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this game is so beautiful!

ah thanks for the feedback! i haven't been home to update it but I'll do this now!

We can still add your game to the jam

yep! you will still be participating in the ranking aspect of the jam if you've already submitted your game. but if you would like to add more information or possibly create a devlog I would suggest deleting and recreating your submission 

good luck and congratulations!

Hey guys! So after talking it through, we've made some minor adjustments to the ranking criteria. There are two new fields: Fun and progress

Here's what we'll all be voting on after the submission  deadline:

Innovation – The unexpected. Things in a unique combination, or something so different it’s notable. Fun – How much you enjoyed playing a game. Did you look up at the clock, and found it was 5 hours later? 

Fun – How much you enjoyed playing a game. Did you look up at the clock, and found it was 5 hours later?

Graphics – How good the game looks, or how effective the visual style is. Nice artwork, excellent generated or geometric graphics, charming programmer art, etc.

Audio – How good the game sounds, or how effective the sound design is. A catchy soundtrack, suitable sound effects gave the look, voiceovers, etc. 

Polish - How polished your game is.

Progress - This is field is more so for fun but will still be added to the ranking. How much progress did you make on your game during this jam (add to the optional fields when submitting your game for a higher score in this field)

Happy jamming everybody!


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You’re welcome to participate in the jam, even if you’re working with a team!

if your team would like to join, I'd say just use your best judgment, we’re not a huge community. it may be worth removing yourself from the ranking aspect of the jam if you guys are "pros". Since most participants are solodevs and hobbyists, people may see that you have an unfair advantage if your team completely blows away all other submissions. This MIGHT affect how people decide to vote on your game. 

I don't think this should be a problem unless you're working with a whole bunch of people and you guys have a 2-year project already under your belt. 

Sorry for the late response!

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of course!

good luck!

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If you're interested in seeing more of their work: The Pancake Witch

thanks for the feedback! you actually don't need the crouch to get to that area :) also, the entire chapter can be beaten without using the dash mechanic 

Thank you for making this jam so great! Here is your consolation artwork!

If you submitted a game, your name was added to the bottom of the poster!

Come join our beautiful discord community

(let the mods know you're a jammer!)

here's another one in the spirit of minimalism

I wish there was more! really great job with this :D

10/10 would play again

I loved everything about this game! The slow start slightly frustrated me but it just made the late-game that much more satisfying.  Great job, would definitely play this again!

I also really enjoyed this soundtrack!

This game was challenging but super addicting! there were clear and defined mechanics; nothing was unexpected. great job!

I could definitely see myself playing more of this as a fully-fledged game. Great job man!

wow you got really creative with this game!

great job on this Mabel! I really enjoyed the story and all of the little things that could be explored/interacted with. happy anniversary to both of you!

i wish there was more! loved everything about this game especially the sounds and environment you've created!

loved how calming this game was. felt good to kick back and relax for a change!

simple mechanics but was pretty addicting!

THIS MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD. very nice touch

this game was amazing! really great mechanics and it was satisfying to try and optimize my jumps! also very polished!

This has been one of my favorite games so far. I felt completely relaxed while playing (this is exactly what i needed after a stressful jam haha). 

I loved the soundtrack!

amazing graphics! I really enjoyed the simplicity of the controls and it seemed very possible to optimize my gameplay every round.

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If you plan on streaming some games, post your links and time(s)

Good luck everybody!

Thanks for the Feedback Remy!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing :D I can see why it might be difficult. This level in particular requires the player to understand one subtle underlying mechanic; which is the fact that wall jump height is determined by how long you hold the button. I Don't think this is super obvious at the start.