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I meant color changes, but seed generation would be neat too.  Or maybe a button to revert to the original color palette, if that would be easier to implement than color undo. I was playing with the color a bit on some planets last night and thought it would be a useful feature to suggest. 

This is really awesome! Great work! I do have a suggestion, not sure how hard the feature would be to implement.  An undo button, with the ability to undo a few times. 

I did but it took me like ten tries, as he kept taking me out in two hits. Obviously, not impossible but very difficult with the five dodges instead of three. 

Ooo, I like the way Faith works mechanically! Makes me wonder what the final boss' health would be at without any points in the stat. Though it sounds like a full Faith build was actually be a bit detrimental for my run as a more balanced build would have probably made the game a bit easier for me to get through, lol. Originally, my guess was that Faith secretly raised a multiplier for all the other stats, but I figured out that wasn't the case by the time I got to the end. 

This was a great game! I only wish I had played it during the jam. I went full Faith build, still not sure what it did mechanically in this game. I noticed a few typos I figured I would list for you.

Oblivion instead of oblivian and at one point one of the demons said something about praying on someone, which is actually spelled prey not pray.  Might have been more that missed my eye. That said, I really enjoyed the splash of humor and narrative! 

Alright, I am finding it nigh impossible to beat this game on Heavy Blizzard. I have gotten close but eventually, the food consumption is just too much. Played it what has to be close to ten times now, lol.

Really neat game, I enjoyed playing a bee on a tiny planet. But that camera was really shaky.

Really good look to it! But the controls are wonky. 

This was a neat game with some good art!

A gorgeous game! It was a bit too easy and simple for my tastes, but I really enjoyed the art style and atmosphere of it. Really good for your first game!

I liked the Zelda-esque look! But man this game was draining... I trudged along until the character quit, but I was ready to throw in the towel long before he did. Together we got in 12 deliveries with an 82% satisfaction.  Oh, one thing that happened that was kind of funny but also glitchy, one of the NPCs trapped me when I was talking to one of the people I needed to complete the delivery, I think it was Kepler.

This was a nice and simple platformer with a near mechanic added. I liked it!

Rather glitchy and definitely doesn't fit the jam's theme. Not a bad game though, I liked that it felt like playing on a really old arcade machine.

A mundane task indeed, lol. Yea, the character movement was a bit weird. Overall though, good job!

That was...different, lol. Took me a moment to get the reference!

Very frustrating, indeed! A lot of fun though, only one I couldn't get was the last level. 

I found the controls to be a bit difficult, enough that I couldn't stay engaged with the game. That said, I liked the idea a lot. The ability to see recipes at the store would have been nice. 

This game was really well put together! I had a lot of fun playing it. Great Job!

This was interesting! I think the worms spawn a bit too fast though. I suggest either making them wait a little longer before any spawn or limiting the total number that can be spawned.

Loved the sounds in this one! Plonk! Reminds me of my school days, I was a volunteer librarian back in middle school. 

A bit wonky, but still fun! The platforms actually kind of broke when I got to the island. The platform raising up to the maze stopped going as high as it did when I first hopped onto it. Does DK stand for something?

This is a beautiful game, visually, audio-wise, and story-wise.  I also noticed that crystals would act like they were being picked up without actually being picked up sometimes. Other than that, great game! Made me a little misty-eyed. 

This is an interesting concept. Some levels definitely a lot more difficult, but I raised all the flags, lol. When you hover over the flag on the start screen, I liked that it fixes itself; nice touch there!

Thank you, I am glad that you enjoyed it!

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Then that would be my only suggestion, lol. I planned on doing endless play too, originally in A Mundane Spring there was no way to win. But from feedback found that a way to win the game made it more rewarding and fun for players. I feel your game would benefit from something similar.  Still, it was fun!

An interesting and mundane game indeed! I found a strategy that would have kept me going forever. Unless there actually is an end screen? I broke 2000 coins and called it good there. 

Both good ideas! The combo streak was actually a suggestion from a friend and this came as kind of an afterthought. 

Yea, it is supposed to be reminiscent of the older games which were usually pretty difficult. Thank you for playing. Glad you had fun!

I really did! Simple yet, full of strategic depth. On the comments I saw earlier, one mentioned that there should be a food/gold per turn indicator. You said it is hard to do with some of the things like hunter. You could add it in and only count guaranteed income and food generation. 

Thank you, I am glad you liked it! A confirmation button is a really good idea. I will keep that in mind when I revisit it. 

I am glad you enjoyed it! Only beat it on good soil myself. Yea, I tried to make the correct planting order overall pretty easy to figure out. 

I love smashing two game styles together and seeing what I get, lol. This was one that worked fairly well. Yea, it had been a while since I played Mastermind, but that is what it reminded me of when I was implementing it. Thank you, I am glad that you had fun with it!

Great game! Only played it on Heavy Blizzard. Played it twice and made it to like turn 94. Is there actually a turn where they declare you winning?

This reminds me of something that I have played before. I can't place my finger on it, but something I played back in the days of DOS, maybe. Simple and fun, a bit frustrating since you have to be aligned just right to get between some things. 

Flower Defense, great title! This game fun. I got to level 57. Took me a moment to realize that you could upgrade the towers. I would up with a lot of flowers on screen that made the game lag just a bit at one point.  Great Job!

I plan on playing some of these Game Jam games tonight when I get back home. Check out mine if you have some time.

Thank you! I am glad you had fun. The soil selection is indeed a difficulty setting. Rocks cause the flowers to "wilt" faster, the dry soil loses water at twice the rate. 

Congratulations! I only beat it on good soil to ensure it worked, lol. Others have complained about being failed on the Mastermind bit too, one even suggesting it be changed to a debuff instead of a failure. 

Thank you for playing! I am glad that you enjoyed it. Someone else suggested changing it from a fail to a debuff. If I revisit it, I will probably make it so flowers grow back slower when you get the pattern wrong. Any suggestions on how to make the combos more exciting?

A good suggestion, I could make the flowers grow back slower. 

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Two Jams, one game. A Mundane Spring! One part Mastermind, an old analog game, and one part old school arcade style game.