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play the first chapter of Project Afterlife
Submitted by Practical NPC (@PracticalNPC) — 1 hour, 35 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

(Optional) Changes made to your project since the start of the jam
A list of things that were either added or fixed:
- better momentum mechanic added to player when jumping of moving platforms
-added floor-slide & crouch mechanic
-added momentum to player after jumping from floor-slide state
-projectile turrets
-better state logic (changing between player states)
- better trampoline mechanics
- (hopefully) more responsive trampolines
- can dash into trampolines
- trampolines record momentum better
- added testing mode

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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL job, Practical!!! <33

Movement feels EVEN better, the floor slide is AWESOME. I really enjoyed playing through most of the first chapter! ( Jasper is a very cute name ) I love the style so much. You did great, I'm so excited for more!


Although the controls show an X-box controller, everything worked fine with my PS3 gamepad. Only one thing, to go back to the menu I had to press Esc on the keyboard. Since <Start> is already used for resetting the level (which seems to be the right button), it should be possible to press <Select> (which seems to be unused).

I only played the test area, but I've seen a video stream of a play-through. I can safely say it'd be too difficult for me, but that's just me being not too good with that exact platforming required...

Is it an easter-egg that you have to press <Down> to have enough jump height to reach the last room of the testing area? (I can't remember having seen that bit from the play-through stream...)


A very strong prototype/demo :). I was hyped! To find flaws in it I would say that I (also) think it need more music or ambiant sound to immerge the player more, same for visual variety (but I'm sure it's on the way). But honestly the game is beautiful so I'll just wait for more :). I also got small issues with verticals "pitsfalls/traps" that did not activate after dash, same for moving plateforms that in rare cases that did not carry me away (after dashing ? not sure...). I'll really enjoyed vertical/diagonal dash idk why but I feel it as a pretty strong mechanic. Thanks for sharing it :) !


It has the mechanic from Celeste, but the difficulty from Super Meatboy. Or maybe it's not that hard, and I'm just bad at platformers :-)

Seriously, though, that was incredibly polished, and the platforming controls were spot-on. I loved the atmosphere, and music fit perfectly. More tracks might be a good idea if it were any longer, but it works well for the current version.

Submitted (1 edit)

You already know that I'm a fan! The graphics have that certain style to them, and I love the fact, that it's story oriented. The polishing is remarkable, and it seems to be free from glitches. It's a really fun game. Actually, in terms of fun, it surpassed the game it's modelled after.

To point something out:

  1. I'd like some more music - I think it would do good to give different music for either the title screen or the level.
  2. You should probably add a room that introduces the "look around" mechanics. Right now, they're only there, without any use whatsoever. 

Do the chapter 2 already, the game is polished enough!


Awesome as always! You saw my gameplay on stream so I guess you know my feedback already, I think my only comment was that some of the levels may need redesigning due to the new mechanics (which you're already aware of), or maybe you could only introduce the new mechanics in later levels.

Overall though the game is just so incredibly fun to play, and I genuinely look forward to future updates :D

Submitted (2 edits)

Wow I want to leave critique but this game is very well done keep doing what you are doing! A very good feeling platformer similar to celeste. Aesthetics are fantastic I love the dark mysterious vibe, music and sound fit very well with the whole theme you have going. The story started to pick up as well and I am interested in what is going on!  I loved that the lights turned on as I passed them! Can't wait to see this finished! Only issue I noticed was if I dashed into spikes I wouldn't die until after my dash was completed. The only thing that would be fantastic is saving the last room someone stopped playing in. I refreshed my game and lost my progress, I liked your game enough that I got back to where I was but some players might quit right after that! I figure its on the roadmap already though! 


Wow, that's a very well polished game, reminded me of platformers like Hollow Knight and the Ori series.

My only real complaint is that the screen in the WebGL version is really small for some reason? And I can't maximize it.


ah thanks for the feedback! i haven't been home to update it but I'll do this now!