

Good job on getting a full game out - I liked the McGuffin reference. I found a secret room full of coins and beat the boss by sidestepping it in a NES Zelda-style fighting the shield enemies :)

Suggestions for future would be adding something to spend the coins on and maybe making the enemies more aggressive. Cheers.

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Ahhhh, there's nothing I love more than a wholesome Christmas game in June (I was actually wearing Christmas socks yesterday)

Great production values, very impressive. You guys clearly know what you're doing, so I'm not sure what to feedback on. It was a nice experience. I daren't ask how it quite fits the theme though the ending I guess has a clue. Have just seen your note that there are five endings so I'd better get back in!

Edit: got 4/5 and watched 's youtube to get the one I missed (the outside shot of the house) :)

Yay, found another tank control game in the last few hours :) Really liked it. Bonus points for having several music tracks for the in-game action.

Comments: I played the WebGL version and the Framerate got choppy after 50k and by 60k it was a bit of a slideshow.

Hitting the 'restart' button caused things to slow down a lot with each increment - after my 4th restart it didn't come back - maybe some objects aren't being disposed of or something like that?

Scaling was incorrect outside of full screen - BUT the performance was good enough that I could play full screen at a 2k resolution on my potato computer (at least until the gore tank got a bit full).

My final score: 66,300

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Congrats on this one. It's a full end-to-end experience and just the right length for a gamejam. And who doesn't like beating up slimes :)

Really impressed with the amount of systems you got into the game. My side-project still doesn't have a quest system despite me working on it for months. It's funny how much of an accelerant game jams are for productivity.

You even got voice-overs in, nice one - I wanted to get some into mine. Also I liked how the slimes ran away once you'd got those upgrades. Well done. 

Oh no, the magic 8 skull has told me to quit my job and take some time out :) Fun and perfect as I was on my phone looking for something I could play on the sofa. Good job on getting it fixed up.

Thanks for the feedback! Re: the mineral colection sounds, yes I agree - interesting thing is, on a previous project but a similar scenario I've noticed very different sound outputs when trying on different computers: 1. my PC with USB headphones: fine, 2. a laptop with bluetooth speaker: some weirdness but generally ok, 3. another laptop's speakers: definitely not fine, 4. android version: sounding entirely different again :)

I wonder if some sound drivers 'auto-clip' the sound output to make them less ear-piercing.

Will be something I'll playtest more next time, and rather than play tons of sounds I'll just have a single collection sound that is started / stopped as appropriate..

And thank you for the kind words.

Nice idea - you got the main game loop in, with a bit of tying up with objectives, some music and sounds and you'll have something great.

Just some thoughts: scoring, time limits, things that can do wrong (perhaps running out of embalming equipment and having to collect more from a storeroom)...

Good job :)

Sorry for your loss. I think there's definitely potential here and you should develop it further. You got a bunch of solid mechanics and systems into the game, which is always the hardest gamedev slog (in my opinion at least).

I'm not experienced with card games, but I got the hang of it. My bad luck meant no planets showed for about 10 draws, so I thought I was doing something wrong but eventually some showed (naughty RNG). Some thoughts for improvements: maybe highlight where you can drop cards. And maybe you could hack the randomness a bit by making sure a planet appears in the first x cards... Always a tricky thing to balance randomness + helping out the player.

Good job :)

Thank you so much. I have no regrets on any of the code I wrote for this one, graphics so-so, but as for the sound effects - yes this is an area I definitely underdeveloped and I'm not even sure why, lol. With a few more hours I'd have cooked up some chonky bassy blasts to accompany the lasers and a suitably epic boom sounds to accompany the player's OTT nuke death explosion.

Thank you for the feedback, the sounds are where I'll pay attention next.

Thanks for the kind words and the chef's kisses - muah!

Sad to hear you got stuck, but THANK YOU for the screenshot. I fixed the rocks there, the collider was a bit spiky, but I've also added a bugfix to self-destruct - hit the F1 key. There's no mineral cost to this - probably speed runner abusable but to flesh it out would be venturing into new feature territory :)

Many thanks for the feedback.

Thank you :) It was great to see you back in the jam, too.

And thanks, I spent a LOT of time on the ship movement. I wished I'd got in something like your objectives radial - then I could have gone to town a bit on the level sizes, or at least made sure the player didn't get lost... Though my last level is probably pushing it a bit size-wise.

Thanks Rhonan, I worked on the ship movement a LOT to try and make it graceful, fun and responsive. Twice as many upgrades with smaller power increments may have been a nicer approach but in the end I went for delayed gratification and big increases in power for each upgrade :) Thanks for the kind words.

Thank you for the kind words, really made my day. Particularly glad that you picked up on what I was trying to achieve thematically / plot-wise with the death / rebirth being in a similar but different world. It wasn't just me duplicating the Scene and chopping bits out... OK, it was a bit, but that's lame so I made sure what I kept was interesting - plus it hopefully aided the player a bit re: environment familiarity. Right, this is a long reply, hope you'll bear with me...

I didn't have time to implement real-time plot exposition (those start of level messages were something I literally added during the last hours). So in the end I left it to the player's imagination, which you have definitely taken and run with. Again, as I commented on your game - you pulled it off very well indeed. 

The theme I have in my mind was the player was killed in a space battle, and those (invincible) boss encounters are fragments of that last battle, each 'death' strengthening their link to their soul, the changes to the level reflecting increased memories of what happened... Until eventually they have the strength to finally defeat their daemons and be laid to rest / join the singularity / put down that oh-so-lickable hypnotoad. But I definitely would want to make that a path of realisation. You can probably tell I'm struggling to articulate it ;) This is definitely an area I want to focus on next in general as I LOVE games with an immersive storyline. So long as they don't get in the way of the core gameplay.

On the bugs / issues: yeah things chugged a lot at the end on WebGL. For the next jam / iteration of the game I'll get object pooling in. Game has way too much real time GameObject instantiation going on. It's pretty rockin' on desktop though, but I definitely had to stop at the 5 bullet spread on the main gun.

The shooting whilst dead... I left that in deliberately / lazily as a nod to the theme (note the enemies don't shoot after they die - as that would be [was] super annoying) but I agree it's rather glitchy and a bit lame, so I'd better ditch it or have a better indication that it's intentional.

Boss not being tough enough: yeah, agreed - 1000hp seemed like a lot but with L4 upgrades you're basically a mobile death star. Tweaks I made to the player ship speed probably made it too sluggish to track the player too.

Again thank you so much for the review, after the first weekend I basically had the physics, gunplay, most of the tiles, explosions and particles in, but not much of a game (or particularly an idea). I poured everything I had into this over the 3 days before submission time. Kinda broke me for a few days after ;)

With a bit of luck this Game Jam and wonderful feedback / motivation from people like yourself will finally give me a kick up the arse to follow my dream proper and release something of a commercial grade. Cheers!

Hahaha, thanks. Funny you should say that, around halfway through my attempts on level 6 I thought I should be due a cash reward. Then after a while it suddenly clicked and I got into a weird flow where I didn't drop gravestones on my gravestones or drop them onto the bullet spawners.

I'm sure there's a market for this game. I'm also rather happy my old ass can still handle this sort of twitch gameplay lol.

Nice game! I liked the aesthetic and the twist with the blue rocks.

Also liked the idea of a spaceship having air breaks :)

It showed up again and I got the feeling it was a nod to the original Asteroids game :)

Okay, so I put on my big boy pants, decided to git gud, output less QQ more more TT (tomb tomb).


Level 5. Oh mate :) The sadism was real.

Then level 6. From an initial 'F this', I through sheer bloody-mindedness worked my way through it. 51 deaths (after a couple of restarts). That was an experience. I feel like I've been violated somehow, but it was pretty fun. Good job.

Eyyy John Candy :) I miss Uncle Buck.

Nice job, though wow, the idea you came up with for controlling 'Not Link' is pretty out there. I figured it out fairly quickly though, thought I got stuck in that twisty bit of the maze, but a bit of pew pew and I had our Elven friend back where I wanted him.

Good job and with a bit of refinement (maybe wider passages, not-link not blocking you, some enemies...) I think you could have something here.

Great puzzler. Tutorial set it up nicely, and I liked the wry HR department corporate-speak humour.

Level design and difficulty was set just right. Great job!

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Excellent! One the best games I've played so far in this amazing sea of game submissions.

Got a real X-Wing / Tie Fighter vibe - the early 90s boomer games + that Star Wars arcade machine from the late 90s. A lot of fun once the clones start taking care of business - nice one with the AI. Although at first I thought the cannons were infighting or by some miracle were firing towards each other (you do explain this in the game page text though, so it was just me being simple)

Really good, congrats.

Neat little game :)

I couldn't get sound in the WebGL version so I downloaded the executable. I wasn't disappointed: the music was good and fitted the premise. Only missed opportunity I think was an amusing death sound for the required and inevitable doom.

Me being me I tried a third time and jumped the exit on level 2 and took a dive into the deep water... Dooming the character to wander the halls of purgatory forever (or something)

Another vote for castling from me - I tried to do that during my game, too. Cheers :)

Nice one, you got a functional chess game out in two days (with AI), and made a couple of tracks of music. That's good going for sure.

Poor white king didn't manage to get himself out of check (don't think that's a legal move - so I think I'm calling that a bug ;))

Only other thing is that one of the tracks (the first one if they're not randomly ordered) is a bit loud and clips a bit. Really liked the music.

The concept and the art style is cool. I'd suggest a bit more forgiveness on the platforming elements as it's pretty hardcore at the moment. A bit more polish there and some more gameplay mechanics and you could definitely have something commercial on your hands.

Nice game - you got the physics spot on. Even the mastiff engine has a rough time once the mass gets high :) I have a similar control mechanic in my game - hope you have time to try it out.

By the way, I got to max mass (in about 30 mins). Was there an end-game? I wondered about the little ship that was pootling around, though he seemed to disappear somehow. Didn't want to miss anything.

This is a cute little game :) I got both endings (that took a bit of patience)

Suggestions: make the battery drain faster or have some prop that will drain it faster (like touching the fire). A button to skip to the next line of dialogue would be great too.

You've got something interesting here so congrats on submitting and it's well worth expanding upon.

Very original concept, I liked it a lot. A similar concept of death and rebirth, although in mine you're being more figuratively eaten, by a hail of big fat laser bolts.

All I was going to comment on was the slow movement but the game is short enough that that is no issue. I liked the exposition via animated text (something I wish I'd got in).

Congrats on what I guess is your first game released to the modern interwebs and wow, Allegro - been a while since I heard that one :) Great job. I only got my first game out last year in the GDTV2021 jam... Life begins at 40 (something) for me it would seem.

I believe this is a system outside of the Gamejam ratings, see this page:

Also, it seems banning is only related to those who have commented on your game. Click the analytics link -> more menu -> Edit Comments -> Bans

Hi GDTV2021 friend :) I saw the logo and it vaguely jogged a memory of your last game. Very ambitious, I'm impressed at what you got done in the time available.

I have a dream of adding Elite style elements to my 2D shooter, though this time I stuck purely to the action elements.

Nice game and it looks great. I got my butt kicked by the enemies so the second time round I sniped them outside their range and they were helpless. Same for the boss. Maybe add in some mechanic to avoid that. Good job!


Nice game. You really need to stop the spawning of food over the rocks though :) That said, the game was compelling enough that I happily replayed level 3 until I got a winnable 'seed'.

Oh gosh, back to my childhood of early home computer games and pixel perfect jumps :) The music definitely cast me back there, too.

I think there's a bug when not using a resolution that's 16:9 - the bat is 100% unavoidable. Though in full screen you go under him.

It would be nice to tone down the collision boxes or make the jumps a bit higher.

Cool game! and it even ran on my potato PC. I liked the wolf3D / early FPS vibe with the 2D mazes - and the 'YOU ARE HERE' signs were great for the hard of thinking (i.e. me). 

Would have been nice to highlight what to do next after beating the trials - I wandered around a bit after clearing the shooting gallery - not realising I needed to activate the wall with the text on it to continue.

Nice game overall.

Thank you for your kind words! I experimented with some ideas such as the rocks doing damage but it wasn't fun so I kept the gameplay as simple as possible.