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Love the idea!

oh this is near the limit definitly

Well I think technically I could have merged maybe one more Ananas (I have 2 Peaches wich are almost alinged with a coconut so theoretically it might be possible :D

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ups i did it again

Mhhhhhm love it :D

Hey congratulation for publishing a game

I played it for about 4-5 runs and I always died within the first two rooms. My main pain point was that the gun is really slow and it takes a lot of time to kill enemies, this in addition to the enemies bullets makes it really hard to play. At least for me.

Also I think you generated the Thumbnail of your Game with AI, the pixelart looks way different than the pixelart of your game. This is usually not a good thing.

Just as a tipp in order to generate Thumbnails wich do show how your game looks you can just reuse assets of your game in the Thumbnail and arrange them on top of a screenshot of your Game. Maybe also add a Title on top of it ;-).

Over all a nice first project.

Love it ;-)

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I agree if someone wants to they could BUT tbh I could also just have edited the game file and did the same, or the screenshot :D so....

Just to reasure you, I have a game up and running: with an included highscore. Up until now all scores seem valid (maybe the number 1... but I think its possible...  I did not manually edit that table in years (well I had to clean up some swear words at some point ^^)

well ;) i do not trust GPT  I miss use it as a text to code generator. In this exempal the code looks fine to be honest.

Also I rarly search for code I could not write myself and sometimes I learn a leaner method to solve something.

You could change the input code to the following:

Then you do this

the include function would look like this (thank you chat gpt!)

And no worries your code is safe, I now love2d that is why it was easy for me to extract the code. It looks very clean in my eyes. Found what I was ooking for really fast!

Have you tought of having a world wide highscore table?

Might be fun for this one!

Hehehe :D Cracked the WORLD RECORD!!!
I love this Game!!!! So addictive!

I did :D it took a while and I was close a few times but when I finally struck the Watermelong goal once I managed to crack it.

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Congrations on publishing your Game!

Hey just downloaded your game. And I seem to enjoy it.

For me on a qwertz keyboard the placing of the keys on the keyboard is a little of, feels weird. You could medigate this by supporting multiple keys wich are easier to handle on multinational keyboards. (For example on my keyboard "yxc" are on the right of the ctrl key ;-), so using y/space/z for shoot would already save the issue for qwertz keyboard users, and space is just the default shoot button right after the mouse)

I am not sure if love2d is able to map keys not by their value (like Z) but by their position... thb I would also like to know ^^.

What medigated that was that there is actual Controller Support! So I just grabbed the controller :D wich works perfectly!

You nailed it. The pixelated font is clearly readable. I love the Color sheme and the crt lines. There are no drawn assests in this game, is that correct, all you use are basic geometric shapes right?


The music is catchy and underlines the action packed gameplay.

I am not a huge fan of Bullethells tbh. I play this game as a fellow love2D developer. Therefore I will not say much about it, it feels like easy to learn hard to master like any bullet hells. I did not play long enough to get to later stages, but I assume there are no complex patterns of moving (like enemies comming in sinus waves or circles on the screen). That might be something you could think of adding. There is currently a great tutorial on youtube for Pico8 Bullethells wich covers this topic in great detail.

You might loose a lot of players by forcing them doing the tutorial over and over again ^^. My suggestion would be to add a second button in the menu like:

  • Start (disable this when first opening the game)
  • Tutorial (maybe even on top on first load)
  • options
  • Exit

Then when the player has played trought the tutorial you could transition to the base game (as you do now) and also set a variable in the code wich remembers that. If it is true in the menu, make the play button enabled and let Players directly proceed to the game.

Bonuspoint for saving this to a file so that the game remebers when it is opened the next time.


How long did you work on that game?

thank you so much for retrying... I will keep an eye out. Have to be honest, the web version is sometimes buggy...

Hmm... not sure

1. Do you play in the web, on dektop windows or on Desktop Linux?
2. Do you play with a controller?
3. Did you remap controlls? (if yes on web please reload, on desktop reset the settings in the settings menu and retry)

More information wich might help. On the keyboard the alt and tab key open the map.

Maybe its caused by the mouse hovering over the "map" button in the top left... But should not.

Can you give me more information? Because I can not reproduce this issue right now.

Love it :D this is a lot of fun!

Thank you so much. Glad you like it. You could actually have a look at it steam page  wishlist it and get notified when I realease the full version :D it would mean a great deal to me!

Thank you for playing my game. I appreciate that. I see that you do that with a lot of upcomming games. Great stuff!

Few points I take from your video:

  1. I noticed that you either did not get how to use the secondary weapons (stones) or actually that you could use them at all (pressing c btw :D). I will have to make that more visible, maybe with some signs or a small puzzle room at the beginning.
  2. And god looked that gameplay boring ^^. I need to spice up the first level!
  3. I hope you played the web version, and that was why you got no music in Level 2... As I build the game specificly for Desktop and forced it to be playable in Web I have to live with this bug I think, I seem not able to fix it on Web...
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Added a shop, in the webversion coins and bought items wont get saved longterm...

This looks adorable! <3

I tried again, ^^ somehow the controlls are really weird I could not drill down with only arrow down, I had to use at least down and left or right.... strange ^^ my friend was able to play it perfectly. Maybe it is me ^^

HeHe :D my Users hate me they are addicted (aswell as I am too cheap sound effects, so well done on this one!)

Simple straight forward game :D

That is a take I havn't seen yet nicely done!

I am not sure how to play, I even watched your youtube video but I cant find out... its asdw and space right? How to I get trough the top border?

:D saw it played in the stream! I love this!

Nicly done I wish more would play it!

Like the idea of pothead :D gives you a reason for him beeing blind ^^.

Reminds me of an entry I did for a wowie jam :D nice idea!

Simple reversed tower defense ;-) it works, no bugs

3-4h :D that is more than impressive.

The game is supprinsingly fun! I enyoed that!

I ran into a bug where the input field was overlaying the submit button :( other than that I could have made it far over my 14 :D.

Nice touch on the global leaderboard too!

^^ junky controls, but I love it!

I love your game! Love the idea. This is different than the other fishing games I played so far <3!

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That is the first in the tower defence genre where you defend aswell as you attack. Nice take: Maybe you can develop a mechanic where your actions as a defender before has influence on the way the game is setup when you have to attack it again :D. Just an idea.

Very cute art style! Also good scope for a new engine during a game jam! congrats on finishing!

Congrats, the 3d models were  impresive!

Really simple implementation. Straight forward :D understood what I had to do and love your simple art style!

I really love your approach to game art in general, the music, the graphics love it!

Actually surprised that not more people chose this theme! Well done!

That is a new take I havn't see yet :D also very nice implementation

Nice Idea :D hard to controll