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Hi John! CC0, no credit required. Use it for personal projects, commercial projects, whatever you want. 😁

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Why thank you!

You got the start of a pretty interesting looking game here. I like the idea of giving the player traits that have positive and negative effects. Combat seems to be a bit buggy, but judging by the comments below, it looks like you know that already. Great job getting this submitted before the deadline! ;)

I'm a sucker for pixel art graphics. ;)

Very cool idea, the art and the music fit together wonderfully. It's a really neat concept too. My only hang-up is that I'm having a little trouble connecting the game to the theme.

But overall, great job!

Very cool game! And your first ever release?? I'm impressed. The music and sound effects fit the art style perfectly, I love that you can kind of see without the flashlight, but you give the player a good incentive to use it. If you add a bit more to the gameplay and bring in a few interesting twists to the core game loop, this could become a full game. :)

This seems like it could be the start of a good game! I couldn't quite grasp how to collect gold. I was able to kill a ghost ship, but whenever I sailed into an island, it disappeared into a puff of smoke.

Interesting game. Pausing everything to play one line of dialog at a time did kinda break the experience for me. I enjoyed the monster fight, wished there were more enemies in that first level!

Interesting concept, definitely follows the theme in my opinion. I wish there was some kind of feedback when you hit a power-up. Some kind of sfx or vfx to tell me immediately what happened. It also appears that when a power-up clears a line, the lines above it don't fall. It felt like a bug at the time, but now that I think about it more, maybe that's meant to happen?

Promising start of a game! I dug for a few levels, but didn't find anything, I don't know if that was intentional. Could be nice if there was more to the digging concept. Something like having a shovel that breaks after a few uses, and you have to buy a new one with the gold/treasure you dig up? Or applying physics to each square and watching everything interact would be satisfying as well.

Wow, definitely a top entry for me! The music and art created a really cool mood. I LOVE that health was tied to your gold and cannonballs, encouraging you to upgrade your ship at every stop and potentially skipping picking up gold so you could hold more bilge water. I do wish you could turn back to the last port. I ran out of cannonballs and had to sprint through a bunch of ships to get to the next port.

Overall, I could see myself playing this again!

Very clever game, I love the "secret" ending! The art is cute and the shaking mechanic is top notch. Well done.

Very interesting, I'm glad I came across this one! Unique idea, very hypnotizing. The music definitely added a lot to the experience.

Very cool take on this game genre! It was easy to control your character, the rate of fire felt good, the time it takes to reload was right on, as was the zombies' speed. The whole "toss down a piece of gold to distract them" mechanic was a nice touch.

There are two things I'd like to see in an update. Turn the music down a bit so I can hear the sound effects better, and work on the window sprites a bit. It took me a second to realize those were windows and that I could shoot through them.

Again, these are just nitpicky minor issues. Great job!

5/5 for mood! Gives me Subnautica vibes. I would have liked to hear some eerie music to go along with it though. It also wasn't very clear where I was supposed to go, I think you could benefit from making the boundaries of the environment a little clearer.

But overall, solid concept. Well done!

Player was a bit hard to control, but well done getting something submitted before the deadline!

Very cool game. I love the simple controls and it takes just a few seconds to understand how to play. I like the risk/reward of either getting more "ammo" or more enemies from the crates. It all felt very natural and the movement was smooth.

Very cool game. I love the simple controls and it takes just a few seconds to understand how to play. I like the risk/reward of either getting more "ammo" or more enemies from the crates. It all felt very natural and the movement was smooth.

I enjoyed the style. The monster designs were very cool, did you model them yourself? And the choice of music was...interesting!

Having said that, I think this could use a little balancing. It'd be nice if there was more variety in the enemies. They all seem to just move towards the player, what if there was a type of enemy that shot projectiles or strafed around the player? Or one that you can only kill with a knife?

I'm not really sure what this has to do with the theme.

Hey Pouyan, I appreciate the feedback! We fixed the issue with the pick immediately triggering the alarm on the jewelry cases last night. Still looking into the buttons not working as expected. :)

Hey Marcus, thanks for the feedback! We fixed the bug where the pick immediately triggers the alarm, should be a little easier to not trip it now. :)

That level transition is $$$! Really cool concept you got here. I think you could easily add in power-ups that do all kinds of things like creating reference squares to make it easier to move when you don't have the vision active.

Awesome job! I'd keep playing for the music alone!

You guys did a great job for being a couple of beginners! I love the mood that you set with the darkness and having to use a flashlight. The music added to the spooky/creepy feel. I think maybe it would be a little better if the maze were shorter and there were more distinct areas. That would make it a little easier to tell when you get turned around.

Overall, wonderful job!

I had a lot of trouble understanding what to do at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was interesting. I wish there was audio. Sometimes I wasn't sure if I was playing correctly because there was no positive reinforcement (Like the sounds Tetris makes when you clear a line). That would go a long way towards making this game more polished.

But overall, great execution!

Very cool concept! I liked that you included several difficulty levels. I tried Nightmare after beating Tutorial, and there were a couple fun twists there. I liked that the rooms were dark and had to be lit by your flashlight. But pressing Q didn't really add a whole lot of light. I didn't really use it most of the time, I would suggest maybe bumping the intensity up when you use your flashlight.

Very spooky and trippy! Love how things get weirder as the levels progress. I got about four levels in before I ran out of time.

Sounds like you had a bit of trouble getting your project uploaded, but I was able to download the Windows version and play for a bit. Definitely needs some more work, but you have the beginnings of a real game here!

My main concern is that there should be some kind of indicator that you collected one of the shiny rocks. I didn't know if I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, and more audio would help that. :)

Wow, very deep game for a game jam! Took me a few days to figure out what to do, but once I did, it was a very fun experience. Got a new favorite so far!

I really like the VFX and the music! Really adds to the ambience. I also like how the gold power-ups could be power-downs. Really just the luck of the draw. Great job sticking to the theme! ;)

I really like the story and writing! It's so cringey you can't stop. ;)

I agree about having an option to get more subscribers per click, or else maybe tying story content to money instead of subscribers would work as well. Overall, great job, great presentation!

I really like the music and sound effects! The gameplay is a bit hard to understand, I think it could use a bit of clean up. There are a lot of munchie types to keep track of and the gameplay seems like its meant to be fast-paced.

I really like the music and sound effects! The gameplay is a bit hard to understand, I think it could use a bit of clean up. There are a lot of munchie types to keep track of and the gameplay seems like its meant to be fast-paced.

Thank you very much!

I've never really liked making music for games, but I just published a pack of ten music loops here:

Made them all previewable on Soundcloud as well:

Wow this was really cool! I loved the music and the art style. It was clever that your teammate is handled by the AI, it makes swapping less of a necessity, less stressful. I also liked that your teammate tries to stay close to you, but you still have to keep an eye on him. Well done! Definitely one of my favorites of the jam. :)

I really liked the music. It was a bit difficult to understand what to do at first, but I think I figured it out. Well done!

Oh man, I played this game longer than I expected to, it was really addicting! Reminded me of some of those idle games, like Cookie Clicker. ;)

Great job on the art, and the music was great. I do wish it fit with the theme a bit better. It seems like the only benefit to adding pets is to help you get more munchies faster. Great job overall, though!

Wow! Loved the art and the sound design was very satisfying when I hit a wall! I think the level design hit a good difficulty balance. The one note I'd make is that it wasn't immediately clear how I was supposed to regenerate my moves. Great job overall, though. Probably one of the most fun I've played so far!