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No prob!!

I am not very confident with how your game works.. But you could set trigger points for a certain number of enemies to spawn in for some part of the map and then the next one for the next part.... Maybe give it a thought. It can be useful in the future!! Alas this is a gameJam to learn new things :D

Have a good Day !!! 

Thanks For Playing!! I am going to fix those so I hope yow will check it out later!!

Have a good day!! :D

Your Game with some good sound effects and some fast music can make us feel the real rush!!I will Check It out after you update it...

Have a good day!

Thanks for your feedback!! Have a Good Day!!

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Thanks For Playing!!

I am so happy you mentioned about the AI.. that thing toook me like 3 to 4 days to code. And yeah the ammo boxes working would have made the game so much better. And regarding the bloom I will maybe use some real lighting instead .. I am happy you enjoyed the game..

Have a Good Day! :D

The ammo and health pickable stopped working in the last minute..... and regarding those boxes only two types of boxes give you stuff the plain ones are just there for extra chaos... :D

Thanks For Playing!! Have a good Day!

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Thank you for playing!

I messed up at the last stage of build... I realized some of the mistakes in UI and the gameplay. Am going to patch them as soon as possible.

Hope you check out my game later!!

Have a good day!! :D

Just Played It.It was a good one.

That was a cool game. You could make tutorial level for better understanding of the game though one we figure it out it was fun to play. Played through 5 levels or so. It was entertaining..

Gonna play the othe one!! :D

Your Game was super fun.Only bug I was able to find is I got stuck on the ledges sometimes.

Great Work!! Kudos!!

No worries you made a decent enough game which you can start building upon if you wanted to so looking forward for the update!

Good  Concept! But would have liked a bit more gameplay wise and the music got a bit annoying after like a minute or so. Found out that you made two games in a week so no worries it was decent enough.. I hope the other one turned out good.

Great Work bro! Kudos!! :D

I dont know if you know this but your game was similar to archero(available on google playstore) which i enjoyed so much.. had some frame issues but not so bad..

Had a great time playing your game! KUDOS! :D

Really Cool idea for a game.. Would have like some particle system or body parts flying instead of just blood.(hope ppl dont think I am a psycho)

Cool Game!! Kudos!! :D

The Game was fun to play. The player was to slippery I guess I was slipping off the ramps..

That aside the game looked very good. kudos!! :D

Good Game!!

Man the sound was awesome.. I was laughing so much and the game was also good. Maybe it needs some more work on the controls as the car is too slippery for me..

Great Work!! Kudos!!

Let me say It!! This game is super cool.... The music was good the gameplay was good no framedrops.

Only complain is would have liked the gun target to be controlled by mouse but that aside the game is so good...

Great work!! Kudos!! :D

Was a good one.. Would have like if there was some visual feedback for attacking and player can be a bit faster.

Good Work! Kudos!!

Cool Game!! Was a bit difficult too get familiar with the game.. Once undertood it is a fun game.

Kudos! Good Game!

Good Game!! Easy to get into!

Kudos!! :D

This was a good game. Felt very polished.. Cool transitions and music. Everything worked out so well..

Great Game!! Kudos! :D

This was a cool way to interpret the concept! Took me some time to get the game but was super fun once got it... I didnt get the hacks part would have liked a tutorial level...Great Game!!

Kudos!! :D

I enjoyed the game but it took some time to figure the attacking of the reaper and one of the bugs I observed is when I take thee enemy far from his spawn locations sometimes he  randomly respawns...

That aside It was a great game and I enjoyed it... That means its a success!! Kudos! :D

The game was super fun and addictive.. I love it!

Great Game!! Kudos! :D

Great Game!! Was polished and no noticable bugs..

Great Work!! Kudos! :D

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The car controls were awesome I enjoyed your game a lot.... But I started have frame issues as more and more cops spawned in my later playthrough like pretty bad frames...

Overall Its a great game... Kudos!!

I could not run the. I selected the.exe file but nothing happens....

I would liked the warning arrows to be of some different color it was difficult to pick them up.

Was a cool game!! Kudos!! 

It was super fun..I enjoy these kind of games...

It got chaotic pretty quick.Only trouble I had was the enemies attacke before the animation played otherwise it was good.I would have liked some health drop would have extended the gameplay time..

Great Work!! Kudos!! :D

It was a great game. I had 30 mins of rage inducing gameplay and suprisingly I enjoyed it.

I would have liked some checkpoints. I wanted them so bad.

Also When I go backward and fall down thats it a dead end.

All aside It was a great game and there was a lot of effort put in!! Kudos! :D

I finished the game and I would say it was great. No comlains or visible bugs in my playthrough ... would have liked if my cursor was not visible or the ball targets the position of the cursor...

That was a cool game !! Kudos!!

Let me be frank. I HAVE BEEN ROAMING FOR 15 MINS WITH A CARROT IN MY HAND!!  I enjoyed it themusic and the gameplay wer great.

Now for some gameplay issues. I would have liked if there was some tutorial on what the keys do and how to open chests and crossing the river it would have been great. And also I don't know how 2d games work but i guess there were some wierd boxes/vollider blocking my path.. Would love to check out your game later..I am intrigued

Great Word.. Kudos!

Really like your game!!! It was pretty cool and looked so polished....

I would have like if there was counter indication the time when I can Fire bcoz it was hard to kee track of it.. 

Good Work!! Kudos! :D

Yeah I noticed the bugs , but it was too late by then.. Uploaded it bcoz they weren't game breaking and have the path ready will fix it asap..

Thanks for Playing!!! Have a good day :D

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Thanks for Playing!!! :D

Edit: Checked out the video I guess I have to optimize the game.... Anyways thanks for making a video. It always feel good to see my game in one..

Have a good Day!!

This was a cool concept I liked to play.. The controls were hard but I guess thats the Game

Great Game!!! Kudos!!

The game was good. Just adding a bit of speed to the character can make the game so much better..