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Pretty nice game! I like the delivery gameplay and trying to avoid the enemy spaceships.

There appears to be a bug where a destination planet might spawn outside the boundary of the play area, making it a sure-lose situation.

Also, some indication of where the destination planet is would be nice. (Like an arrow, or a minimap)

Other than that, this is quite a neat game! Good work on your first game.

Nice game. Interesting mechanics and premise. I also liked the art and music.

The controls are a little wonky but not too bad.

All in all, great game with cute premise and creative digging mechanics for puzzles.

Nice! Although the game is very unpolished, I think the mechanics have potential for expansion. Like a prison break game where you need to trade items to progress...

There should be more instructions and better UI...also the crouch is really funny, its just two legs disappearing XD.

But not a bad start on your first game, good work.

Cute game. I like the pixel art and the mechanics of using your dog as a stepping stone. (That sounds really messed up, haha)

But I could not make it past the 3rd stage, the blue beholder guy keeps killing me :(

Also, the stacking of objects is not intuitive, as you need to precisely position yourself and throw the object.

But all in all, a short and cute game. The premise is interesting, and the presentation is great.

Quite a short and cute platformer game.

But...not gonna lie, that's some stanky music XD

But all in all, I got nothing to add, the others have already made valid complaints.

Great work on your game! You are doing better than most at your age. (including me, haha)

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Great game with peaceful, surreal experience, but quite frustrating.

I like the pinball mechanics, where you have to carefully navigate obstacles. The graphics is quite simple but elegant, with nice looking particle/special effects.

However, this game is too hard, especially when the hole with the force field appears. The flickering of the force fields are way too fast. In a game where careful and patient manipulation is both the theme and the gameplay expectation, demanding players to panic roll and die over and over in stage 3 is not a good experience.

But all in all, great work on the game, is very presentable and good looking, but personally, this game is too hard for me :(

Edit: Oh and what are the crystals for anyway???

Great short game! I like the physics puzzles and spacey atmosphere.

Only complaints is that the sound effect when near black/white holes are a little jarring. Also, you can manipulate black/white holes while the ship is moving, so you can cheat by guiding the ship mid-flight. (Maybe that is intentional?)

But all in all, good puzzle game about black holes.

Hmmm, good point! Some transition animation/post processing would definitely enhance the experience.

Ok, I'll give your game a look.

Hey thanks for the compliments on the art!

Ok, I will check out your entry.

Ok, I will give your game a gander.

Oh, hahaha XD...what a coincidence, same music artist. Glad you like my art.

Thanks for the comment!

Interesting game about ant colony management, kinda like AntSim?

Audio would be nice, dead silence never helps with game experience.

Also some controls or UI feedback would help (I didn't even know I could move the camera until I was close to the end of the game)

But this is very good effort for a 1 week Jam game, programming these must be quite challenging. (Multi-agent systems are my favorite!)

All in all, good work on your first game, hope you good luck on future expansion of this game.

The game is too hard, Howly (your pet black hole) gets overwhelmed very quickly and easily. Your only means of defense (the black hole gun) is not effective at stopping the horde, requiring pin point accuracy at all times.

Also the fact that you need to leave poor Howly behind to feed it, makes it even harder as leaving it alone for even a few seconds exposes Howly to great danger.

But the 3D graphics is pretty neat, and the premise is actually quite interesting. (protecc the pet black hole)

Maybe you can make a cute black hole character for maximum "must proteccc".

All in all, a neat shooter game but quite frustrating.

Sure, I will rate your game.

Although I don't think I have the time and energy to rate many "low-rated" games, sorry :(

I'll try to rate a little more games, if I can spare the time and energy.

A game about stopping viruses from infecting a computer.

In terms of "game juice", this one takes the cake. Very solid game-play, and great presentation.

Only downside is that it has nothing to do with the theme "holes".

This game only has 9 ratings as of time of this post.

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Good and simple hole avoidance game. The UI presentation is great.

However, some audio would be nice, as dead silence really hurt the experience (also cannot rate Audio).

Edit: Oh yeah, and the killing of player if he/she sit still is a good design choice, stops the player from idling and ruining game experience.

That is all, good work on your first game.

A neat game, I like the low poly art and game play is fairly interesting.

The ability to change mouse/look sensitivity would be nice.

Also, the first minute or so, the skeletons spawn at the same location, making "spawn camping" the skeletons too easy.

But all in all, good 3D game about building defense, has potential for expansion.

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed my game :)

Thank you, yeah, many people seem to be confused about the jump button, putting it as "UP" instead of "Space" was a mistake.

Interesting "two-phase" type of game, featuring two game play loop: collecting trash and repairing holes.

I like the cartoony 3D graphics and music, and the gameplay is fairly interesting.

However, the repairing collision is weird and might fail to repair the hole even when standing on top of it. Also the rotation speed is a little slow and you cannot reliably grab trash on the other side of the circle (at start of trash collecting phase)

But all in all, a decent entry in this jam, also one of the only few entries that feature 3D graphics with animation, so take pride in that.

Nice snake game with a twist. I like the gameplay, and controls were solid.

The music toggle button should be switched on by default, if not others might think there is no music. Also the pacing could be a little faster, as it takes very long to level up.

All in all, decent snake game with a creative side. Good work!

Thanks for the comment!

Yeah, I agree about the platforms being not intuitive. Actually thought of adding particles/effects on the hole, but I don't know how. XD

Thank you! I appreciate that you like my protagonist's artwork.

Actually there is a reason jump is not on Space Bar, this is because the scene change was on the button SpaceBar as well, I was scared scene change might be skipped over accidentally. But now that I think about it, I should have assigned another button for scene change like button "E".

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Thanks you! I am glad a lot of people (including you) like Miss Bit's design. :D

Also, yeah, the controls are one of the top complaints. Definitely need to work on better platformer controls.

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Yeah, you are right. It just that I (personally) can't really take this heavy message at my current state.

Sorry if I came of as insensitive, but you are right, this topic is serious and should be handled with care.

Save the universe from paint blob monster thingys.

This is a solid shooter game, I like that killing enemies can reveal the tiles, and the limited ammo require you to ration ammo between revealing maps and shooting enemies.

The art is very nice, I like the cartoony art style with heavy inking.

Only complaint I can think of is that dieing at the second stage resets you to the beginning, that's a little too harsh. Maybe some checkpoint system would be nice.

The boss fights are also a neat cherry on top of the cake.

I gotta be honest, I don't really like the spinning level, it was quite nauseating, and other people might find it worse. It does not serve a purpose, other than make it unnecessarily annoying.

On the plus side, the color scheme changes are visually interesting, and the hamster wheel is quite cool. The music is also quite whimsical with comedic tone.

Also, I laughed at the ending (Seriously? I think you are the only person trying to screw with Brackeys XD)


Well I am free now, so I shall check out your game and rate it.

A short game about depression. I like the bleak art style, and presentation. But the game is very depressing, good as an insightful message, but not for people looking for bright fun fun game.

Thanks! Nice that you enjoyed my game. :)

Thank you!

I just played your game, it was pretty good! (See more at my comment in your game page)

Excellent game, but god is it hard.

It might just be me, but this game might be a little too difficult. (I can't even get past the 2nd stage) The zoomed in camera also makes finding valence electrons difficult, so it is very hard to aim.

But, everything else is amazing! I like the neon "glowey" graphics, the gameplay involving smacking electrons is very creative, and the presentation is top notch.

Easily, one of the best game in this jam.

Nice simple and short game. I like that you can skillfully maneuver in mid-way by constantly "hitting" the ball. I see a potential high "skill ceiling" game like Super Meat Boy.

Of course, some audio and visual feedback would help the game experience be better.

Anyway, good job on your first game!

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Great game! I like the art, and the black & white aesthetic fits the villain design.

The controls is a little wonky, but not too bad. Maybe you can make the invisible platforms require less precision.

All in all, great game with a cute premise.

Edit: OH! I just noticed the name "guesstalt" comes from gestalt, and it references the black and white puzzle thingy in psychology, haha. Very apt name, nice.

Fun dig game. I like the concept of trying to stop enemies from covering holes while you are making holes. There seems to be some delay when trying digging though.

Thanks! No doubt the game needs lots of refinement. (Since I rushed this game with no experience in working in Unity 2D, lol)

I am glad you liked the game!

I agree that the 2D collisions require more proper work, and the spawning of holes should not be pure RNG.

Thanks for your comment! Yeap, the controls seems to be the most frustrating aspect of the game.

Thanks! I am grateful that you liked my hole mechanics, I was actually quite proud of that one XD.

Thanks for the compliments!

Yeah the controls could use a little work, dedicating the cutscene button as "Space" was a mistake.