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This gets 4 Elon Musks out of 5.
Nice concept.

Very welcome :)

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To anyone that gave me one of the 28 - 1 star ratings for a criteria for this game, I would appreciate it if you would drill down as to why.

Please reply within this comment with that feedback.
This was always meant to be a whimsical game, and I am more interested in the feedback than the rating, so it would be greatly appreciated, so I can provide better games in the future.

To anyone that gave me one of the 22 - 5 star ratings for a criteria for the game, you are truly gods and you have my everlasting respect :)

Thank you.

It works now you milk drinkers !!!!
And its awesome!!!

Nice, yes it is a one

Aah, very clever

Your right, raycasting is different to trigger colliders, so ignore my suggestion :)

The final action nearly made me cry.
Awesome mechanics, awesome story, perfect use of theme.
Please though, add a full screen mode (via itch).
Yes it was short but that doesn't matter for a jam, in fact it was the perfect length for a jam.

I salute you!!

Top tier game. Added to my collection from this jam, so I can finish it and think back on it.
Will be surprised if it isn't a top 10 finish.

Nice game.

Great idea, top tier mechanics, I'd like to see you work with an artist to ramp up the look of the game.
Also I think the player should be able to push those mini-robots out of the way rather than have you be surrounded and unable to move, but overall its an excellent game.

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I'm a big fan !!
If I can make one suggestion, please add more feedback to interacting with a switch, more sound and maybe something in the UI, but overall its a wonderful game.

I think the issues with the switches is that you are basing them on a OnCollisionEnter, where as you should make them trigger colliders and use an OnTriggerEnter event. That then allows you to add more features in the OnTrigger such as sounds and UI changes.

Amazing effort for a first jam - well done.

Very fun game, although it is the art that stands out as being masterful.
Maybe add some more sounds, and I agree that there is no reason to toggle the glasses, but really well done.

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Thanks, you know I may just add a shooting mechanic, in the funniest and most inappropriate way I can think of.

Challenge accepted. :)

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Aah I've been wondering what people meant when they said polish, maybe that is mainly allowing WASD to work together etc.

I had put specific animations on each of the direction keys rather than just a "walk" animation, so I decided at the last minute not to normalise the movement (so you could for example move in W and A at the same time) and not to rotate the player in the direction of movement, but it seems people didn't like that.

Anyway, I had fun making it :)

Quirky and fun, I hope you do more like this.

Cute little game.

I really like it.
Music is perfect for it, mechanics are fun.

Thanks, yeh I agree I can do more to improve it.

I just liked driving around, didn't focus much on the game yet.
Very cool driving.
Music suits and I like the colour palette also.

A very interesting idea, not seen anything like it, will save to my collection to play more later.

Yup its a fun game, but no I'm not getting my mum that many gifts lol.

Quirky in a way that appeals to me.

Do you mean the timer was not going down to zero, or you don't like the way the timer looks? Thanks for playing.

thanks :)

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I made about half the sounds and grabbed a few fillers from the asset store.
Yeh there is a winning condition also, its a pretty simple game but I was just having fun, cheers.
I had the most fun learning how to animate the cube.

The same controls work in both 2D and 3D (WASD or arrows and jump), its just that your viewing angle is different (which makes some things easier to find).

To be honest I was just having some fun making it and the 2D mode is meant to be different to the normal 2D platformer style.

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It absolutely was mate, lucky I didn't say Heaps Good or you would know what state also :)

Who can't like dogs in space? It gets 4 paws of excellence from me.

Nice game, a lot of work to use Unreal Engine to make something like this.
Looks good and feels balanced, cheers.

I'm not a fan of tower defence games but you made it more interesting, nicely done.

Love the story, the game itself is fun, it just needs polish and I think that will come with more practice.
You should be proud of the game.

This might just win.
Wonderful use of the theme and love the mood.
I was too dumb to get through the third part but I'll keep trying.
"You will be happy with us" might haunt my dreams tonight :)

I wish this game was given to every child at school so they know they are not alone in having these issues.
Very nicely done.

Thank you :)
Yeh you are meant to feel relieved to get back to the 3D world.

Yeh the 2D world is meant to feel more difficult to navigate (though all the same controls are there) but in some ways it can give you a better perspective on the end goal.
I had fun trying stuff out for a few days.

I'm glad you got a lot out of the experience, look forward to what you come up with next time.

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This is the perfect "I need some fun after a bad day" game.

Just the right mix of absurdity. Thank you.

Btw, make a mobile version, I think it could do well.
I look forward to bus loads of people making cow sounds.

You clearly know your art and have done a great job upgrading the snowboarding game.
Did you consider adding some extra sounds also? Just something when you crash would be good.
Added to my itch collection so I can one day get good at it.

I hope you can get this fixed, sounds like an interesting game.