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The Munchies: An Idle GameView game page

Submitted by Jammy Productions (@JammyGameDev) — 18 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#7693.0003.000

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In what way does your game fit the theme?
The purpose of the game is to collect as many munchies as you can, both for you and your dog. The more you upgrade both, the better off you'll be!

Did you write all the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
The dog is from a CC0 sprite sheet ( and some sound effects are from the show Scooby Doo.
Everything else was created during and for the game jam. I did all the programming and art and my brother created the music.

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Oh man, I played this game longer than I expected to, it was really addicting! Reminded me of some of those idle games, like Cookie Clicker. ;)

Great job on the art, and the music was great. I do wish it fit with the theme a bit better. It seems like the only benefit to adding pets is to help you get more munchies faster. Great job overall, though!


Time went by so fast. I just kept telling myself: "This is the last upgrade" :)
Nice sound effects too :D
(Also, check out my game if you want)


The food really looks delicious. 
good job, not to bad to "waste" the time on this game :)


Not a bad time sink :-)  I like the graphics for the munchies, but I was a bit confused by some of the upgrades.  Some of the upgrade mechanics seem to be broken.  I got the 3rd dog at 625 and it said 3/3, but it updated the next price level as though there was another pet available.  You might have some performance issues too.  I noticed it kept sticking.

I see some other comments mentioning sounds, but I don't think it works on the WebGL version.  It's probably related to where you're storing them (the resources folder?)

Good to see you're continuing the development.  This kind of sticking power will serve you well :-)


I have fixed most of those issues since submitting to the game jam, so I am definitely well aware of them! The browser version is a bit glitched depending on the browser type as well as some other random factors. It's why I've noted that the download version is much better--doesn't have those same issues! 

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback. Keep an eye out for updates--I've already fixed most of the problems from the comments!

This was a cute idle game! I like the pixel art for the food (yummy) and the music is cute. I was startled by the Scooby Doo audio, tbh. I like the idling mechanics, but I think the dog upgrades are broken? Only one dog gets upgraded, the other two seem to keep the original stats. Also would've liked a background, maybe a messy bedroom or the Mystery Machine van to keep with the theme, haha. I don't know if that was intended or not. But great game, hope you keep polishing this one!


Thanks so much and I'm glad you liked it! I added the Scooby Doo sounds to further emphasise the need for munchies, but I am definitely taking them out for the next update. 

I did not notice the dog upgrades. I'll have to do some more playtesting to see what's going on with that, so thank you for pointing it out to me. It's amazing the things we miss even after continually playing them. The background is plain because it's all I had time for, but I'm working on making it a bit fancier. 

I'm definitely going to keep polishing it, so keep an eye out for updates!


Cute game, has a couple of bugs with the UI (pressing Enter does nothing and the Pet Upgrades button doesn't not seem to do anything). This game also seems more active than what an idle game would suggest. Though I do see how it turns into an idle game once you get your pets.

Audio could be better with some munching sounds when you pick up munchies, also the Scooby Doo tracks are definitely Copyright Infringement.

Good effort, though!


Yeah, I've a note in the comments about the enter key. If you've clicked off the screen at all before hitting enter, it doesn't register. The downloadable version is fine, though. In the pet upgrades menu, you can buy the pet upgrades with the 'bone' points, not the munchies, so maybe that's why it wasn't working? Or if you're referring to the actual 'buy pet upgrades,' it doesn't work until you've bought your first pet. Regardless, I need to add some tutorials and better instructions for all of it, for sure! 

Thanks the feedback and rating :D


I was wondering what the bones were for! Also, they didn't seem to disappear when collected them.


Only the dog can collect them :D

The game was pretty good, but I can of some reason not get the first text to go away.


Yeah, there's a slight glitch that if you've clicked off the game at all before clicking enter, the screen doesn't go away. It works fine for the downloadable version, but the browser is a bit wonky. I'm glad you liked it, though!


Cute game.  Definitely seemed to be made by someone who really loves munchies haha.  Literally everything was about munchies.

Anyway I would suggest adding some more instructions, I almost completely missed that there were upgrades and pets in the game.  The gameplay loop also gets a little stale after a while so something like enemies that either hurt you, your pets, or steal your munchies would be great.


That's because munchies are the best.... ;)

Totally agree on all of those points and I'm actually in the process of adding them to the game now. Thanks so much for playing and for your feedback :D


Ok, I love this game so much. I couldn't stop playing it. The graphics are awesome and simple and the gameplay is easy to learn and addictive. What a great game! This could definitely be in the top 100 easily.


Seems like we both made some addictive games ;) 


A fun little idle game though it honestly plays a lot like the early part of Leaf Blower Revolution on steam. In the context of learning coding and just having fun that's totally fine but if you want to eventually make a full on idle game try to think of cool new ways to really pull in audiences! I'd also take a look at the balance for upgrade prices. For a bit it really felt like I hit a plateau and getting any new upgrades would be a bit too much grind. But it def still kept me idling away for a good bit lol


I definitely got a lot of my inspiration from the Leaf Blower Revolution. I am still learning the process of game development, so I totally agree that it is too similar. I am working on updates now that will make it different, though the idle game aspect will still remain of course. There will also be a prestige system and different upgrades to help with that plateau. Thanks so much for playing ande I'm glad you enjoyed it :D


Absolutely adorable game! Reminds me of cookie clicker but cuter, stroking the dog should be mandatory though.... Good game overall, work on petting doggo tho >:(


I will definitely be adding doggo pets! 


i liked this game but i didn't understand where the link between the theme and gameplay connected


The purpose is to get upgrades for both yourself and your dog because as a team, you are stronger together in getting munchies! 

I'm glad you liked the game though :D


I played this game far longer than I should have! I'm a sucker for fun, chill, upgrade type experiences like this one that I just feel become so addictive. Would make for a pretty sweet mobile game!

Pixel art graphics were all nice and felt consistent. The pet mechanic was cool and the music was super chill to play along to.

Upgrades were great too, although some of the pet upgrades just wouldn't get purchased sometimes for me.

Some thoughts that I'm sure may have been planned if there was more time: 

- A background would have been cool to see rather than just the light blue block colour. Just something a little more interesting.

- An overall objective? Very addictive to play but is there anyway to win? Other than to become a super speedy snack eating god of course... Would have been good to have a goal to work towards otherwise it could go on forever. - I guess more upgrades would be the plan!

- I wasn't the biggest fan of the quotes playing sometimes


Great effort all in all. Thanks for stealing my time ;)


I know what you mean--idle games are so addicting. I've played them before and then looked at the clock and realised 30 minutes had passed!

I think the reason the pet upgrades wouldn't get purchased is because they use the 'treat' currency--the bones that the dogs pick up. However, the banners on itch block where you see how many of those you have, so it's kind of hard to tell. Didn't realise that until it was too late...

I really appreciate your feedback on the game. I definitely have intentions to address these, particularly in regards to upgrades and a prestige system. That along with some achievements I think will help with having more of a goal. 

The quotes were there mostly to emphasise where 'The Munchies' are coming from ;) but I get what you mean. 

I didn't even think of being able to pet the dog! Definitely an improvement that is needed immediately.

Thanks for playing and stayed tuned for updates. Also, there is a downloadable version that has a save file system...


Fun game! I enjoyed the Scooby-doo quotes. The gameplay was fun and easy enough to get into to make the game super fun. Often times people make the base upgrades take to long or to quick in games like this, but you happened to hit that perfect middle ground where everything flows perfectly! 

If you wanted to improve I suggest adding some particle FX to the game, footprints or an animation when collecting food could add a lot to the game feel.

Overall, cool project!


Thanks, I'm so glad you like it! It's really nice to have feedback on the upgrade system--I wasn't sure on the level of difficulty having playtested it so much myself lol. I have a lot of plans for better FX , music, and upgrade systems. Stay tuned for a prestige feature :D


Really simple and cute! The sound was not my favorite, but never the less I could not stop playing xD


Aw the blessing and curse of idle games! Thanks so much and I'm so glad you liked it. 

Stay tuned for updates--I'll be adding a prestige system and some more/different types of upgrades plus better music now that I'll have more than a week. 


It was fun I would have never thought of this kind of theme.... I enjoyed it to my surprise ,the music was well put together.. I would have enjoyed a bit more if there was some effect when we collected the munchies. It would have been  so involving. I enjoyed playing the game..


Thanks so much and I'm glad you liked it! I definitely have plans for updates to the game including some satisfying munching sounds 😁

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Leaf Blower Revolution inspired? That was fun, too!


You know it! I actually just finished playing some Leaf Blower Revolution there... Idle games are so addicting.

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Nice little idle game, my character goes zooming everywhere. Haha! I also don't think theme is related. At first I thought the dog is gonna help me pick up the munchies but its not, so it goes off of the theme. Fun idle game and nice music, btw.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks! The dog does help collect the munchies though... And once you unlock the pet upgrades it helps out even more! It does go after the treats first and then the munchies, but it does collect them. I'm glad you enjoyed it and the music :D 


Seemed like a fun idle game but im really not sure how it is related to the theme but it sure was fun


The purpose is to upgrade both your skills and your pets. The more you upgrade both, the more points and better munchies you'll get!


Really great! I love the idle farming system along with the casual gameplay of picking up food. Very interesting progression system as you keep on unlocking more stuff as you play on! Good progression, would be better if more sound design was part of the game! Good job and good luck!


Thanks! The sound was definitely just thrown together, but I actually really love the inclusion of Scooby Doo lol. All about the munchies...