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Lol I got the bad ending, I'm sorry slime god :(

This is a fun and short game, i like the graphics and sound effects, the story also gives it an extra flair. I also like the game mechanics of managing the slimes while trying to defeat the ballistas, without getting the slimes killed.

Nice game, I like the cartoon graphics and the aliens. The tween animations was also neat.

Nice game. I like the squid theme and the 3d models. It would be nice if the small squids could swim as fast as you, waiting for them to catch up to you is annoying. The music is also nice.

Great game. It reminded me of old-school flash I'm feeling nostalgic, hahaha.

Good game, it is very innovative. The gameplay is a little frustrating though, but the pixel art and music is awesome!

Nice puzzle game. I like the sci-fi element, the graphics, and the puzzle with teamwork feature.

I feel the movement speed is a little too slow, it feels like it takes forever to get to one end to the other. Also, the box building seem kinda glitchy, I somehow managed to glitch myself into a wall, lol.

But all in all, good work!

Wow, this is a fun game. I like the idea of forming an army by defeating foes, and becoming overpowered. You did a MUCH better job than me in making a "defeat foes to become stronger by taking their ability" game. The implementation is clean, simple, and the core idea is executed well. Great job! Has huge potential for expansion.

Also, I managed to find an exploit where you can sit still and let your minions do all the work.

Right-clicking at this point will lag the hell out of the game, lol.

To be honest, I was lazy, and I was running out of time, so I didn't properly design the levels (using tilemaps). There was supposed to be another tile there (edge tiles, like the ones on the right), but I probably forgot to tile the left side, lol.

I like the story and dialogue. The gameplay is kinda wonky though. Also, the 3D visuals looks really good.

Simple runner game, it's nice. Some sounds/music would be nice, and the movement controls are a little slippery. But good work, man.

Good game, this is a very creative approach to a puzzle game. I like the idea of different axis moving different objects.

Nice game. I like the monsters and the horror theme of the atmosphere. The movements could be a bit faster though, and your light friends don't do anything, they are just collectibles.

Cool game. It was really difficult, but I like the challenge of maneuvering around with limited jumps. Some sounds/music would be nice.

Great game! It reminded me of Hollow Knight. I like that your health is directly linked to the light source, and there is quite a lot of content for a game jam.  There seems to be an animation bug when jumping, the transition time between each state is probably too high.

Lumi is kinda cute, ngl.

Dumb rabbit wouldn't stop jumping around and becoming meat.

Good game man, it's quite fun and I like the special effects (meat and blood)

Nice simple platformer. The use of collision layers/groups as a puzzle element is kinda creative.

Nice game, that is a lot of content/assets for a game jam game, nice work! Only complaint that I have is that you can just farm in the beginning area, making exploration not so rewarding. But everything else like the sprites, animations and music were great! I also like the unique attack system, where you attack in a grid rather than an arc.

Caterpillar game, nice. The kidnappers are a bit too overpowered though, avoiding them is very difficult. The models and animations were cute though.

Good horror game, I like the red mist monster. I like the idea of a team of unique survivors trying to escape the space station, but it seems like it is possible to soft lock yourself if some survivors die. All in all, good work!

Funny game, but damn, you nearly blew my ear drums out lol. T-posing magikarp is also funny.

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Cool game, this is quite impressive for a first game with minimal experience.

There seems to be some strange glitch going on with the sprites? They seem to load in and out at random? o.0 Also, the collision tilling could use some work, there are some places where it is nearly impossible to jump from/to.

But nice work on your first game! Finishing a game is a great accomplishment that few people have achieved, lol.

Nice bee game. The bee shooting mechanic is really creative, it forces you to take your shots more carefully as the number of shots are determined by the number of bees in the swarm.

The switching of weapons could use a bit more feedback, as I don't know what gun I'm equipped with.

Also, the win bee after the defeat of the boss is funny, lol.

Nice concept, the presentation is very good and feels like a professionally made puzzle game.

The game mechanic is kinda frustrating. I was stuck on the first level, because manipulating the magnets were a pain. I couldn't get past the level with the green switch, as the floating magnets refused to touch the gem and switch (on the other side). Being able to pull the magnets in mid air would be nice.

The animations and music was nice though!

That is great presentation and camera work, I especially like the part where your 8 "firefly" (?) buddies help you to fly straight up in that cut scene, and the music/sounds are well integrated with the gameplay, great work!

There seems to be a slight bug with the 2D collider/PhysicsBody, I can cling on to surfaces with the circular body.

I actually clung on for dear life when the fireflies failed to bring me up, lol.

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The presentation was great, and the pixel art looks good too. Nice work! The parcel delivery was kinda fun, but there really is just one mode of operation (check for bombs >> check weight >> check stamps >> check account >> accept/reject), so there is not much room for variety, but it definitely has potential. Also, this barely fits the theme, lol.

I always like seeing multi agent sim games. Nice programming, man. Although there isn't much you can do with it, and there's no progression, but it has potential to be something greater.

Yeah, 7 days is not much time to implement a super complicated code infrastructure for such a sim game.

Nice puzzle game, the directional walking makes it more challenging.

Nice short game, I like the cute minions. The minions seem to struggle to hit moving enemies though, making it kinda difficult to play.

Hmmm, weird. Are you playing the Windows version or WebGl version? Sucking only works in the portal rooms (during combat). The button to suck is the right mouse button, not left.

Nice game. When it gets too fast, it's impossible to dodge the police, so the progression system is a little wonky. But other than that, good work. I like the interactive tutorial.

The virgin power of friendship/teamwork vs the CHAD fusion

Interesting game, I like the puzzle element and the fact that you need to act fast as two individuals (2 controls). I got stuck on one of the levels though, might be a bug.

Nice, relaxing game...until the sharks appear and devour all my friends :'(

But seriously, great game, I'm particularly impressed with the multi-agent system with the school of fishes.

Great game! Reminded me of pikmin. The Kururin are so cute.

Nice game, man. It is always nice to see Singapore reference in any media, let alone a whole game revolving around Singapore/SEA culture.

Here are some criticism (very minor):

  1. During combat, you get swarmed very easily, making movement very difficult in tight corners. (I got stuck in corners frequently due to enemies.) I think the dodge roll should allow you to phase through enemies, allowing more fluid movement.
  2. The tiger buff is sooo overpowered. This is because every time I get hurt, I transform into the tiger and obliterate all my enemies and recover slightly past 50% hp, then I get hurt a little and transform into the tiger again and obliterate all my enemies...and repeat over and over. I defeated all the bosses using this method. (with hp drain artifacts)
  3. The game feels kinda empty and linear. Some NPCs, story or alternate routes to explore would be nice. (But this is an early prototype, so it's fine)

But all in all great work man, I think I would keep a close eye on this game. Hope you have success in your game dev endeavor.

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Wow, a simple and fun puzzle game, nice! I really like the cute aliens, ngl. The mechanics is simple, yet opens up different interesting puzzles. Visuals and audio presentation is very well done, great job!

It's such a shame you got so little ratings/attention, even though you made such a good game in under one week all by yourself :(.

If I HAVE to give a criticism, is that the rewind feature is kinda dubious at best, it just teleports you to the start. Theme is kinda shaky.

Nice game, but the map design is a bit weird, I don't really know where to go.

Also, regarding your sound/music problem, I suggest that you try to find some free music and sounds online to help spice up your game, a soundless game is very jarring, and will affect your audio score. You don't HAVE to make the music/sounds all on your own. Just make sure to credit the original artist! (duh!)

Also, there seems to be a bug, when you enter into full screen mode, the buttons will disappear for some reason? o.0 Maybe try messing with the canvas settings.

Ohhhhh, alllll right, I'll help you to rate your game. But only because you have a really funny title, ngl, XD.

This game is really challenging, knowing how to "float" is essential in clearing the levels. I like it, it is strangely addictive.

The simple sketch art looks really nice, and the music is nice. (maybe a bit too repetitive though, lol)

The concept of electromagnetism can be further expanded upon, maybe there is a million dollar idea in there. The idea has potential.

Also, Magnet is best boi.

Nice game, I especially like how you slowly discover the real use of the rift gun, one of the most organic and best tutorials in this game jam.

The movement is a little wonky, I recommend messing with the Physics2D settings and set the collision detection from "discrete" to "continuous", and also make sure all physics code is in the FixedUpdate() method. Because it seems the player is moving too fast for the platforms to catch properly.

Also, there is great pixel graphics, sfx and music, it was well crafted. Idea is also quite interesting and  is somewhat related to the theme.

Good work on the game!

Nice game. I like the orange boi, it's cute. The game has an interesting concept.

The flip button sometimes doesn't work though.