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Submitted by Rockerzz
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Game Design#12872.3812.381

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In what way does your game fit the theme?
I made a game where we have to use the skill the player gains to move forward.But only using one skill would not the player has to use the skills he gained together to move forward

Did you write all the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
No,all the assets i used were from unity asset store and most of the code i made from scratch..

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Submitted (1 edit)

wow robot is cool but i stuck in a hole and couldn't get up


Very pretty game, and I love the idea of it for a platformer, the only major problem I have is that i don't see how this game fits in the theme of the jam, to me it seem like i'm getting stronger alone the longer i play.


Thanks For playing and commenting.....

 While making the game I wanted to make it different from the ones where the more in number you are the stronger you are or the more you take something the stronger you become... So I made this game where You will be stronger with the abilities you gain. I didn't want the together aspect to be seen on the screen but wanted the player to visualize it.

If you were able to play the game till you gained the second ability, the hurdles after that part can not be passed just using one of your ability, so we have to use both the abilities we gained together timing them right to get across the hurdle.... I guess you got my point. In my opinion stronger just doesn't mean to be strong but the ability to move forward facing those problems .I was planning to make at least three or four abilities but I guess I was ambitious since this was my first game I didn't plan right.

That is how my game is related to the theme....

Have a good day!!!!! :)


The game is really clunky and difficult, so it's hard to say that it's fun. I do like the look of the game though. It reminds me of Astro's Playroom


Not a bad concept, but that fixed camera plus not so easily defined areas takes away from the fun of it. As a player, I was left wondering what I could walk or jump on and what would send me back. 


I like your Game, ist there a way to rotate the camera? I was not able to


Thanks for Playing....

No, there is no way to rotate the camera.. It follows the player that way in the game as you have seen....I thought it would be better than a traditional third person cam...I would love to hear your opinion...

Have a good day!!! :)


Personly I think, if the controll is at the player it makes it easier to get an overview of the environement :D


Great game, I like the world you've created, it was fun to walk around and explore everything :) Unfortunately I got stuck sometimes on the environment but beside that fact very well done! Thanks for sharing your game :)


Thanks for playing and commenting!!.

Sorry for the awkward movements, while playtesting I went in a very linear path and didn't take into consideration the exploration part..  After many people have played the game I realized about the exploration part(Dumb on my part), next time i update the game I will consider the Bugs You have mentioned.... I hope You check it out later!!

Have a Good Day!!!! :)


No need to be sorry, I still had a lot of fun playing your game :) And please don't be so hard on yourself, we had similar problems with our game, I think it's just because everyone plays their own game different than others do (just as you've said). Like you know where to go or what to do next and others don't. I'm glad to hear that you'll continue working on your game and I would love to check it out later :)


Cool game, the controller for the player was nice, but i missed more impulse for the double jump :D


Thanks for playing and commenting... 

On the Double punch part i guess I made it harder than required which made many of my friends go into a rage :)  .... I am happy You enjoyed my game...

Have a Great Day!!!! :) 


Really interesting game. I liked the freedom of exploration, but I got a bit confused about which way I had to go. I liked the graphics as well. Great stuff!


thanks for commenting and playing...

Sorry for the confusion, I had some problems during the build and that was the reason i had to remove some assets and that caused problem to so many people...... I will fix it the next time the game can be updated. I hope you check out my game later....

Have a good day!!!!!!!! :) 


I like the story and dialogue. The gameplay is kinda wonky though. Also, the 3D visuals looks really good.


Thanks for Commenting and Playing through..

The Game has Frame rate issues and lags a bit.... which made the gameplay which requires precise movement more frustrating than it was meant to be!!!!

Have A Good Day!!!!! :)


Interesting concept. I like the focus on exploration but I feel like there should have been more indication of what was explorable and what wasn't. I like the movement system it feels weighty and would definitely work in a platformer. But I have a problem with the controls, having B for the boost control is very unintuitive, and I couldn't figure out how to use it on the jump after getting it. 

I also feel like the dialogue was very intrusive and didn't need to pop up every time I respawned. 


thanks for commenting and playing...

about the boost, sorry i forgot to include further instructions regarding the use and some of the assets got deleted during the build...that was the reason why people were having difficulty finding the path....about the dialogue i did not have time to tweak it and the next time i update the game i will do something about it...

Have a good day!!!!! :)


Graphics were fun, and the concept for the theme was cool. However, it wasn't super clear where to go and what would end up killing you.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for Commenting and playing the game..

Being unclear was the point of the game and I wanted the player to find out where he has to go, but there were some assets which got somehow disabled over the areas where you had to jump over them....... and due to that you might have found it difficult..

Anyway, Sorry for the inconvenience  during your playthrough...... I hope you check out my game after I update later.....

Have a good day!!!!!!!!! :)


I think the game is well constructed. The fact that there's both an exploration side and a "stronger together" side to it is really nice. I really like this kind of game. The controls and the camera are fun!

Good job


Thank You for Commenting and playing through the game......

I hope you check out my game after 2 weeks when I will hopefully solve all the the existing bugs.

Have a Good Day!!!!! :)


Awesome game!! enjoyed while exploring it they are few bugs which keeps on stoping the game and the implementation of the idea was great


Thank you for playing the game instead of the bugs you faced...

Con you please elaborate which bug are you talking about so that I will be able to fix it later. One of the good things that were unintended is the exploration part and I am happy you were able to enjoy the game in your own way.....

Than you once again .......and Have A Good day!!!!! :)


Had some troubles controlling the robot and it kept teleporting me back to the 2nd robot but it was a nice experience 


Thank You for commenting and  playing the game...

Can you tell me which Bug were you talking about so that I can see to it, which certain location you would have to restart and any lag or frame rate issue. Please do mention them..

Thank You and Have a good day!!!!!!! :)


the game is nice,  enjoyed it very much!!! some features as in GTA if added can make it more cool.....

(2 edits) (+1)

The game was fun to play.  This game could  be fun to play if it is well optimised and it is better if u provide a route map/ instructions or something like that . This game will be better after some bug fixes. This game is awesome implementation of a general idea in a better way. Good Job, Keep it up .

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for commenting and giving your time for this game.....

I am currently working on optimising the game and removing the bugs that I have got to know. If you can share the bugs I will see to it.

And I didn't provide the instructions as it was a linear game and ultimately you can only move forward so I wanted the Player to figure out everything himself so that he can get involved in the game

I hope you will check back on my game in two weeks when I will be able to update the game and hopefully it will be so much better than now...

Thank you for playing and Have A good day!!!! :)

Submitted (3 edits) (+2)

The game was fun to play, turning from a platformer to a rage game as many have said so in the comments. I did not quite finish the game because I was constantly getting stuck in the geometry of the world while exploring the world and I didn’t had the option to go back to last checkpoint. But great job on the audio and graphics implementation :)


Thank You for the comment, I wanted someone to mention the music and i sincerely thank you for mentioning it.

I agree with the issues as I didn't have time to playtest I didn't know even know that there were these glitches and I am sincerely sorry for the issues you faced during the playtime.. I am currently working on the glitches..

  I hope You will play my Game once it's updated after two week....

Have a good day!!!!!! :)


Yea surely man, I would love to play it again after the bug fixes. I always hate to leave a story game without completing it.. Good Day to you too Good Sir.. :)


sorry to reply this late but thanks for the image just saw it it was a great help....Thank You


Awesome game! I like the dialogue system and the map was fun to explore.


Thank You for Commenting and spending your time on my game....

Yeah, I too fell in love with the dialogue system myself(Couldn't Help it).. It was so helpful in making my game so lively..

I am also sorry for any glitches You faced during your playtime and it would be helpful if you mention any you came across...

Have a Good Day!!!!! :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

The game's graphics are fantastic and it's gorgeous looking, though, that doesn't excuse the fact that that's not too fun to control, and the frame rate is abysmal, making it difficult to move and make even the first jump! But fixing these issues and using the nearly AAA graphics could make for a great commercial game one day. Good job! 

(edit) I just saw the graphics were from the asset store, but I think the implementation is great though :/


Sorry for the Difficult Start..... But I wanted the player to figure out the movement themselves so they will get involved. And yeah the frame rate were bad and drops suddenly but this is my first game made without the help of any tutorials for gameplay so I don't know anything that can optimize the game's frame rate. But I am learning it and I will  update it later for better gameplay.

I am very thankful to you for trying out my game which was made as a platformer but ended up as rage game... :):):)


The first bit is super difficult, but I enjoy rage quit games so it was quite entertaining for me!


thank you....i tried to make the first bit easy but it would not have been fun enough if it was not up to players to figure out how their character moves.and also i took a bit inspiration  from little nightmares 2:)