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Thanks so much for the lovely article!

I will provide Linux builds for this demo at some point in the future (the last demo has Linux builds as they were specifically requested by a play-tester). Unfortunately at the moment any Linux build would be released completely untested, though I'm hoping that will change as the project progresses.

Just tried the downloadable version and yeah the feedback is much better - I personally preferred the "bloom" version as I felt it was much more obvious :)  I think that combined with a nice sound effect will give a satisfying feel when you successfully zap a stone.

Thank you for playing! Glad you like the atmosphere :)

Thanks so much for playing it!

Hey, thanks so much for the feedback! You're right, there will be a lot more rooms added in the future (as well as different level types), and a lot more "things" to do hopefully :) This demo was mostly about getting the basics working. The idea will be that the first couple of levels will be smaller, mostly just caves with possibly a few enemies and items. Then later levels will introduce more and more "weird" stuff :)

Thank you for providing the screenshot for the background issue, it's because the back wall is not placed high enough, I'll fix it. And yeah I'm aware of the weird animation bug, it's on the list too!

Thanks again for trying it!

Great entry, I had a blast playing this on stream and I loved how much customisation there is in terms of different characters and the skill trees. The gameplay is simple but very addictive. As mentioned, my only comment is that maybe it needs a more obvious tutorial at the beginning as there was lot of information there and it's a little overwhelming for someone new to this genre :)

Awesome little puzzle game! I really liked the concept and the visuals looked really nice! My only thought was the the colour indicator in the top left should update as you play rather than remain static, so that it's obvious what colour is coming next.

Nice concept, even though I was really bad at it :D I love that you can upgrade ships over time and the controls and visuals felt really nice. I did think the asteroid section before the boss needed a little something extra, like maybe some smaller enemies appearing more regularly.

I'm surprised this hasn't had more ratings because it's a fantastic entry. I really enjoyed the atmosphere you created from such simple visuals and background audio, and the level generation was really well done. I did find a bug where you can still interact and attack after you die, even if you cannot move :)  Other than that I thought it was awesome and would love to see more in the future!

Very interesting concept and it gets surprisingly difficult very fast! I agree with the suggestion on having some videos or a short tutorial to teach you how to play, instead of an instruction page. There were also some issues with the UI in general as it was right up against the edge of the screen, and gets cut off when the game is not full screen.

I feel like there definitely should be some background music, and also some audio/visual cues for when a stone has been "zapped" successfully, as it wasn't always obvious.

Really fun game, the audio and visuals fit really well too. I loved the concept of having all the birds fly at once and switching between them - I did think it would be cool to maybe have a "powerup" that let them all shoot at once for a few seconds :) Other than that I don't have any suggestions for improvements, it's a great entry!

Simple but really fun concept! Everything felt really polished too. My only comment was that sometimes the squares that had blocks on them were hard to get, e.g. you could capture them from above the block but not below it, even though the spacing looked the same (hopefully that makes sense!)

Thank you for playing it, I really appreciate the feedback!

Thanks so much for playing it! I'm not sure what happened in that Movement and Combat demo, but that one doesn't have an exit confirmation, so maybe you accidentally hit escape? I recall there is also an issue where you cannot jump when an item is "selected" in your inventory - I think it's fixed in the latest demo but I'll double check :D

For the Level Generation, the key was a bit of a last-minute addition so I definitely need to refine that. I'm trying not to add any extra "UI" elements as I don't want to distract from the atmosphere, but I'll have a think about how to improve the key's discoverability. Thank you for the feedback!

Great little project for 5 days! The mini games were all well put together and the whole thing felt very polished. I did manage to get stuck in a wall at one point (looking at the instructions for the first game) - not sure if that's just an issue in the HTML version though.

Really good job, I had a blast playing this on stream! I love the variety of weapons and the gameplay is simple but addictive :)

Super cute and fun game, I had a really good time playing this on stream! The audio and visuals are really well done and I love the little touches like the substitution jutsu :D

Super addictive and chill game to play. The puzzles were really well thought out (although I got stuck on a few haha) and the whole experience was very polished. Great job!

I really loved this entry, the audio and visuals feel so dreamlike and the controls felt really tight. It's a very unique concept and I look forward to seeing more in the future!

Amazing work for 45 days! Really gave that old-school RPG vibe and I loved the randomised weapons! My only comment was it would be useful to know what level/floor you are on so you know how far you have to come back to the surface.

Funny and interesting concept, but it was definitely too easy on desktop being able to use both the X and Z buttons (I can see that it might work better on mobile). I would suggest that maybe the difficulty should increase as the time goes on, that would make it much more challenging and competitive.

Very unique concept, I like the idea of having a little pet running in the background while I do other stuff, and the fact that you can earn coins by playing other games is really clever. The customisation options were a really nice touch too. I feel like some of the mini-games need a bit of polish though.

Nice job, I feel like this could be developed into a full game quite easily. I particularly liked the character art and animations.

My only comment is I find fighting the samurai to be quite difficult, I'm not sure if there is a strategy to it but maybe if there's an easier way to parry or dodge it could help - perhaps their attacks also need a bit of a "wind-up" so the player can anticipate when to react.

Amazing progress! I love how the characters and environments look and the different areas are really starting to feel alive. I wish I could have played more on stream because I wanted to explore all the different areas, but I feel like I need a few hours for that :D

My only feedback is that navigating in space is a little tricky, personally I would have liked to been able to select my destination directly from the map. Also I think the icons in the PDA should be clickable rather than just the text underneath, but that's just a small UX thing.

Congrats on the progress since the last Marathon Jam! I really like the charming atmosphere you have created :)  My main comment was that the level was a little confusing to navigate, however you mentioned you are going to be adding a mini-map so I think that'll make a big difference.

Amazing job! Everything feels so polished and the new mechanics really add to the experience. Although the game is hard, it's not unfair and I feel like a big part of the fun is learning how to complete a room through trial and error.

My only feedback is that the checkpoints need to be a bit more obvious (either have the lanterns light up, or a little sound effect play), and maybe some of the new mechanics need a slightly better introduction. Other than that I think this is an awesome entry and I can see it being a very popular platformer once it's fully released.

Love the over-the-top violence, and the character models are great! As others have said, the camera/controls could be improved. I feel like the mouse should control the camera with left click for attacking.

I love the minimalist style here! The concept is simple but fun. As others have said, I would love to see more levels!

Interesting concept! I was thinking it might work better using mouse aiming, but perhaps limiting it to 8 directions is part of the challenge.

It's a shame you ran out of time to add the text. However, you have a very unique visual style here which I really like - I think you should go ahead and finish it after the jam is over, I'd love to give it a play :)

Great concept and the art style is really nice. I agree with other people's suggestion that you really should be able to control the initial direction of the ball, it's very tricky to use it otherwise.

Awesome entry, it kinda reminded me of the old 2D GTA games. The art style really stood out and the music was an excellent choice, it really fit well with all the chaos going on :D

A very polished entry, loved the pixel art and the audio fit really well. The platforming aspect felt really solid too.

As others have said, the magnet mechanics are quite confusing at first - I think more of a tutorial is needed at the beginning as the whiteboard doesn't really explain it well enough.

First off, this game looks and sounds absolutely gorgeous. The concept itself is very clever, the gameplay took a little getting used to but once I figured out it felt very satisfying. Overall this is a really polished entry and possibly my favourite so far, great job!

Amazing entry! The art was incredible, and combined with the audio it really made it feel like an old DOS adventure game. I kinda love the idea that Israphel was the good guy all along :D

Simple concept but really fun! I could see this being expanded into a full game, it'd probably make a really good mobile game too :)

Great entry, I thoroughly enjoyed stealing presents from the incredibly creepy children!

Also the taunt was hilarious :D