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Actually you want to filter out some of the folders inside "MyAwesomeGame", especially the `Library` folder, but also "Logs", "obj", and "Temp" (if there is one).

If you go with Git (highly recommended!), there are other hosting sites as well even if Github is most known. (GDTV uses Gitlab for example, and there is, too)

Make sure you add a `.gitignore` file to your project, and add it *first*. A well-tuned ignore file will have the Library and other things listed so they won't get added into your git repository.

That sounds like it should work.

If they are freely available, yes.

But you have to take care *not* to include them with your project source directly, because usually you are not allowed to re-distribute them yourself (which technically you would do if they were in your project source).

Redistribution would be a separate aspect, there are quite a few assets out there that are freely available, can be used in any game (often even a commercial one) but can't be redistributed on their own.

As long as access to them is completely free, they should be fine for this jam, if you provide references to where those assets can be gotten from.

Nonetheless, the best option would be to use completely free assets so one could just fetch the project and build it oneself without any extra steps...

That should be just fine.

I like how your bird doesn't just die instantly but loses some of the feathers (turning white with only the inner ones remaining) first.

It's a bit unclear to me what the different kind of enemies do, is there some significance for the parachute ones or the one in the plane, or are they just having different speeds and possibly scores attached to them?

It's actually surprisingly hard to fly in formation on the "normal" game mode and not lose too many of the birds too quickly, one has to avoid the incoming enemies quite a lot...

Very nice puzzle game with deceptively minimalistic graphics, yet very deep gameplay.

The invaders mini game was a bit weird with them dispersing all over the playing field, though...

The inventory screen didn't work as expected (you had to go into the details of an item to equip it), and getting out required me to press `q` twice...

(This with using Firefox on Linux)

Especially when you're leaving the top level (and thus quit the game rather abruptly) a warning message (and prompt not to go up) would be useful. ;)

What should I say, my screen is 2560x1600....

What bothered me was it didn't zoom when I zoomed the game. Eventually I discovered I could zoom the main windows and that looked much better...

Unfortunately the update is missing Linux builds...

Unfortunately there is no Linux build for it...

Will there be a Linux build, too?

Sadly it can't be played directly on the web page and there isn't a Linux build...

At some time the drone stopped responding to commands. Is there some sort of time limit or number of steps ? Some indication of that would be useful...

If the goal is more like write one complete program that automates all movements of the drone and you need to reset to start over if the program doesn't run through to the game's end, then it would be preferable if there was some restart option that didn't involve reloading the page (and losing all editor input)

Please rate for the maration jam on the difference between the WebGL build (and the final updated release from last year's GDTV jam) and the latest builds on the linked Devlog!

The WebGL version is still the original from last year's GDTV jam. To see the visual feedback, please download the test version from April which you can find on the Dev Log page!

Yeah, "show, don't tell".
Having some sort of animation for presenting the instructions is one of my longer term goals that's still in my backlog...

I can move just fine, but unfortunately all my controller buttons do is attack, no jumping, or parry, or interaction to enter the igloo.. :(

(Also, the "A" button is listed for jump and for dash? So the action probably depends on the current movement?)

It would be good if the connections between the items on the "Specials" map lighted up when you unlocked a new special, that would emphasize the tree's structure.

Also, the "progress bar" background of the purchase buttons on the Gem screen is very subtle, it could be shown with a bit more contrast or a slightly brighter colour.

Yeah, a mute option would be nice after a couple of play-throughs of the music.

I like the setting and idea. Adding stuff to the bar gives some feel of progress, although it's true that (except for the stools/chairs that act as patron slots) there doesn't seem to be any progress in the game mechanics associated with then... I like how the jobs have a bit of a story-mode feel to them, at least until you reached the last of them.

I agree that gold income should be connected to the era of the patrons so higher cost of upgrades evens out.

Also, wasn't there supposed to be some waiters getting hired? Maybe they're a bit Ninja-like so you never get to see them?

As for the scroll... If that bit never made it into the release (due to time constraints I suppose) then it would have been better to just throw that bit of the UI out...

No Linux build this time?

I would recommend grabbing an older package for the libraries, extracting them, then using a wrapper script to start the game. This worked like a charm for me!

Download the ".deb" package file: for the discussion on how to make use of the libraries contained in the package.

Extract the libraries:

$ dpkg-deb  -x libssl1.0.0_1.0.2n-1ubuntu5.7_amd64.deb libssl
$ mkdir lib
$ mv libssl/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/* lib

# Adapted from:
# Move to exe's directory (required for audio libs)
cd "`dirname "$0"`"
# Set the libpath and execute the binary
exec ./where_is_2021 $@

I love the art and selection of music. Nice concept, too.

Switching between the different screens in the town shouldn't restart the music track, though.

I would be nice if the items collected during an expedition would be shown as small icons on the lower edge of the screen...

At the starting point you can turn left or right but both ways turn to the same spot. I would expect there to be at least one more viewing angle, like it's on the second location...

When the booklet is shown it's already open so the prompt to open it doesn't really make sense...

Maybe I missed on how to do it, but when you take a first look at an item and have the option to further inspect it you should be able to return to the scene and not be forced to go through the sequence.

When you open the suitcase and there's traditional cloths in it and there's the mirror right next to it, I would expect you to be able to put the cloths on and take a look at it in the mirror...

It's too short, it's over before the real story promised by the opening actually started...

I suppose most of this is due to it being a jam submission and therefore not being enough time to further flesh out the story. I hope you manage to continue working on it and complete it. So far it's just a teaser for some very promising looking tale!

Unfortunately one material didn't properly make it into the WebGL version which results in a pink triangle on the screen. Thankfully in a less important area...

For just a rendition of the "obstacle course" section this is a pretty advanced and polished one. Well done!

(1 edit)

Clearing the playing field when a level's complete sounds like a good idea, to make it more visible you managed to get to the next one...

I added a bit of visual feedback with the update after the initial jam submission, but it's still very subtle. I have already planned on adding some particle and sound effects that should give a much better feedback on what's going on...

Unfortunately the download version only contains a Windows build...

I totally understand that "I haven't found the right sound yet" feeling (especially if you're not apt to create your own), which is why my game is still silent... :)

This sucks.... you in!

At least one action (healing I think) is lacking a confirmation sound, and it would be nice if killed monsters left a shadow entry in the party roster so one could have a better overview on who's gone missing. And it would be useful if there was a clue on which monsters on the map are enemies (for example the AP dots could be red or their tile background). Also, when the collection list is open it would help if the buttons for "retreat" and "end turn" would be grayed out.

It does have quite a bit of depth in strategy actually, even though sometimes it's hard to differentiate some options that seem to have the same properties once in a while (usually there is a difference, like their elemental type, range, or strength, but these are very subtle); at least I think there were some combinations which seemed to be the same.

All in all it looks very polished and complete, and it has this "just one more turn" factor.

It's Kubuntu 20.04 and both libraries are installed. I don't quite understand the need for `libcurl` though, having seen it listed for the binary made me hesitate to run it at all, actually.

Browser is Firefox (thankfully still 89 - the changes in 90 (and now 91) are abysmal with Mozilla's breaking of the tab bar)

(1 edit)

For some strange reason, the bird became a black square when I played it (web version).

The Linux version crashes when I start it.

Aug 16 01:15:14 zenny kernel: [5351891.107292] traps: df_fbla[229377] general protection fault ip:460a6e sp:7ffff52db2d0 error:0 in df_fbla[400000+54b000]

Is there more to do than getting the handful of gold bars?

I noticed, when you're floating high enough above the water you can break through the barrier to find an island, but beyond that the movement speeds drops down significantly.

What's missing a bit is that the angle of the diver needs to correspond on whether you climb or sink, and diving "backwards" needs the diver to turn around...

Good thing that the oxygen in the tank is not consumed because the tank has already been depleted a lot and you can't get into the boat yet and exchange the tank for a fresh one. :D

Lovely graphics!

This definitely needs gamepad controls.

It would be nice if there was some indication how far into a stage you are. Also it's not clear to me if it's a matter of how many enemies you shot down, what score you got, or just how long you managed to keep alive.

I like that there's new game-play elements with each stage (different backgrounds, that move, and new enemies, also the asteroids), but I couldn't make out what new element there might have been on stage 4 (I suppose the time managed to collect a beacon and got a power-up was based on the fact that it was the first time I managed to collect one while not having some damage, so not a new element for stage 4), but there are two new things in stage 3... Also, is it purely random if a healing/power-up beacon appears?

I love the variety of the enemies and their behaviour and different attacks!

How many stages are there in total? I managed to reach stage 4 but not to finish it...

I agree with the other comment about the movement speed. To add some more tactical gameplay, maybe the movement speed could depend on whether you're shooting? So shooting takes some power from the engines and you move slower, if you're not shooting you can move faster?

Sadly, right click for rotation didn't work for me, playing the web version with Firefox.

Although the controls show an X-box controller, everything worked fine with my PS3 gamepad. Only one thing, to go back to the menu I had to press Esc on the keyboard. Since <Start> is already used for resetting the level (which seems to be the right button), it should be possible to press <Select> (which seems to be unused).

I only played the test area, but I've seen a video stream of a play-through. I can safely say it'd be too difficult for me, but that's just me being not too good with that exact platforming required...

Is it an easter-egg that you have to press <Down> to have enough jump height to reach the last room of the testing area? (I can't remember having seen that bit from the play-through stream...)

What's really still missing is some animations for vertical movement. That will give you proper feedback that the player is not jumping anymore and just falling down. If you take a leap from the ledge above and just let yourself fall on the mushroom, you won't get pushed upwards, either. In order to get the jumping boost of it you have to actively jump onto it.

So, it works as designed, but is lacking feedback to the player. Jump animations is already on our list (and the graphics is already prepared).

> 3. After a few jumps on the bouncy mushroom, I fell through it. Is this intended?

Yes and no. The plan for them is to have some amount of "power" and when that is used up they need some cool-down before one can jump again.

Also, you fall out of that trampoline loop for example when you hit the ceiling.