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beware of the killer cat

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Totem Teller 45° inclined ! Many thanks, I'll keep you in touch ;)

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I intend to try that! Maybe this summer or right after, before working on it I have quite a lot of work on a live-coding web environment called to generate text forms

(I don't have many traces online) I may make it into a single software
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Thank you !

awesome game :)


Nice game !

Thanks ! I watched it and its cool :)

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Beautiful game :) Can't wait for the full release !

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you're welcome ^^ I'm staying up late to post something a little decent

Thank you ! to be honest this decision is mostly the result of the precariousness coming with a homemade "web-ascii" engine (^_^) !

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Since this is the Jam last Screenshot Saturday, I share here the footage we've made so far as we worked on the game. I hope you'll enjoy it ;)

First gameplay test :

Ascii experiments :

Ascii engine experiments :

Ascii engine experiments #2 :

Ascii mini-game experiments :

Drawing ascii on Vim :

Drawing ascii on Vim #2 :

Game intro :

Are you going to make a scary mythological game for the jam? If so, I'm curious, are we going to be eaten by Chronos or lost in a labyrinth with the Minotaur?

Thanks, I'll try to ;)

nice cushions !

Great demo, hope to see more soon ! :)

it's almost like darksoul but more realistic