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I loved the challenge and would love to see more come out of this game!

Didn't like how the ending taunted me but it was enough to push me through the "difficult" ending.

This game was a lot of fun! I was able to find a small bug where I could keep sacrificing humans for food while spending all my workers to find more humans. I was able to beat the game pretty fast.

I'd say this game needs some slight balancing but the concept is there and it's a lot of fun! awesome submission! Hope to see more out of it.

this was a super cute game, I loved the sounds and the gameplay was enjoyable!

this game was a lot of fun! never felt bad to lose because I got to try again!

as someone who plays a lot of platformers, I loved this game! 

this was a super fun game with unique mechanics! 

loved this game! the story, music, and background sounds created an environment that made me feel like I was actually stranded. 

The controls were a bit odd to me but I easily got used to them over time. I would love to see the mechanics expanded just a tad more to make the game slightly more challenging and immersive. Of course, we only have so much time in a jam and this was a great start!

you're so good at creating an immersive atmosphere! I usually don't scare easily but this game had me at the edge of my seat from time to time. 

The audio, the art, the lore, it's so well polished!

The puzzle mechanics were also very clever. I could definitely see this expanded onto a fully developed game. great work!

My favorite submission so far. I love how wholesome and cute it is. Would to see this game expanded on in the future!

This was a genuinely fun math game!

this game reminded me of "house", I loved your approach to the story and the layers of complexity added when traversing through certain rooms 

that's good to hear! sorry if I sounded too critical but I genuinely enjoyed the game and would love to see some updates

Very fun game and an interesting theme

- the sounds were amazing, loved what you did with the music in the pause menu

- picking between organs was a clever way to choose levels

- the browser version was a little buggy as you already know, the downloaded version was perfect though

- I would love to see this be expanded on with upgrades and possibly make the gameplay more challenging/rewarding

great game so far!

If I could make some suggestions from the version I played:

- reduce the amount of flashing colors

- sounds are too loud

- the closer you get, reduce the speed at which the colors change, or at least give a warning at which colors are going to switch

- some indicator to show which color to avoid (I think you already made this update, good call)

fantastic jam submission and I hope to see more updates from this game!

great game in the works, with some more features I think it has potential...

with the version I played, here are some of my critiques/ suggestions:

- increase the time
- some sort of risk vs reward mechanic (currency?)
- maybe the placement of your tiles can influence gameplay
- games that solely rely on your timing can feel a little too linear at times

the version I played was a little buggy but I think you fixed it since then. Great work either way and awesome game jam submission!

The theme for the winter jam is "End is Near", Good luck everyone!

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"the end is near" won the vote. we had a second poll (look at the top link)

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here are the results from the previous google form, we're putting the top 3 to a vote and we'll post the outcome 1 hour before the jam (Friday Jan 13th 3:00 PM GMT -5)

Thanks bro!

Thank you!

thank you!

using this for my main project, great work man! I've added you to the credits :D

thanks, Pancake Witch!

I really love the aesthetic of this one

hey, thanks for playing! would you mind telling me how far you got and what you found most challenging?

I think people are less likely going to play a mobile game but if you provide feedback to others, they are more likely to do the same.

Hi, I never set up any rules against it, so it should be possible. 

here you go! 

I hope you all had a great jam! Be sure to check out our discord to hang out, share your dev process, learn, and find out about future jams!


this was such a fun(ny) game! the mechanics were great although I wish the game was a little more fast-paced. 

I had a lot of fun with this one! great job!

loved the concept, coincidentally this is exactly how I cook in real life! 

very interesting mechanics! I wish the game was a little harder (maybe a limit to how many times you can die?). Overall had a lot of fun with your game :D. I also got trapped in one of your levels

This game was super challenging and fun! really great job bro!

thank you!

thank you!

thanks bro! can't wait to check your game out!

This game was surprisingly addictive! Great job man, like always!

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thanks! yeah, we were in a bit of a hurry towards the end, we'll try and fix all of the bugs soon!