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I've played through the first three levels and I love the creativity and originality of this game! It's got a really solid (and relatable) premise. Who could have known that a cat would be such a menacing foe? :D And I love  the environment change when you touch the black balloons in the balloon level. Really unique and memorable.

Super fun game! I especially liked the SFX and the sprites. I think I was overconfident at first but then the game got super hard! I think the challenge level is just perfect though. I just need to practice more. :)

Really nice work on this. I liked the art and the music. The controls handled well and the game was challenging but didn't feel impossible.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. Much appreciated. :)

Thanks so much! I'm definitely interested in porting this one over the mobile. Maybe after the jam officially ends and I have the time. :)

Thanks for the feedback.  :) I might build this one out more after the jam but I tried to introduce some variety at least by making the existing level procedurally generated.

This was a great little game. Very addictive! I like the uneven terrain-- makes for more of a challenge. I wasn't 100% sure how it fit the theme but nice work overall.

This was super unique and also quite challenging. Love it! I noticed a couple of typos in the recipes but no biggie. This is a game jam after all. :) Great work on your submission.

This was a lot of fun! Really unique concept and good execution. I think a few things could be tighter but this is a game jam after all. :) A few times I had the police catch me but there were no audio clues they were coming? Not sure if that's intentional or not. As others have said, it would be nice to control the pick with the mouse. It was kind of slow dragging the pick over to the lock for each shop. But really nice work overall. :)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! I didn't have much time to perfect those panels so I will definitely be taking another look at them once the jam is over. :)

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback. Really appreciate it. I have thought it might be suited for mobile so  I might try to port it after the jam is over. We'll see. And I hadn't thought about the print-screen conundrum.. thanks for pointing that out! :)

Thanks for playing. :)

Thanks for playing and your feedback! The light mechanic is in there to make sure the game is not just based on luck. :)

This is a great start on a really cool concept for a game. The combat was kind of buggy and I couldn't always see where I was shooting. I also got caught a few times on the doorframe going in and out of rooms. But keep going on this one! Would love to see where you can take it. :)

This game has a really cool aesthetic. Well done! I did experience a game freeze twice when I ran over the shiny thing... not sure what it was? It flashed up some black and white text when I was standing on top of it I think. The character also slides a bit in idle animation but I like the extra challenge this presents. :) Nice work doing this all in 2 weeks!

Nice smooth movement-- always appreciate that in a game. I really like the mechanic of having to go back to the village to buy upgrades and repair your ship. Just a thought-- it might be cool to have the option of exiting combat once you've started fighting another ship. Could open up some different fighting/kiting enemies strategies. Anyway, nice work. Enjoyed this one a lot! :)

Thanks for playing! I realized while building that your strategy really does have to change for the different difficulty modes. But I hope that's a good thing. :) Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed it!

Good stuff. I was confused at first and reloaded the game so I could read the instructions again because I didn't understand you could shoot through windows. Once I figured it out though, this was super fun. I like the mechanic of throwing down the coins. Adds some cool flavor. Nicely done. :)

Wow this was fun! I love strategy games and I can't believe you pulled this together in such a short amount of time. You nailed the pace of the game and it looks really cohesive with all of the sound effects and the UI styling. Nice work. :)

Super fun! Movement felt smooth and I love all of the visual and sound effects. I particularly liked the built-in transitions between rooms. With all of the action going on, sometimes the gold pickups blended into the background and were hard to see. Other than that, awesome work! :)

I sucked at the controls at first but got it going with some practice. Had a really cool combat moment circling another car-- love that kind of thing. Would be nice to see a clearer connection with the theme. Super nice work though. :)

WebGL build isn't loading. I had the same issue in my own game and as someone else mentioned in the comments, I also turned off compression in my project settings to get it to build properly for WebGL.

Good stuff! This is a solid start on a cool little shooter game. If you continue working on it, it might be nice to have some more feedback systems in place. For example, when the player bullets hit the asteroids (a particle effect maybe?). As others have said, I also think the game could have a faster pace. As it stands, you're kinda stuck waiting for the gold to fall once it spawns and you miss out shooting the other asteroids. Overall though, nicely done. :)

Beautiful atmosphere and really solid execution. Loved this one! My one complaint is that I found the font on the game page a little hard to read. Other than that, awesome work. :)

What are the controls for this game? I want to play but I can't seem to do anything once the game is loaded. :)

The controls felt pretty smooth and intuitive, which you don't always see with a game in this style. I noticed the 3D model glitching too, but no worries, this is a game jam after all. Bugs are expected. :) I wasn't really sure how the game fits in with the theme but then again I didn't get very far. Nice work though overall.

I thought this game was charming. :) It felt good to play and I really like the music. I think it could be more obvious how it ties in with the game jam theme though. 

I like the overall look and design of this. Would be nice if there was more strategy to it instead of being entirely luck-based. 

Really like the idea behind this game. Maybe make the spikes different color from the coins because they sort of look like a treasure instead of an enemy? I wasn't super sure whether I was playing the game as intended (although I was progressing through the levels) so maybe more of a tutorial would be helpful? Of course this is just a game jam so time is limited. With the time that we had, this is really nicely done.

Love the premise of this game! Super fun voice over work and a quirky take on the theme. There were a few bugs like I continued to take damage from the lava as the next level was loading (once I'd gone through the door) and I thought maybe the player walk animation was a bit buggy? But of course, totally understandable since this is a game jam and time is limited. Awesome job overall! :)

This was fun to play! I was confused at first how to start the game. Didn't realize I needed to sail to the right. :) Would be nice to see the player health represented in a more visual form like hearts perhaps? It's kind of hard to keep track of it as a number when the game itself requires so much of your attention. Nice work, enjoyed this one! :)

Wonderful work! I loved the feel of this game. Really heartwarming but also very chill. Some of these types of games are really loud and flashy. Your selection of SFX really made playing an enjoyable (rather than a jarring) experience. 

I really liked this one. Great mood, UI looked nice and cohesive, good audio and a nice sense of urgency with the falling rocks. Maybe you could show in the UI during the level play how many more rocks you need to get until the level is over? At first I wasn't sure what the endgame was until I went back and read the How to Play in the main menu. Just a suggestion though. Good job overall. :)

There's a nice cohesive feel to the UI (fonts, colors, etc). I like the use of the mini map and the controls felt OK at first but then I tried backing up and it got kind of wonky. :) it would be nice to see a game over screen or something implemented because once I got caught by the big fish the game just kind of... stopped. Anyway, hope you continue to work on this one. I think it has a lot of potential. :)

This game has a cool vibe that I really like. Regarding the NPC dialogue: I wasn't sure whether the choices I was making were having any impact on the gameplay. Also maybe the dialogue could be triggered by a click on the NPC rather than just having the player walk into the NPC radius (that seems like how it was working? IDK). Anyway, nice job on this. :)

Love the art style and music. As others have said, the wall jumping, while a cool mechanic, was really tricky and made it hard to fully enjoy the game. But I'd love to see what you can do with it once the jam is over. :)

I love the map assets. This seems like a cool premise for a game. Would be nice to see the paths utilized more. I wasn't sure whether I needed to follow them or not? I also wasn't sure when/how I was picking up books and seeds. Was it random or was there something on the map triggering the pick-ups? Anyway, I hope you continue to flesh this one out and big congrats on finishing your first game jam! :)