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I love it!

Congrats Man :D

Nice Game but it would be nice if you wound't have to restart all over again once you die ;-)

Nice Game solid submission :D

Good Game, you might want to make a possibility to skip the long scrolling texts ;-)

Nice but I think after two levels you have actually seen everything possible. Solid submission tho.

Nice atmospheric game, feelt really retro :D whihch is a good thing. I liked it

Hey nice, I saw your game in the pico8 splore, favorited it and then realized the next time that it was actually a Wowie entry :D nice, I like your game!I actually played trough at least twice :D love it.

I don't know how it fits the topic but elswise great game!

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you are still spaming by the way... just with another account... 

It is okay my comment explains it 😉

If you look at the monster it wont chase you, that is a feature 😁 that is how it is sopposed 

Oh so glad you finished :D thank you for playing! 

The music is super nice! Also Good job on the game :D Maybe a little buggy once you get all upgrades :D

Nice :D this game is wierd - which means I like it

Nice sumbmission in the sacrific category of this ja,e :P the fact that the player is litaraly toast is a nice addition :D

Nice :D SOlid submission to the jam. All the glowing textures really add to the game feel

Very Cute Game. Also nice take on the theme, very calm music and at least if the boxy isn't crying it is in general a nice calm game.

Hey great Game :D I especially like the viuals :D keep on the great work!

Great Submission!

Nice Game :D looks great (I personally do not think it is to dark -> might be the reason our game is dark aswell :D). I have a little hard of a time with the controls. Sometimes it is really hard to get where you want (turning is to slow)

Thank you :D

This is a really hard Game :D

Noice a Text adventure :D

Hm, the game is a little hard to play at the beginning as the ground does not offer much indication about how fast you are moving. But I like the look, really nice and simple visuals

Wow ranomized chess :D I like the idea, I could imagine writing a good AI for this game would be a nice challenge CODE BULLET!?

Nice :D good take on the theme!

Hey nice Tutorial :D. There seems to be a Bug (masy be it is not ^^) if you exploded a green cube, you can walk over that on even if it is no longer there, is this intenional ;-)?

Hey I liked your game :D. I have an advice tho. I made now two 3D games for a jam (brackeys and Wowie) in brackeys I forgot to make a slider in the menu for the mouse sensitivity... well people complained ^^. For this on I added one ... We Devs tend to make the mouse way to sensitiv in our own game (as a comparison originally my slider went from 0.0 - 2.0 with a default value of 1, for most of the people the new settings 0.0 - 0.5 with a 0.25 value seems ok ^^) So next time invest an hour for a mouse sensitivty slider it helps :D

Congrats for finishing a game in time.

This is a fantastic Game :D. One dritic: the menu is a little hard on the eyes, I needed some time until I understud wehre the play button is, maybe next time just add a frame or more space inbetween. Another good way to tell the player where to click is to make a little wabble or up and down animation ;-)

This game fits the theme fantasticly!

Haha 😅 i hope its the computer, thank you for playing

Windows :D

Very long intro ^^ But fun to play, wowie worth

Hey :D if I understand right it is a plattformer where you reveal the map by killing yourself right. Is my expectation that I can jump with space wrong, because I'm not able to jump. For me it looks as if the game has a bug not allowing me to jump.

So for Feedback for now, I think it looks really good especially the effect when you get killed! As soon as I know how to play I will rate ;-)

You have some guts making a text adventure :D most people here wont even know that this kind a game exists I could imagine (for me this kind a game is only heard from stories older than myself, rumored at dark nights arround campfires) :D

Nice :D

Thank you for playing and feedback :D

Ok I played arround with it some time but did not find a secret Button, but it was nice ;-)

Wait what ^^? nice Game

Nice mechanic :D you made good use of it ;-)

The particles do not really match the colors of the maze and the characters elsewhise pretty Good :D I like it