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Out of all the early jam games I've played, this is the best one so far! Though one issue I encountered was the batteries that were too high for me to acquire. 

We will crush you and your game between our hands!

Haha just kidding, glad this is your first jam! I am also working solo and I'm curious on what you'll come up with :)

What type of game would this be, and what do you mean by you only having building experience?

Hi :3

Hello, I know it's been a long time since you've probably thought about this jam but I am going to enter another in a few days and I was curious about how laggy the game of this jam was on your laptop. I want to try and optimize the game as best as I can since I have 12 days to finish the game, was the game so laggy that it was basically like a slide show, or was it something like 15-20 frames. Any info will help a lot! 

The trigger should be in the center of the third room, I'm not sure if the way you move can prevent you from triggering it though just moving around the center should trigger the next part

Keep moving right, sorry that was my first game so some things arent as polished

I like this method of co-op a lot, plus the atmosphere was relaxing and mysterious! You can check out my atmospheric game if you want

Here is my story focused game:

It was fun to try something new in this jam. Usually, I make 3rd person adventure games and although this one was still an adventure game, I made it first person and made the story the main focus, unlike other jams. I also tried out some different techniques that I wanted to practice for my bigger project.

Had a lot of fun with this jam :)

Sorry about that but I couldn't just let people jump into the low poly forest haha

But I'm glad you liked the game :D

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Thank you for your compliments and feedback, I was planning on adding more to the environment but as you guessed, I couldn't because of time constraints, I was going to add more little audio to enhance the ambiance but it was 2:00 AM and I had finished everything else and I just wanted to sleep XD

But I'm really glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate all the feedback given!

Very interesting art and game, nice job!

Bout to play it right now

Here is my story game in case you're interested

Had some fun with this one, experienced some glitches but still enjoyed my time. The game really could use some screenshots and a description to get more people into it

Here is my game if you are interested

I absolutely fell in love with the atmosphere that the ambient music gave, it made it wonder what was outside this box, I wanted to know the story for a game like this which made everything so mysterious.

I kinda like the slowness but if I were to fall off a ledge, it would take ages to get back to where I was so checkpoints would have been good because I couldn't finish the game because of it

Downloading it currently

If you want could you try my atmospheric story-focused game:

Similar feedback to the other comments, and also I don't think an assault rifle really fit with this art style, but fun either way

Downloading it right now :)

Here is my atmospheric story-focused game:

Here is my atmospheric story game:

You did a great job with the simple game mechanics, each level felt very different and eased you into the new environmental mechanics so kudos to that. The only thing that sort of bothered me was how the music just looped with no variety.

But great job overall!

About to play it right now :)

Here is my atmospheric story game:\

Someone said they almost cried because of my game, and I would love to get more feedback and reviews of my game though I would also love to try more games out of all the thousands that there are.

Once you rate my game I will play and rate yours :)

I learned what I needed from this video though I use a slightly different but easy method than what is shown here. After that you pretty have the fundamentals, next is hiding it from the player and just trying things out.

My atmospheric story-focused game:

My atmospheric story-focused game:

I learned better methods of hiding level streaming to have my games remain with no loading screens. This was the main reason I wanted to make this game since my bigger project is planned to almost have no loading screens. I also have a bit more experience with being stricter and exact with LODs. I know I learned smaller things from this jam but I can't really think of anything else too significant. 

Really good visuals, especially with Unity! I had some control troubles but this game seems to made for co-op so that understandable. But overall good job!

Short and sweet and very mysterious, nice work!

Nice work on getting this to only be one .exe file. Also the games really fun, I think the ammo should have been limited in order to make it a bit more challenging but I think you did well with the results

The level transitions were a bit unclear and I sometimes had to jump without knowing if I was going to land on a platform or die. It is pretty fun though

Simple yet fun! Though how did you get so many ratings so fast o.o

Damn even with 20+ bees in defense mode I could get rid of the bear. Really fun and relaxing game though!

My atmospheric story-driven game:

My atmospheric story-driven game:

My atmospheric story-driven game:

My atmospheric story-driven game:

My atmospheric story-driven game:

My atmospheric story-driven game: