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Awesome, really like challenging puzzle games and kind of reminds me of the feel Myst had back in the day.

I was really surprised on this one, the little animations are great, sound fits in perfect and it is fun. Nice work.

Was a fun game, nice work. One thing I would recommend is a different font color for the tutorial text, yellow text over a yellowish background made it hard to read. For the sprite tearing issues where you can see little gaps between the sprites if you increase your pixels per unit by 1 it is a little hack that can make it no so apparent. If you want to know how to completely get rid of the tearing/gaps between sprites message me on discord and I can explain it.

Game is very fun, love the art work and the menus are very fluid and smooth nice work. Only suggestion is to tweak the volume levels, had my volume at 12% on opening it which is what I play normal AAA titles at on my setup and i still had to turn it down a lot. Great job.


Great job, nice artwork

Great job, its basically the level from battletoads. Plays very nice and a web based leaderboard that works is awesome.

Neat concept and well executed, flows very nicely, the music by default is so loud it clips. Should set it much lower as people with a good audio setup will be bombarded.

Thanks for playing. I think I will make it in to a mobile game once i finish up some current projects.

Very cool, I think having screen wrapping where you can go through the left side and come out the right would help it flow a lot more. Also having some kind of particle trail behind the player would make it easier to tell the direction you are trying to change velocity to, it gets hard to tell which is the front of the ship sometimes.

Thanks for playing

Thanks for the feedback, I am very surprised I did not actually think of putting in an indicator marking for where you click until  the jam was just about over but will be adding that afterwards. Great idea on the camera instead of changing the FOV as well.

Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing

Yeah I hope to add some stuff like that after the jam. Thanks for trying it out and giving feedback

Very nice pixel art, great paralax background, jetpack mechanic feels great. Very impressed.

Very fun, with a bit of polish and nice visuals this could be a really fun mobile game. Good job

Absolutely loved it, the story side of it was awesome and the narration was very high quality. The art style fits the game perfecntly.

Looks and feels great, I only tried it myself so couldnt really do much but its enough to tell that its fairly well put together, i do like the visuals on it.

Cant get the web version to work will try to come back and download it later to try that version.

Really well made game for a jam, feels great to play and the mechanics work flawlessly. Job well done. I really like the subtle background details.

Really fun game, I think the coolest thing is actually the tutorial, having it right on the title screen like that where you can play around was great. I had the feel of the game down before i even started. Nice work.

Great game, but seriously dude how did you not name it "Space Balls - The Game!". Guess I will have to go back and find my Space Balls  The Toilet Paper lol. Nice work I love it.

It looks really cool but it keeps crashing about 5 seconds in for me, tried multiple times and the webclient gives an error and stops.

Very nice portal style game, visuals and sounds are great, very polished and gameplay is fun.

This was actually really cool, I liked it quite a bit and the animations for the game style fit perfectly. Nice job.

Thanks for playing, Additional mechanics are definitely sacrificed for time so I get that its pretty repetetive currently.

Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing it


This is very fun, with some AI opponents and a few tweaks this could be a really fun game. Nice work.

Very fun, Kind of like Worms meets Slither, good music. 

Very fun, Kind of like Worms meets Slither, good music. 

Very nicely put together game, space escape room kind of thing. Was a bit confusing at the start but then you get the hang of it as you play around with the buttons and controls.

This game is great, it really reminds me of the old flash browser games i used to play to kill time years ago. Sort of has a Joe Cartoon vibe to it.

Thanks for playing it, with upgrades I think it could be a lot of fun when I add them in later.

Thanks for playing

Very creative take on the theme, nice pixel art and matching music that fits the style. Great job

Cool little game, plays well.

Fun little game, feels quite smooth to play. Took a bit to get the hang of but once there its straight forward after.