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hah, yeah, i went with reducing spawn time by 0.07 seconds per round, from 1 second,.. so come round 15, its reach 0,.. thus a flood of food/fish come,.. at least round 14 has a semblance of no being broken :P

Thanks :) glad you liked it! 
I'm slowly working on a bigger updated version of the game. Hopefully i'll be able to release it in the future :

Thanks :). If you liked this, try out my GameJam game - Dead End Job. 
Puling my finger out now and spending some time working to flesh it out into a bigger game, but would love some feedback on it.

Thanks :)
I was really fond the the keep trying mechanic that came out of this game. The fact that you can use even a bad run to help your next, appealed to me.
And hey, it's more Zomployees helping each other out! :D

always great to hear about other game engines :) Thanks for the info!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :).
I'm using the new unity input system for the controls, and i didnt have gamepad in mind when setting them up. But I will look into it, and expand and improve the controls set up to allow for it.
Thanks a lot for the feedback, it's much apreciated!

72 Fantastic Zomployee's working togther! Teamwork!! :D
Tanks for playing!

Thanks :), really apreciate it! :)

Snap :) similar mechanic :D.
Great job. Art and music fit well together.
Clever puzzle design to, lots of tricky ways to build complex levels, and use those dead bodies.
Think i've got some stuff to learn from this to help my own improve.
Great job! Well done!

Some really neat puzzles in there, and great story and art to.

Got a bit stuck on level 4, the room for error in getting a jump right without hitting your head was tricky.
Great job on this!

character art and design is good, concept is excellent.
Actualy is really a lot done for a solo Dev, especialy as you did the art yourself! So great job!

Just needs a high score  :).
Loved the look and music, great job bringing that together.
Would have loved a timer to complete to then move on to another level with more dangers.
also a High score would have been great to record my PB.

Well done making this, great job! :)

Thanks :).
Absoulty have room to increase difficulty from here. Needs some mroe mechanics to. Good thing i've had some other platformers to get ideas from these last few days :).
Thanks for playing, the feedback, and for making your game to :P.

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great job on this. Well done!
Bit to much frustation at times for me :P, but that's more to do with me being rubbish :D
Intelligent puzzles, just maybe a little to complex to early. Little more hand holding and learning early on would have helped.
Well done!
(oh and try mine out, it's a similar mechanic to yours. I've lernt from playing yours, and it'll help me with evolving my own. Perhaps playing mine will help you, i dunno :P)

Thanks a lot! 
More Zombies the better! Dead or ... undead :).
Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!

Ooo i really love the reincartnating aspect to this game. Having different tokens to turn into different things to solve the puzzles.
Great concept, and alos good humour in the chat from the vampire :).

Respawn/reincartnate being quiker would be my main feedback.

Great job! Well done!

Kool vibe and feel to this game. 
Aimings the main issue, but somthing future versions can easily fix :).
Great job on this! Well done!

Mad :). But fun :P
Ragdoll physics as a game mechanic :D.
Did struggle to leave the room after clean the floor.
But great concept, well done :)

i've stepped back into the 80's!! :D
Great replication of that look and feel :).
Well done!

Just watched your stream of you playing your game (can't do PC downloads).
Looks adorable :), and a great game set up.
Great job! :)

watched you web blog to get more of an idea of how the game plays, which helped me out :).
Stil a little tough for me at the start, possibly could do with letting me upgrade a bit before the crows come out to play :P.
But lots of great stuff in this, all being brought together in a short amount of time.
Well done! Great job

Multiple spells, that do different things, very nice.
Kool concept, very well brought together.
Great work! Well done! :)

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The Zomployees are given State of the Art Uranium Rods! What more resource could they need! :D
That and Teamwork!
Thanks for playing! :)

Love the smooth transitions of the tiles, somthing I couldnt managed with Gem Mountains so much last year. You using some form of Tile swop? Or physics dropping the tiles down?
The checking and matching system is fast and responsive to, great job! :)

Thanks :), really apreciate it! :)

Thanks :), I apreciate it! :)

Thanks! Glad you liked the tutorial and got the vibe I was going for from the welcome letter (and tutorial text).
Glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback! I apreciate it!

Very kool looking game! Nice space feel and vibes.
Controls we're a bit tricky. I found it hard to point the weapon where I wanted to fire. Having the cursor direct the weapon would be very nice.
The collecting materials sound effect was a little ear piercing to, made me not want to pick things up :P. Could probably do with a different SFX :).

But overall it looks great, and has so much potential for a great space game moving forwards!
Great job as a solo Dev to! well done!

Awesome, thanks a lot :). Really great to hear! Thanks for playing, and for the feedback! :)

Rating based of watching MetalStorm Stream your game.
Beutiful world! what a great space and atompshere you've created here.
Personaly i prefer a little more direction in where I go. Seemed tricky to find all the pads.
But for a place to explore as you figure these things out, it's wonderful :).
Such and expansive game as well, with multiple "wolrds" to explore.
So much content in so little time! amazing.

(1 edit)

Bit of Elevator music :P. I was after something that might be put on in an workplace to drive the employees a bit crazy :P, this is what I found :D.
Thanks for playing! glad you enjoyed it :), and thanks for the feedback

Great ball mechanic :), once i figured out how to work it :D,.. re-reading the instructions helped :D.

Really nice feel, look and vibe to the game.
Yeah missing music/SFX, but that's something that will take this game up a notch as you move it on.
Great job! well done!

Aweome to hear, thanks a lot for playing, and for the feedback! :)

Thanks :). Glad you enjoyed it!

rating basef off watching MetalStorms stream.
Great mix of things to do in this game, searching the maze, collecing coins, shooting range, Hord trial was preaty fun to! So much to it!
Liked the wall maps too.
Great job! :)

Based off watching MetalStorms Games stream playing it.
Fun game, like the look and feel of it, great start.
Well done!

Thanks a lot :). Such a fun character :), and yeah, added for stable blocks to build from.
Thanks for playing and the feedback! Much apreciated :D!

Nice take on the Connect 4 set up.
Could do with a little more clarity at the start, but I soon figured out the shapes I needed to make after a couple of goes.
This concept is great though, and could easily see this turned into a mobile game of sorts, building in difficulty over time and levles.
Great work!

Like this idea, guiding the player to success. 
Made for a fun challenge to figure out how to turn the player just right.
Great job :)