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I can see you did some polishing since the last time I played, also I don't remember some features being there before, lookin' good!

The puzzles are really challenging at times, but the gameplay itself is very intuitive, good job there!

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Been a while since I played this game. Nice to see the procedural generation, so let's start with discussing it:

It seems to be working fine, the levels are huge and the generation patterns are not obvious (although there are some rooms that may be repeated). However, there's still not much going on there. I know that this is just a demo, but if you want to go procedural, you need to refine the generator to make things interesting. The third level defeated me - I wandered around pointlessly, unable to find the exit. Maybe once you add the story, it will be easier to generate the fun stuff.

Now, besides level generation:

I just love that yelling enemy, that was totally creepy

You have to do something about the crawling corridors, since there's nothing going on while passing through them. You seem to have started improving that experience by adding that shriek, but that's just one, add more! Also maybe some corridor wind sfx? Some camera change?

And finally bugs/features

The BG is sometimes glitchy. Notice the red lines in the top-right part of the screen. Maybe the generator places it incorrectly?

At the start of the levels, the MC often gets stuck in that pose, until I jump (picture below)

Yo, nice job there, especially for just 45 days! I like how the game kinda has some Castle of the Winds feel to it. Too bad you stopped working on it, makes it difficult to leave some meaningful feedback.

I guess what bothered me the most were huge, empty rooms and lack of exp bar.

Hey, I recognize that boss, it's from Demon Star!

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By the way, attempting to save, got me in an error loop :(

Edit: I think I figured it out - I've got old save files, from the previous version. You must have changed the graphic filename for one of the characters, that's why it fails to generate the menu. The issue doesn't occur, when I get rid of the old save files.

"As if anyone could understand me"


I got stuck, because I didn't know the crowbar is interactable. I'm used to subtitles on interactable objects ;p

The rest of the game was easy

Yep, that was awesome - gameplay, visuals, sound design... Great job! And I can't believe you guys pulled the good ol' portrait easter egg xdxdxd

By the way, the mirror reflection doesn't change when the monster mask is on ;p

As promised, I gave the game a shot on PC, and it's awesome!

The levels are easy, but not to easy, and the mechanics are self explanatory. The game doesn't induce anger, as other similar games tend to.

There are some funny details, like Sulka's sprite at the level start xd Overall, impressive work, I'm glad to have saved it for later :D

Hey, I played it, fun game! I noticed that the restart screen tells me to "press fire to restart", but doesn't react to it at all. I was restarting with arrows instead.

I like the effort to make the controls redefinable. That way nobody can complain xd I gotta check this game out more

Will check out later on pc, but the youtube video looks awesome! Nice polishing, especially for 60 hours

Been a while since I played a point &click. Apparently, its not designed to play on android, so I'll have to check it out on pc

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Left for chores? I know I'm stating the obvious, but I see what you did there xd anyway, looks interesting, saved to check later, once I'm back on my machine

The camera movement is SO juicy in this! Good job

Don't mess with the mom?  Xd

I need to check this game once I'm back home 

Short but fun. The bug on flappy level still exists, or maybe it's a different one - I didn't make it on time to figure out what the level was about, and the main character walked into an obstacle. After that, he stopped moving and I couldn't do anything but reset the game.

Awesome! This is going to be a really useful asset, especially if you develop it, and add more moons, asteroids, etc

Big up for including Pluto! :D

While the game has some fun mechanics, I second what was being said about "no goal", although you do mention, that it's just a "proof of concept".

  • Good thing you've made the temperature meter freeze, because the Fahrenheits don't tell me much xd However, the meter still doesn't reset if I freeze, so I have to re-run the game to play again.
  • Combat is kinda difficult, because of how fast and small the projectiles are, but this is more of a statement than criticism.
  • When the enemies chase me around the building, the front walls cover them.
  • No sound!

Made it through all of the 8 levels! Short, but fun.

Some criticism:

Jump controls could be more responsive

The spikes, tall as the main character, kill by walking on them

"Blind jump" mechanic might be somewhat unfair, although the levels are short, so that's not a big issue.

Thanks for playing and streaming too! I'm starting to watch, and the comparison of the muscular chicken to Kenshiro is just perfect xd

I've just read you mentioning, that there is an in game menu, called with "backspace". You definitely have to either change it to "Esc", or add some info about it.

I like this game and I want to see you develop it! Nice graphics and music there's a story, too!

Some feedback:

1. There are a lot of bugs. You have to fix this!

  • The "dash" explanation replays endlessly if I reapproach its spot. The text doesn't disappear, even if I press "Got it" and "Skip" buttons. Also, the "Got it" button sometimes appear above the text, sometimes below.
  • I died, and Ivy's sprite was invisible. Only Harmony was there. Apparently it happens when I die in the first level, if I fail the second spot where dashing is required.
  • While invisible, I apparently fell through the ground and got stuck (although maybe I just fell from the cliff, and Harmony was the one clipping through. Didn't die though). But since there's no in game menu, I couldn't do anything.
  • The game freezes when I enter the portal in the third level. Level 4 gets unlocked though.
  • After many tries on level 4, the game crashed and I lost all of my progress. So, I'm going to stop here, waiting for the improved version.

2. Loading the first level takes long enough, that you want to include a loading screen.

3. To emphasize - there is no menu in the levels!

4. It was mentioned before, but I'm going to say it again - the conversations shouldn't auto-continue. Also, the skip button doesn't skip, but rather fast forwards.

5. The conversation text is too small.

6. The game was easy, until level 4. However, level 2 might be way too easy - there's even less going on than on level 1, just a few simple jumps! Level 4 difficulty, could be turned down a bit, however. I couldn't pass the fireball phase - either make less of those fireballs; add some indication that a fireball might appear (like a lava bubble); or place a checkpoint there!

7. Some menu buttons get highlighted, some are not.

8. The sprites tear/bleed. Since the game is made in Unity, try using sprite atlases - it's one of the easiest and most reliable fixes.

9. More sounds! Character damage, fireballs showing up. Also, the dash has an UI sound, which doesn't fit.

10. There should be some indication, that there are moving platforms - I made some senseless jumps, because the platform was somewhere outside of the view, without me knowing it.

11. Level 3 platforms are barely visible.

12. The "dash" explanation doesn't say it means "left shift"...

To sum up - I made it to level 4. I like the game, but I'm not going to play anymore, so that I don't screw up my experience with it. I'll gladly play the fixed version!

Cool game, although really challenging! I had to really focus to pass some parts. 

Interesting mechanic with the umbrella, although the way I sometimes have to stand around, waiting to be able to "shoot" it again, somewhat disrupts the flow.

Speaking of that umbrella, there were some phases that I couldn't pass without it. And AFTER that, there was an explanation of the mechanic. Why is that? By that time, there was no need for that text at all.

The "not indicated collisionless" tiles are still there.

You should do something about that launcher. Not all controls are customizable from there (dash and umbrella). Those that are customizable, work properly in the game, but the ingame "help" text doesn't acknowledge that.

On death, the menu screen flashes briefly.

Also, the controls are really glitchy. Controller movement works in browser, but I couldn't figure out how to aim. The downloadable version was the only playable one - keyboard+mouse worked normally. The controller didn't work at all.

The idea is interesting! Unfortunately, level 3 defeated me, before I was able to get much into the game - I just couldn't figure out that starting phase!

For a game about just syncing the click with a moving block, the visuals and soundtrack are amazing! Too bad there wasn't much into the gameplay, because I'd love some more of that setting.

I always complain about the games that don't stop their processing in the bg. In this case, it's the opposite - I'd prefer if it played in the bg, just so I could listen to that soundtrack!

I think lack of any page is the biggest drawback here. However, with the game being a Counter Strike clone, the title really does say much.

Not much to add here though - never played CS a lot, so I can't exactly compare the two... To me, feels like CS with some template assets.

Like it was said before, would be interesting to see it used in an actual game - except, it gets laggy after enough strokes (not surprisingly, of course), so it might be a challenge!

Hi! I think you were trying to upload an image, but I don't see it.

I talk about this in the red box:

Well done! Found no bugs, the mechanics are simple yet entertaining.

The bird falls through the white tiles without outlines - I wonder if this shouldn't have a more clear indication, but that's just a random thought. As soon as I figured that out, it wasn't an issue anymore.

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Solid piece of work, nice to finally try it, after seeing you stream!

The visuals are awesome, and the idea looks very creative. Also, the menu where everything moves like this, is interesting to watch.

Now, for the remarks, that might be more interesting to you:

  1. I didn't feel that the shuffling mechanic was fair. Sure, gotta learn to find a solution to when something doesn't go as expected, but I'm not certain there even was an outcome, when the dustbunny on an isolated platform multiplied too much because of me not getting the water projectile on perfect time.
  2. Tutorial? Maybe, I don't know. I didn't need it, unless it teaches to fight against shuffling.
  3. I don't see the "return to main menu" button. Fortunately, you save the progress, so not a big issue when I try to exit the mission (after unlucky shuffle!) and exit to OS instead.
  4. I had a bug, I think, happen to me. It happened only once, and I couldn't replicate it. A turn once started with move 2. It wasn't very serious, because I just performed moves in 2-3-1 sequence.

A little disclaimer: I'm just giving my thoughts, but keep in mind, that I'm not really a target audience for games with "extravagant mechanics". In such cases, I usually prefer to just find bugs, but didn't find any in your game, except maybe #4.

Thanks for the list! Damn, most of these are the more risky "gilled" mushrooms, where's the boletus??

Hey, a mushroom picking game! :D 315 hs

would be nice if there was some educational part in it. I mean, there is the index, which tells us, for what we get points, but it would be cool, if there was also some info, about what exactly are these shrooms called. It could even be outside of the game, for example on this site (yes, it's my curiousity speaking)

Yes, I've been curling. And now that I check it, the shurikens really do get thrown in the facing direction, so must be my mistake.

Maybe a bit bigger signs would be good. Here's an example of a sign - while it is possible to figure out what is written there, I didn't figure it out until I accidentally pressed the ctrl button

As for tearing there might be another reason, and those would be "subpixel" camera movements. I notice the camera shaking very slightly when I walk into obstacles, and that's when the tearing is the most likely to occur.