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Ain't that a plot twist

Got 17750 score, beat it.

I plan on remaking this game eventually, supporting english and also fixing that AI, (by the way, Radiosynthesis was our first time working with AI)

Great game! A mobile version would be nice!

Congrats ! The game feel is really awesome!

You worked with the jam's theme in a pretty cool way, the game looks great! And I laughted so much the first time I killed a creature, there's a couple of fixes needed, nothing happened when I reached that cristal after the boss, I also struggled a bit before figuring out how to beat him.

I defeated the boss, got to that cristal and nothing happened, a love how te game looks, and the way you worked with the jam's theme is pretty cool, I lost it when I first hit a creature and heard the sound of it.

Great puzzle game! I would love to see a mobile version of it!

Just beated the whole thing, one of the best puzzle games I played on!

Really cool game, the controls feels great for a first-person platformer. I hope you work on a post jam fix.

Game looks and plays great, too bad we didn't get to experience the other levels, keep up the good work!

Awesome idea, I see a lot of potential in these mechanics, the only thing that felt weird is having to hold down shift to perform moves, but that might be just me, I got the hang of it after a while.

Is this some kind of good Power Rangers platformer?

Ficou bem legal e bonito hein, parabéns, faltou um botão pra fechar a aplicação haha

Beautiful art style and music! I loved that constellation puzzle, so creative!

What a beautiful experience! 

Very pretty game, and I love the idea of it for a platformer, the only major problem I have is that i don't see how this game fits in the theme of the jam, to me it seem like i'm getting stronger alone the longer i play.

I like how the game looks, I got stucked right here in my first play

The game looks and plays so good, it's kind of messy, but when you get the hang of if, it becomes pretty fun and satisfying.

What a gorgeous mess

Valeu por jogar Allan :) que bom que gostou

Big Thanks!

Congratulations for doing everything from scratch! One of the most fun games I played on this Jam, the addition of a mini-map would be great!

Controlling that army of cubes felt so satisfying.

I like how the game looks and sounds! Also really challenging, I'm more of a WASD guy, so I would also recommend having a controller scheme for that too.

I love how the game looks and sounds

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Fun and great looking! I experienced a couple of glitches, my timer suddenly skipped to 10 seconds left(after I paused the game, I think) , I was still able to continue playing after the timer reached 00:00 though, I also found a way to fall out of the ship, behind the last guy there's an intangible wall. I also would recommend the inclusion of damage feedback, by the beginning of my experience I was confused if I was actually doing damage, or if my bullets were ineffective against the turrets.

Fun and great looking!

I was confused at first, but suddenly I got addicted to it.

I was confused at first, but suddenly I got addicted to it.

Great idea, you worked with the theme in a such creative way!

Loved the concept, great idea!

Fun and challenging, I loved the music!

Fun and challenging, I loved the music!

Awesome game idea! The inclusion of a "reset level" button would make it even better!

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Made it in 12 minutes, loved the concept. A "reset" button would be nice, in case the player messes the whole thing up.

We're so glad to hear it :)

Thanks for the feedback!