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Aah so its my subconscious screaming out for a more peaceful world, I get that :)


Once I worked out what I was doing I had a great time.
Love the music, love the animations.
Hits me as being a very streamable game.

I think it needs some sort of scoreboard.
Could see this growing into a bigger game with more music and dance moves as progression rewards.

Great game, very nice intro screen, the sheep tossing animation is very fun, and there seems to be tactics, do you go for the sheep near the  monsters first or just focus on a quick high score.

Nicely done.

The game that has left me with the most "how did they do that" questions.
The viewing screen looks great.
I'd like to see the cursor change to a hand and a crosshair when you are pointing at things, but thats probably getting off theme.
It shows off a lot of skill, has a real wow factor when you start.

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It feels like you spent a lot of time in the design but ran out of time for the dev.

I like how you did the fishing with the letters, but I'd like to see some feedback somewhere of what you've caught.
The cooking screen needs more feedback also, maybe make the recipe borders red if you don't have the ingredients?
The fighting seems to work well, the feedback is better for this one and I like how the game loops back on itself.

The game has a strong foundation.

It looks and sounds really good but I'm having trouble getting good with the controls.
Seems like I keep shooting over their heads.
The sword kills work but I die fast. 

I really like this, it could have been on an arcade machine at Tilt or Downtown in the 90's.
Music is good, the pacing of the movement works well, the changes in body shape of the diver depending on movement are great too. The harpoon also works well.

I didn't really get the fish on his head but whatever.

Failed about three times so far getting to the chest but will keep trying, nicely done.

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Do you have to keep tapping the space to keep moving? That's what worked for me.
Got the old ridge racer vibe from it.
Pretty awesome that the track is procedurally generated and you made the models also.

Not sure if I missed anything but I picked the empty shops, then placed the stores in them.

It looks like a lot of work in the graphics and it really does have that adelaide arcade vibe, so nice job on the art. It was fun reading the description of each shop as you added it.

It took me a while to work out the controls.

For others who want to play:
- You need to move to the row without an approaching arrow (<)
- Choose the correct row by clicking on the correct arrow key.

i.e. in the screenshot you want to move to the bottom row and you do that by hitting the left arrow key.

I'd like to see you make a WASD option for the game and allow people to choose which one they like, because using right handed mouse and arrow keys is a bit too scuffed :)

Once you get the hang of it, its a fun idea, thanks. 

I will beat this one day, maybe.

I like it, its a fun mechanic.

Genuinely impressed by the quality overall, it set the standard with the intro screen, the movement was excellent, the combat felt smooth and fun with good feedback. The music worked, the sound effects were good.

I could have easily convinced myself that I had been playing some commercially released PS2 Spyro/Crash Bandicoot hybrid.

Very polished game that will be a great portfolio piece.

Noticed a couple of rocks that didn't have colliders and the settings screen sliders weren't quite right (music seemed to be at 0% when slider was at 50%) but it's all minor stuff.


This is a great little game, well done.

Love the vibe and the art.

I think you've done a great job with it, will have a chat to you about it soon.

One thing you might like to do is add some randomness to the time of the knockback on the enemies.

Hi mate, this one is from the original UE4 course that has been upgraded to UE5.

I was about to hop into the UE5 Multiplayer course and decided I needed to do some revision first, and its been a really good way to get to know UE5, definitely recommend it.

I want more, I liked the way the narrative was going.

thanks :)

I'm not really sure what to do sorry, I was on the boat and was walking around trying to use the QERF and 1 keys and was a bit lost. I'll keep trying.

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I'll be back to finish it !
Its a very thoughtful story. I'd like to see this game shown to a wider audience because it really has universal appeal.
My only suggestion to improve it would be to make the navigation a bit more intuitive (maybe some arrows along the road to know when you've reached the extremes), and maybe a skip option when you click on some dialogue that you have heard before. I'd like to see you do more with this.

Its a very good game but I am really bad at it, not so much the WASD, but I struggled with the right hand keys. I'm wondering whether you could make a mouse controlled version also, so that moving the mouse would highlight which letter you are on and then a mouse click to "press the button".

.. or maybe I just have to get good :)

I really enjoyed it, loved the story, the writing and choices are great. Its the pictures that make it though, it really gets you engrossed in the story.

I got to a score of 680 after causing more trouble than a Sydney climate protest.
Its good fun throwing those sponges.

Things I would suggest: some squelchy sounds when you throw and when the sponge collides with buckets, cars, trucks etc. Some music would be good also, maybe some Aqua ;)

Also I'm not sure if I want a crosshair or not, maybe make that optional.  The more I played the easier it got to hit targets, so I'm undecided about that one.

Its a fun game :)

I got to the Victory screen once I worked out the trick.
Its a fun game, you have to treat it a bit differently to Space Invaders because of the continuous firing.

Nice job :)

Thanks mate, I was testing out the mechanics to use them later in a real sports game.
Next time will probably be about 12 a side and on a much larger field :)

Thanks, yeh the right mouse to target and then left mouse to fire isn't very intuitive to start with.

Good point on the tutorial, thanks :)
Its funny, my games always get called trippy, wild trip is similar.

Nicely done.

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My 150th and last rating for this jam :)

My biggest problem was Escape to see the tutorial didn't work when the game is browser based and full screen, so I wasn't sure what to do, so I played and failed a few times and worked it out.

Also I fired the first fireball ok (and really liked the hold down left mouse to trigger it) but it only seemed to work once even though at the bottom it showed 3 times.

Very interesting idea on collecting items during death, something you could definitely use for a commercial game. Make the most of it!

Its not that tricky code-wise , but its a lot of playing with settings and playtesting to make it feel right.

Also here is a hint: you don't use Y axis gravity,  you keep the table flat and use X-axis gravity, in Unity you can have gravity in either the X, Y or Z direction. Also the big lesson was to not put rigidbodies on most things, only the objects that are not static, rigidbodies on static objects caused the ball to go straight through them and it was a Eureka moment when I worked that out and stopped having balls flying out of the table.


Awesome, thank you :)

I agree I could have tied the spelling Death to the story a lot better, cheers.

Just wanted to say right back at you, congratulations for a great game, I just had to play it again :)

Adding to my collection to finish later, from what I saw it was great fun and look forward to playing it more.

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A great game to play after a few beers I reckon.
One word came to mind when playing - wacky!

I really liked it, except for one thing.

I loved the story, I loved the way the camera zoomed in and out (cinemachine state cameras?), music suited. But I nearly didn't continue on the first screen when you had to jump up the ladder(?) on the left. I found that awkward. But happy I kept going :)

I liked shooting nerf balls, that was fun :)
You know it needs work but good start mate.