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Thank you so much for playing! Yes the hiding mechanic needed much improvement (or maybe just removing entirely!) - unfortunately we ran out of time :)

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah I think the general consensus is that the hiding mechanic sucks haha

Gameplay seems simple at first but it's surprisingly challenging - it feels great when you pull off a multiple hit combo. Great work comrade!

Nice little game and surprisingly challenging (or maybe I just suck at it)!

Yeah the Yogscast definitely need to have a 4 player game of this on stream. Great work!

Loved it, I can tell a lot of effort went into it. I appreciated the voice acting and all the Yogs references, especially Craig's room haha. My only criticism would be the mouse sensitivity is quite high, would be good if there was a slider for that (unless I missed it).

Hey, thanks again for the nice comments! Glad you enjoyed it despite the terrible hiding mechanic :)

I stupidly spent almost the entire first day making the character animations, of which I only used about 75%.

Note to future self: do the gameplay first, make it pretty later...

This is really well done - love the adorable animations and the lighting especially. Movement and jumping feels really nice too.

Thank you! Your game was genuinely one of my favourite so far :)

Feels like some kind of weird fever-dream... that's a plus point btw :)

Hi, the only re-used assets were the building sprites, which could have been recreated very quickly if it was against the rules - if you play the game you'll see it's completely different :)

Genuinely made me laugh out loud a couple of times. Also I didn't see the shop at the top so Lewis didn't eat for 4 days...

Had a little trouble delivering the oil a couple of times, I think the delivery "area" should be bigger (not the sprite, but the actual detection box). Could be a solid little game if you improve that. The audio made me super nostalgic :)

Good gameplay and really nice artwork. I definitely felt the pressure and started making more mistakes when the zombies were getting close haha.

This is really nice, the gameplay is really satisfying despite how simple it is. I wasn't sure how it fit the theme until I saw the quote on the main menu ;)

Thanks very much! It's not a bug it's a feature ;)

This is hilarious, thanks so much for playing! This was made as part of a game jam, if you haven't already, please feel free to give us a rating here:

Any feedback would be much appreciated:

The hiding mechanic is not very well implemented due to lack of time - for anyone struggling, it needs to be triggered between objects (e.g. boxes). Otherwise you can just drop the present and run :)

Really clever concept and nice chilled gameplay. I could definitely see this being extended into a full co-op multiplayer game.

Super chill game

Genuinely cool concept, nice minimalist art style, and satisfying gameplay. Played it to the end, I really like this one!

Latest spider-man is looking pretty slick

Clever concept and really polished

Wow this is really well made. I love the visuals and background audio, and it's surprisingly challenging - I squished myself and survivors more than once :) I also laughed at the Santa easter egg!

I like the concept, it's very disorienting with the rooms changing around, but I also got stuck when my character increased in size (or did the room shrink?). I think it could be quite a creepy game if you spent a little more time ironing out the gameplay.

Hilarious and fun game. A fun sidequest is seeing how many poons you can get stuck in Sharky in a single throw!

Nice art style and I love the protector concept

A stealth game about delivering presents, love the concept! Took me a while to figure out what I was doing but it was fun to play once I did.

Nice game name ;) I love the concept, would totally play a full RPG about delivery presents. I too got wrecked by bears.

Hilarious and actually really fun to play. I spent most of my time trying to push the fans into the canal rather than feed them. Lewis definitely needs to play this one!

Nice little minimalist game, really like the art style. Took me a while to figure out how to throw the wood on the second level, might need to include the controls?

I think .yyz is a GameMaker file - maybe someone with GameMaker can open it and try :)

LOVE the art style and parallax background. Submitted 1 minute 30 seconds before the deadline so I guess you ran out of time - I think if you spent a little time improving the UI and fixing the bugs this could be a really nice little game.

Nice animation on the main character. I think the game could be improved a lot by showing a pushing animation (and seeing the victim falling!)

Amazing audio, I look forward to the full soundtrack being released

Really nice aesthetic. I got stuck and couldn't figure out how to proceed - I think I just suck at the bouncing mechanic though :)