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Aiaiaia :D the delay on a barrel hit is pretty big :D

Love this, simple, straight forward, nice graphics.

I also love how the perfect Pathfinder of the minatour kinda gives you hint where the most direct path trough the labirinth lays, but as he is of course talking that path, you have to avoid it at the same time :D.

Great stuff, so simple, but good!

With readability I meant how easy you grasp what you have to do in the game. I felt pretty lost from time to time as I recall.

i certainly did ;)

I really love the look and feel of what you created here, the mechanics worked out most of the time, there is a slight issue with the fact that you trigger dialogs directly on entering the trigger collider. Maybe it would be better to let the Player start the interaction himself (maybe display "E" overhead of the interaction possibility and let the player interact on "E")

Good job ;-)

Realyl cute graphics, I tend to get confused once I only have one of two abilities which can change, as first it was on shift (dash) and now it is on space (double jump) this kinda messes with me. As they both help you technically with the same base issue (making bigger jumps) you could consider firing them both off on space

sry :D

As other people mentioned the firefighter is not working releable, the game is also a little bit tedious to play.

I really love the graphics, and I see some potential here ;-) also great Thumbnial!

Beautiful game you created there :D really relaxing

^^ not sure how to feel about copy right, but other than that solid submission.

Hey instead of rubbing the obvious in ^^ I just go straight to the good parts. I really love the look and the setup of the office. Quite funny that the other co-workers are some kind of ghost! The stealth mechanics are communicated to the player clearly. The music adds to the overall athmosphere! Nicly done. I hope you find the time to get the interactions working!

Great Base!

The platform mechanics are a little buggy sometimes (wall stiching) and I think I was hard locked in the level were you have to fire a bullet to the left side of the level which then travelled all the way back to the right and (closed?) a vertical green and a horizontal blue door.

Ok that was the negativ part, now for the positiv. I think this is a solid interpretation of the theme. I really like the graphics you implemented there, I think I saw some glow, but as I say "I think", if there was some, you nailed the amount of it! Great job!

love itt! Maybe an upgrade which lets you restore some health from time to time would be nice, other than love it :D

Felt a little sorry for the villagers ^^

Fits the theme nicly ;-) very cute hand drawn graphics (love the sleeping demon) wasn't really sure if the enemies can actually hit me (was to scared to let them...) overal a solid submission!


:D Ha I agree!

Cute game :D love the handdrawn assets aswell as the funny dialog sounds. The dialog windows can be buggy sometime.

But I mean :D what was your HIGHSCORE :D

Really cool a true brainfu** :D

I can see how this might be addicting as you practice getting better at it. What was Your best score?

This is a calm and relaxing game, still I felt some kind of urgency in order to not die and to read more of the text, this is a unique game, one of its kind, great job in avoiding the obvious ideas!

Hehe :D sry I chicked out after the first play trough :P.

Nice one, cute pixel graphics, music fits well. Great fit for the theme

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I loved everthing about that game!

There is one downfall ^^the webs are really challenging! It is quite hard to hit them (from right to left) I do not know why... Other than that I liked this game very much!

You monster :D ! wierd, strange topic, but I like how the game looks, maybe moraly questionable ^^ but as a ironic game I liked it.

This is a flashy game, but it was quite hard to play, balance and also readability seemed off. I liked the overall feel, but I think it needs some improvments ;-)

Sweet game :D, really cute graphics and relaxing.

Great thing you made here mate :D I will now I have a look at the walk trough as I did not figure out how to bring a drink to the guy on the beach!!! :D Well done also fits the theme really well!

Ehm my HP Laptop is not able to play this :( sry!

I am so glad to hear that :D. Thank you!

(1 edit)

^^ yes I wanted to adjust the volumes, but I added the voiceline like 30min before the deadline... there wasn't enough time.

Good call on the subtitles! If I improve this post jam I will implement some.

Nice addition to the "snake-likes" a genere which I decided esists now :D

I love the cute graphics and the fitting sfx and music. Very chilled out puzzle game. I see some potential here. I played about 4-6 Levels and other than the "your worm has to cover all this tiles" purple thingy no other new mechanics were introduced (so far - as said I did not play to the end)

I think if you add 2 or 3 more mechanics (like doors which can only be opened from one side, Boxes you can push?) to create some variety, You could generate lots of Levels :D

I really like it!

Haha I feel sry for the people who think this is only a cooking simulator and quit early!

Making a story game is always challenging during jams! Congratulations on finishing it!

Love it first one to use that mechanic "the end of a corridor" nice take on the snake genre I guess (if that is a thing...) :D

Hey well done on submitting in Time! Don't worry, it works, there are no crahses, it plays in the web! More then a big chunk of people can say here!

I really congratulate you!

Impressive! I really like the retro feelings, You did use a GBC /GB engine which ports to web? Nice!

What language did you programm in?

I am impressed, you are a fine pixel artist my friend! Congratulations on your first jam entry as I heard :D

It fits the theme ;-) But is not the best game in that regard ;-)

I love the cute caracters, I may advise you to nexttime scroll the camera out a little more, it makes it easier for the user to see the enemeys comming, as the game gets easier then, you could increase bullet and enemy speed and numbers :D Just some tweeks!

Congratulations to your Game jam entry!

I love the cockie clicker vibes, there is something off on the upgrade sound, but Ihey, small thing!

Rest fantastic work!

I did nit not now :

WHAT!!! HOW NICE! Need to use this for future prototyping!

This Game looks really cute. Well done on the graphics. It is a little hard to read though!

But hey impressive how much graphics you got done during that time!

And what a cute little Nes you drew there! Bonus points for that :D