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Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback!

I'm not sure what happened with the crash you've experience, I've changed the ways some of the machine behave, and I didn't get time to test every possible outcome. I'll make sure to test it more.

As for the save, it's something that I want to implement, but I've ran into some weird behaviors in Godot, I need to do a little more research to know how I should be doing it.

And I do plan on releasing the game on mobile at some point, but I want to focus on the Steam version first, the mobile version will come after :)

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You don't understand mister Minotaur, I'm from the city!

Thank you so much! The new build is now out if you want to try it and leave some feedback.

So something similar to Opus Magnum or something like that? I have a Level Editor that I'm planning on releasing in a future release and I was wondering if people would be interested in participating in a Level Design competition to win some keys to the game. The best levels could also be added to the game with the consent of the ones who made them.

For the properties of the machines, I've changed it a little for the next release. The Expander and Shrinker can now work mutiple time, the shrinker even reducing Blocks into nothingness if used multiple times. This opens some interesting doors for more complex levels later on. The other machines will also do something no matter what, or maybe even break if not given the correct input.

The color idea is still on standby, has it would prevent people with color bliendness to enjoy the game. But I will see if it eventually makes it in.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm changing the tutorial a little so it can be accessed from any level in case someone do the same error as you. Hopefully that should help!

Thanks for playing :D

The Stacker works in a way where the block going in a straight line will always be the one at the bottom of the stack. This is not clearly indicated in the tutorial and I intend to have a more visual way to explain that. Hope that helps, if you're still stuck, the Walkthrough has the solution for that level, you can find the link in the option menu.

Thanks for trying out the game :D

I'm sorry you had trouble solving some of the levels. Every single level is possible, I design them with a Level Editor that forces me to have a goal type machine. Some of them are more challenging then others, but I've made it so if someone plays the levels in order, the difficulty ramps up slowly.

Thanks for trying the game!

Thanks! I'm glad you were able to get past the Training ;)

I'll have a version 2 out soon, I'd like it if you could try it and let me know if the UI/UX change I made helps you understand the mechanics a little better!

Thanks for playing!

The Stacking machine actually stacks the block perpendicular to the output and input on top of the other one... It's kinda hard to explain, I'll try and make the tutorial a little more clear so people don't get mixed up too much.

Cool game!

The puzzles are a little difficult at time, but I really like the idea. Takes a little bit to understand that you can only face the direction you go into, I always got stuck in weird ways :P Adding a little bit of music would be nice, the SFX are good, but it sound really empty cause there's no music.

Keep up the good work!

Thank Magn!

I'm glad you liked the game! I'm reworking the controls for the game, they are already when more responsive then they use to be. I'm planning on maybe having multiple colors for the blocks, but I was trying to give myself that limitation to for my creativity and make more types of machines and such. Also, I thought about having different shapes, like circles, but it doesn't always make it super clear. I'll try to see if there's an interesting way to integrate them.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Hammerforge!

Do you mean the first level of the training? Or the first level when you click Start?

For the training, you should only have to click on the green tile and drag it to the orange tile.

for the "Start", you can stack the 2 blocks on the right to make the block on the left.

There's also a Walkthrough that's available from the Option menu, hope this helps!

Thanks Psynut!

The balancing of the puzzle was pretty difficult, so I'm happy you think it was well done! I'm trying to find a better way to see my levels in the Editor, since all my levels are data driven, but haven't found a good solution yet. This will definitely be necessary since I plan on having 50+ puzzles for the next version.

Thanks Makubex!

I did try to jam as many features as I could, the time limit prevented some of the stuff to get in, but I'm working on version 2 right now!

Stay tuned to the eventual full release :D

Thanks Igor! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I know the stacking machine can be a little confusing at time, I'm planning on reworking the tutorial to make it a little clearer. I'll also follow your suggestion and make it so the tutorial is always available somewhere, that would remove some of the frustration of not knowing what to do.

Thank you for playing! 

The whole team is just me :P thanks for the congrats. 

And there is a ton of features that were pushed to the side, but I'm currently working on implementing them so I can release a version 2 when the voting period ends. I might still list them in you post! 

Yeah, that's what I had in mind, I think I'll expand the idea and see how it would all fit! 

Thanks for the ideas! 

Thank you so much for the stream of conciousness comment! It's really helpful for me to have you're review as you go through the game!

I'm really glad you enjoyed the experience and that you noticed the slow but deliberate learning curve I've created by having the levels placed in a certain order.

I'm currently working on adding a level selector, more types of machines and readjusting how the controls work to draw conveyor or machines on the board. Hopefully, I can get a more fleshed out game and see if it can actually break the $1 USD barrier.

I do need to find a way to keep the player engaged, I do feel like there is a risk when the levels become increasingly complex that someone would just drop the game all together. I'm thinking of having "Worlds" and having them be unlocked based on how many levels you've solved. This way you can still progress even if some levels weren't completed, and you can revisit them later on for achievements and such. I'm not sure what else I could add, maybe a different game with similar mechanics, like having a limited amount of machines, or a time challenge, or bigger challenge in between the levels so it breaks up the gameplay a little bit and keeps it interesting. If you have more ideas, let me know!

Cool little idea.

Having a way to know which planets collided would be cool, and adding sfx would elevate you're game to a whole new level! (see what I did here?)

Keep up the good work!

Herding Cats Simulator 2023!!!

Love the idea! I was playing with a mouse and I realized that I never really rotate the cats, maybe having the control for that elsewhere than the scroll sould help, like right click rotates 90 degres.

Except for that, loved the Chef cat that goes "EVERYBODY!!!". Really not sure if that's what he says, but I believe :P

Very moving take on the theme. I wish it didn't stop so soon...

It's simple, but it works!

Could have been nice to have levels that are generated randomly every time you restart a run. Also, it's impossible to cancel the use of an ability, so I would sometime find myself not wanting to use my super grappling but couldn't.

All in all, great little idea!

Short, but very nice and very sweet.

You can really see the Undertale inspiration and references. I was surprised by all the interactions that were possible with the world! I almost wish the characters would sound like Papyrus and Sans :P

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for playing! You are the first person to mentioned the Walkthrough! You win... my gratitude! Yay!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game :)

Very very cool game!

It's simple, but really makes you think and plan about your next step. The fact that the transformation are random is a little frustrating at time, I really wish I could plan a little more in advance and make some sick combos.  Not sure if there could be a better way to present them... a card system of some sort maybe?

Anyway, super cool idea! Got a high score in the 1440!

Thanks iRad! Really appreciate it :D

Definitely a good idea to have a randomly generated name for the Leaderboard if none are typed in!

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Simple enough. Do you have any way to prevent fake scores? Not sure it would even be possible for someone to cheat, but still. Something like having a random float at the start of the game that multiplies the actual score and that you verify before sending the score online, so someone can't just change the value of their score in game.

Also, I didn't mention that in my first comment, but when playing on my phone, I couldn't type in a name for the Leaderboard, feels like you might have lost a couple of potential players because of that.

Nice idea!

Keep up the good work!

Very polish visual and menuing, good music too.

I was a little bit confused by what I had to do, I read the tutorial, but I still had some trouble understanding. I think the arrows on the note coming at me was what confused be the more, I thought they would help me know what direction to hit, but they don't. I think having some sorte of indicator to tell you what you'll need to tap is required, else you leav your player doing some live calculation at all time and it ends up being a frustration when you fail, cause you don't know why.

I think this has potential, it only need to be a little more clear. Keep it up!

Thank you so much for playing!

I am planning on continuing working on the game, you can follow me to get some updates on a future release :D

I can't get past the third jump, no idea how I'm suppose to do it.

The visuals are nice, and the mechanics seem interesting, but that doesn't help if I can't get pass the beginning. But I'm just a little bit of level design can fix that :)

Keep it up!

Cool idea!

The only problem I can see is that I didn't feel challenged. I just place the strongest turret all the time and it felt like I was only waiting for the next wave to arrive. I never really felt treatened. Maybe making the game a little more balance to add challenge would be a good idea.

Other than that, menus are nice, the visual are nice (tho a little dark) and the Wilhelm screams are funny.

Keep it up!

Very cool game! I'm surprised you were able to make so many different games during the time most people barely finished 1 single game!

I'm curious about your Leaderboard, what's the backend for it? I also seems like a really nice tool to be able to actually see how many people played your game, which is super practical.

My only complaint would be the rule of some games that aren't completely clear when you start them. I found myself looking at ticks going up in the music scale game when I thought I was actually playing well and ended up loosing. That wasn't really clear to me. And for some other rules, I only knew because I read some of the other comments before starting playing.

But except for that, super nice! Like the music, the sfx (except the special card selection one, it sounds too negative somehow) and the cute art.

Keep making nice game! :D

Thanks for playing! And don't stop playing... this game is everything you need... now and forever... ;)

The controls are definitely something I'll be working on for the release of version 2. I've had some many comments on all the things I could do that I don't really know where to start, but it will be done!

Thank you some much for playing and for the comment!

You are the first person that mention the transition, but I was also kind of annoyed by it. I might just be used to it now, but it's always like my eyes want to look at every single dots at the same time. It's also very bad for compression on Youtube and Twitch, so I might try to find a different way of transitioning so that Demo and Launch trailers don't look bad when they're released!

I'm glad you enjoyed your experience!

That's a very specific bug your having, and I've not been able to reproduce it. Any way you could give me a step by step of what you did so I can troubleshoot the issue?

I'm currently working on version 2 and setting up a Steam page to start taking wishlist, so make sur to follow me to get informed of when the game will actually be released ;)

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Hello! I played your game live on stream today and thought you might like to see the live playthrough.

I really like the game, but you'll see if you watch that I made a lot of recommendations along the way while I was playing.

Keep up the beaufitul work!

I'm glad you like it! You're exactly the demographic I'm going for, so I'm glad I hit my mark!