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Thank you for playing it.

On the weapons, they currently only have 2 random effects: damage and duplication.  They randomize on every level, including the one you already have.  Adding more after the submission would feel like cheating as they could be seen as new features. But the initial idea was to have features like:

  •  - Damage.
  •  - Duplication.
  •  - Grow (including their damage and health).
  •  - Shrink (including health and damage).
  •  - Drop weapon (enemies go melee with much higher dps).

I was getting annoyed by the unskippable  "3D weather FX" scene, but then came the gameplay FX. That more than made up for it , and then the end screen.... AWESOME.

I'm a bit sad for the team, but this made me laugh. IMHO epic job.

Awesome game, looks good,  plays good, feels good.
I'm guessing that the light of the robot shouldn't be ON all the time?

Taking feedback into account we made a few bug fixes:

  • Fixed AI shooting or "seeing" the player through walls.
  • Changed Audio volumes of sound effects.
  • Decreased rocketlauncher explosion radius.
  • Full list can be read ingame.

Thank you Lowlande52,  the game is now playable in fullscreen.