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Thanks very much :).

Nice art style, and great game mechanic with the switching levels.
Well done! :)

So good I played it twice :D.
Was good being a Good dog! :P

thanks very much I appreciate it :)

Nice game, enjoyed the possessing mechanic, and you balanced it well with ensuring enough traps, or enemies, were around to not get stuck. 
It did take me a bit of thinking at the end to figure out how to win, but that gave me a sense of achievement when I did :).
Nice job, well done! :)

you can make some bug fixes, and the display change to your itch page you certainly can do :)

Well done on your first game release! :D
Brill concept with the switching worlds, making you have to plan a whole level ahead :). 
Great job! :)

Heh thanks :). Glad you enjoyed :).

aww thanks very much! :) Just checked and realised you were the one who made Stall last year, which was one of the best I think!
Glad you enjoyed playing! I do try and make my games beatable for Jams :), though some struggle with the controls still. But it's great to hear you made it to the end :)

Thanks for playing!

Ok, so I was confused at how to click play at first,.. but once I re-read instructions and realised I had to slingshot an animal into play to start,. I absolutely loved it :D. Great way to start a game :P.
Really enjoyed the game mechanics! Great job on this! :)

Huzzah! Glad someone got what I was trying to do with the fake game being played bellow :). Thanks for that!
Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it. 

Thanks! Much appreciated! 
Was trying to get the player used to the game a little before adding in the spikes :), then more spikes,.. then mooorrreee spikes! :D.
Good to know you found the controls easy enough. Some found it to hard, others to easy :).

Glad you enjoyed the game :). 
Art wise, I was grabbing assets from a few sources, so perhaps not the best at blending together :).
Thanks for playing!

I was failing at the main flappy bird part for ages, until suddenly I managed the 16 on the trot,
Unfortunately with a trackpad I was incredibly poor at the boss part, could have done with more options for flapping and firing (can still keep mouse clicks, just add in spacebar, or other keyboard keys as well, for better Accessibility).
Well done :)

Gotta have some floor spikes :D
Side and rood spikes later.
Some found it to hard, some to easy, others squeked through. The Freeplay mode is there to help get used to the controls a bit more, but generally jokes in Gamejams only want a quick one play, so perhaps that mode was a waste of time.
Thanks for playing.

nice concept for the game, also good to have something different to play :). Enjoyed the mystery element. 
Dialogue controls were a bit clunky. I got used to them by the end, but could have been made smoother.
Great job, well done!

Theme, Life in 2D,.. so my game was based on being an Extra Life,. in a 2D game. I thought I was being quite clever :P, maybe not :D.

Thanks for playing. Sorry you found it a bit busy. Does get a bit manic towards the last wave :).

great use of the theme, made for quite a unique game experience.
Great job

I like the concept, but I couldn't work out WHO was meant to be in each dimension. Feel it needed more extreme characters to judge that. Like perhaps animals, or aliens, or bright colours.

Max hearts was there as a sort of control to not stock up to many hearts in the easier levels. Regardless I did toy with keeping track of that for scoring, but decided against any form of "high score" for this game.
the other "Game modes" were just a bit of story flavour to tease with. Making 3 more entire games on my own would have been too much in the time I had :P.
Glad to hear you beat the game though :). Helps balance out those who struggled with the controls completely and found it to hard. 

Great job on finishing it! Yeah the last level is a bit nuts, but if you've mostly stocked up on lives before that, it doesn't matter if you don't make it during that wave. Had to go a bit all out though for it :P.
It's a tricky one controls wise. For me it's a piece of cake now, and I can sail through most levels fine, I'm very in tune to them (obviously as I've played it loads while building). Some people found the game to hard and couldn't get to the end, others found it to easy. 
I hoped added in the Free play mode would give people chance to play around a bit with it, but in Jam games most jokes don't want to play one game for too long anyway :P. 
Anyway, thanks for playing and the feedback.

Thanks for playing :).

Set your screen size settings for your itch page a bit bigger, it's cutting off the sides. 
For example I build for 960x600 (sits in a web page nicely), and set my itch page to 1000x660, to get the full game plus unity border in.
Also,.. I broke your game by going left at the start and falling forever, might need something to either stop me going that way, or killing me off if I do (and in platform games, I'm always going to try going left at the start, as sometimes people hide an easter egg there, for classic game reasons :P).
Actually game wise, controls and mechanics felt good. Nice and speedy in general. Good job.

great job at also learning blender during this Jam :). It's a great tool, and good to have in your bag of tricks to be able to use.

smart level design work :)

fantastic to use this experience to try something new :). Good job on branching out!

Great game concept, art style and theming. 
the split screen thing worked really well for a platform puzzler.
Think you've done a great job in putting this together in the time frame, so great job! Well done! :)
Whoever did the level design must have had a fun headache to keep track of it all :P

nice game mechanic with the switching worlds/spaces to puzzle out how to get around. 
Also nice take on the theme :).
I was sad when I knocked over the radio and lost the music, I was enjoying that :P,.. but glad when I found it again at the end :),... though I then had to knock that one over to as that's now what I do :P.
Well done :)

I'm not sure what I just played,... :D
Could do with some sound/music.
"Race" game element, is very short.
Wasn't sure if all the "errors" in the quirky 3D world/navigation thing was part of the experience, or not.
What is this? :D

2695 for me :)
Enjoyed the brain breaking concept of controlling 2 opposing objects to defend the base.
Did take me a bit to understand how to play :P. First time around I was clicking and moving the one on the right and the left didn't move, so may be a bug there. Once I clicked on the left I had control.
Also couldn't get the Hex code thing to work, I went to Unity and found one to try as well and it didn't like it, just gave Error each time. Hope that's a thing you can fix, as I think it'd add a great element to the game (perhaps add a list of some options for people to try, even in the game info screen, or just put in a colour picker to select from).
Great job on this, well done!

And I'm back :)
What, I can't go backwards? Must be a bug!,.. oh no wait, it's a feature :D, Made for a great twist on play to have a fun strategy game :). 
Making it through the doors room was an achievement,.. I found that cat and a couple of other out of the way rooms, a few too many times :P. But I was rewarded with the fun endless falling space which was a really fun one.
Great work on this, brought a lot of great ideas and such together. Well done!

(1 edit)

Don't know if you've done an update and broken it since others played, but on the WebGL version (can't see another anyway), all I'm getting is this on my Safari browser - 

The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:
Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)
SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)

and on Firefox it just sticks on the loading bar.
What browser is anyone else using?
Oh scrap that, Firefox finally loaded :P,.. BRB

Loved the premise, the look of it, the strategy needed to proceed etc.
Could have done with being able to go quicker, the slow pace of the player frustrated me. And as other have said, bit of feedback to what hurts. I walked through 3 fires before realising I shouldn't :P. And what I thought was a purple heart I couldn't pick up and I think hurt me too.
Few simple tweaks would make for a really fun game that could easily transport to mobile etc or something. I like the different level colour themes too :).

heh, weeelllll on the last level they did come in :D, as well as the blocks rotating. But by then a lot is going on, and you may have missed them :P

Thanks for playing :)

back to Freeplay mode for you :P.
Thanks for playing :)

heh, thanks :). I personally sail through it all far to fast now, couple of clicks and I can sail the early levels with ease, so my sense of difficulty is skewed. 
Thanks for playing :)

I fell, and then I kept falling,.. fooorreeevvver :).
Things for improvement:-
Bit of UI showing health, and progression, access to settings like volume etc (and a quit button in none WebGL versions). 
Bit more work on level design/layout perhaps, so I don't fall forever, or I do fall and die (and then respawn?), etc.
Other than that the controls have a good feel, good feedback from enemy and players hit, nice having arrows as well, enjoyed having the option of weapons. Well done, I had an enjoyable play through :)

Thanks, much appreciated :)

Enjoy the concept, with different forms jumped into as you die.
Nice art style and feel.
Got a bit lost and confused for a bit, but started to work things out :).

Great job, well done!

So close, finish it off, I believe in you! :P 
Top tips to help, you can fire up, through the defences (classic one from the film, Pixels :P), and fire in front, leading the defences, especially when your weapon speed is high. 
Disagree with it getting harder as you upgrade, except perhaps movement speed,.. that gets a bit quick, and tricky to nudge along small amounts :P. 

Plenty more upgrades or improvements I could have done, with more time, but I had to stick to what I could achieve in the time frame. 
Thanks for the advice on filter option, I'll look into that.

Thanks for playing and being my 20th rater :)