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Hey ;)

if you set the box "this will be played in the browser" to true within the game edit,you can then in the file upload section also select something similiar and voila play the game without downloading it : D 

Love it!

The Game feels really good. The sfx are really satisfying!

Are the monsters static (like a list of sprites?) or do you generate them?

absolutly there are 3 possible endings, fail, yes and no :D

Really liked this game :D may be it could make fun to reduce the time it needs until the upgrades (treasure chests) are selected BUT I like the game :D needs some polishing (sfx, maybe some balancing and maybe the game time should continue running so you dont break the flow of the game)

Overall I like this one!

I saw a similiar looking Game in this Jam, is this an asset packet?

Oh I love it fellow Harry Potter fan.

Really good Jam game perfect scope, very good implementation!

hey ;) yeah... dont click the bin ^^ it crashes the in game computer.

For me this is like the most important thing on a desktop.

As I could not give it any function (imagine people deleting programs o.O) I made it crash th pc so it is clear it has no function, but also give feedback that it was actually clicked :D

I see it as an easteregg.

thank you :D

I might actually polish the game a little more

really nice :D

thanks alot :D

already rated yours :D such a cute idea!

Thank you for your feedback!

I really like the feeling of this one. First tower defence Game so far for me :D I like it!

Nice :D the intro is very good drawn.

Also nice twist that sometimes you play as player sometimes as coffee machine ;-) I love it!

Wow... 2 Days! I am impressed!

So glad you liked it :D Thank you!

Cute :D

I think you could make a whole game just arround that loading bar :D

Nice :D love the concept and the art style espcially of the player ;-)

That you made him a rigidbody which can flip on its head and stuff was a really fun move!

Thank you so much!

Buahhhhahahahahaha Horror Games I'm to old for this shit ;-)

I like the black and white style!

Always remember to make mouse speed adjustable ;-)

Nice really like the level selection ;-)

A little bit strange that enemies keep shooting for a while as they die.

Overall a nice submission!

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Wow I am impressed 9 years o.O!! Congratulation :D

If I would have been making games like that with 9 I would doing it for a living by now :D!!!

Please keep having fun making games!!!!

You might want to add a screenshot or thumbnail in the edit Game section, people will click on the game more often ;-).

NIce Submission ;-)

And dont worry this has no effect on my rating!

All good :D there are people how like this kind of dificulty ;-).

Toooooooooooooo hard for me ^^ what is it with game jams and platformers ^^ I am not able to play them trou :P

Nice idea, also fits the theme

I do not now what exactly I played here, nor do I know if I discovered everything. I collected about 30 coins ;-) by the screenshots I can see that this was not everything yet!

Could you maybe make a playtrough video? ;-).

What I know for sure! This game's hand drawn artstyle is something on its own. In combination with that music!

This is a gem! I can really see a story telling game here.

Ahhh :D I hate horror games, that was a dam jumpscare :D Well done!

wuuuuuaaahahhhhah ^^ stuff nightmares are made off o.O

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A little confusing gameplay ^^ but it is fun!

(1 edit)

I know what you mean :D Anderson is watching you!

thank you! :D

(1 edit)

thank you for the feedback :D

I had to think about how to make players sit trough the story ^^ I remembered that business slides should always have some indications about the progress which makes it less tideous to sit trough them :D

Ahhhh life without bones is hard :D 1/10 can not recommend 

The Game tho :P really good. It is just a little anoying that you really often get stuck in the ceiling or the walls...

overall I think this Game is a lot of fun!

Jop well polished simple Game!

Great for this jam. Theme fits I think...

Got some time to understand what I had to do but in the end it is self explanitory :D. Well done!

You really made the different dimensions stand out graphically :D.

Good submission to the Jam! :D

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Thank you so much for playing! Glad you liked it.

Haha I loved it :D I absolutly get the theme here!

Wow you really put in tought :D

Well my girlfriend didn't make it :D my sister also had here struggles but I know exactly what you mean.

It is sometimes hard to balance for game james :P.

I even tought of a dificulty setting but well ^^.

Thanks for the feedback and playing I reall yappreciat it!