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Hydrazoid GameJam 2021
Submitted by Botaemic (@Botaemic), Zant — 26 seconds before the deadline
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Cool little game, I like the idea you have with all of the perks and bonuses. Played it tonight on my livestream if you want to see my reaction while playing and what some of the viewers thought and said as well you can below 


Thank you for playing it.

On the weapons, they currently only have 2 random effects: damage and duplication.  They randomize on every level, including the one you already have.  Adding more after the submission would feel like cheating as they could be seen as new features. But the initial idea was to have features like:

  •  - Damage.
  •  - Duplication.
  •  - Grow (including their damage and health).
  •  - Shrink (including health and damage).
  •  - Drop weapon (enemies go melee with much higher dps).

Nice, I like all of those ideas. Hope you continue on with it.


For some reason the full-screen mode is missing now?

Also, A few times with one of the enemies at the end of the first room when I approached the game completely froze...


Not until i looked back at the picture for this game submission that i realised the enemy spawning extras wasn't a bug :P.
Threw me though that the first 2 you could attack and destroy.

Well done for creating this in 2 weeks. good job.


I got such a big "AHA" because I kept shooting enemies and more enemies spawned and I died over and over till I understood that I should not shoot them hehe :)

Well done :)


I don’t know if intended, but in some runs the enemies multiply instead of dying so it makes it near impossible to reach the end of the level.

Very interesting mechanics here, though. All in all a fun game.


i hot a few enemies and they multiplied, then i realised i could just run past all of them to the end and i did the same in the second level hahaha. Awesome game. I checked out some of the weapons and love the variation you put in. Great submission.


You got the start of a pretty interesting looking game here. I like the idea of giving the player traits that have positive and negative effects. Combat seems to be a bit buggy, but judging by the comments below, it looks like you know that already. Great job getting this submitted before the deadline! ;)


This is a great start on a really cool concept for a game. The combat was kind of buggy and I couldn't always see where I was shooting. I also got caught a few times on the doorframe going in and out of rooms. But keep going on this one! Would love to see where you can take it. :)


Good game to build up on!  Good work!!


Taking feedback into account we made a few bug fixes:

  • Fixed AI shooting or "seeing" the player through walls.
  • Changed Audio volumes of sound effects.
  • Decreased rocketlauncher explosion radius.
  • Full list can be read ingame.

Interesting idea with anti-perks!

Felt a little sluggish and somewhat unachievable but I do think it has potential!

Good job!

Nice game! I liked the perspective most.


So... The bazooka just multiples the enemies? I'm not sure I understand...


Seems enemies start shooting at you through walls? 

Ideas are interesting, but as you say in the description, it feels a bit halfway =)
Interested in seeing where this goes with some polish!


"Submitted [...] 26 seconds before the deadline"

nice dude, just under the wire.

Roguelite? Yes. Perks with drawbacks? Yes. You have my attention. There are some really cool ideas at play here, but unfortunately, I didn't get to see a whole lot. The movement and firing just felt off. I hit a guy with 3 rockets (at least I think they were rockets) before he died. Full screen didn't actually full screen and it was all too small for me to see. And too loud :(

There's a lot of good here, it just needs a bit more polish. Great job in this jam! Volume sliders and mute buttons are really easy to add to a game once you've done it. It's a nice quality of life feature for future jams!