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I appreciate your time!

I'm a bit confused. I realised the tones match up with the colors, but there are six colors and only five rows. I think I did something wrong.

I think this would've worked better if the player was faster than everything, so you have more than one chance to catch asteroids. 

Yes we're aware of these bugs. The backspace is the way it is because we built scenes without forseeing bugs and such, and implementing a reset checkpoint for every entity for every scene would've been a buggy mess. It was also a time constraint. We're working on making the game more accessible difficulty and polish wise. Thanks for trying it out and rating though!

Interesting premise. I think some of the mechanics are a bit unfair/give too much up to chance. It ends up being a game of inching a little here then inching a little there without much strategy.

I don't really understand the game. Maybe a tutorial in the beginning?

Very cute little game. I couldn't get past the part with the moving platform because I kept clipping on the platform. I think in a game where movement is minimal, that kind of platforming doesn't really work.

Honestly one of the most unique games I've seen. I think it should be clearer from the get-go what each cell does, so that you don't get so many people unknowing what to do. I also think there should be a permanent progression system instead of having to restart every time you die. I also think the game would benefit from very common cell spawns, so growing your colony is super quick and enjoyable.

The game is really clunky and difficult, so it's hard to say that it's fun. I do like the look of the game though. It reminds me of Astro's Playroom

A few tips if you're going to make a difficult game (especially one where timing matters). Try to make restarts very fast, otherwise it becomes really frustrating for the player only because it feels unfair. Also for this case, it makes no sense that the character can jump as high and as quickly as they can, considering they run so slowly. Just a few things to consider when making a game like this.

Was a bit confused until the edges started coming in. It's a pretty unique idea to add new edges for more firepower. I wish the polygon would turn facing your cursor though.

Some beautiful graphics here. The game is very clunky though. I feel like it can benefit from more speed.

I can't really praise this at all other than in graphics.  You copied somebody else's game and added a barely functional new element, which isn't cool at all. I'll give props for owning it instead of making a reskin, but still... please come up with something original next time.

It  actually felt very fun to get the hang of switching potions. Super cool and unique entry.

Very adorable. I think the controls are a bit too choppy and quick in my opinion. Otherwise, I like the game a lot.

Oh hey! We got the 100%. Really fun game. I hope you guys win!

herecome & datboi here (in game leaderboard lmao). I'm looking to 100% the game, what does "win solo" mean?

Really great look and level design. The biggest issue I have with the game is the slimes feel very heavy and are a little annoying to control.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here, even after reading the controls (Also never give a sheet of controls like that to a player, they will never remember all of it)

Though I would like more control over the dragon, this is a really cool idea. Having the enemies get stronger when together isn't something I saw a lot.

w doesn't register as a jump for some reason. Is that intentional for the early sections?

Pressing delete resets the stage you're on. I'm glad you liked the game though.

Very pretty visuals and wholesome concept. I take issue with the controls, though, as they are very clunky and annoying to use.

Pressing P opens the menu, where you can restart

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Extremely polished and adorable! I just wish there were some more difficult levels near the end. Also I think the pause button should be indicated somewhere on screen so the player doesn't have to scroll down to find it in the description.

Thanks for the feedback! It's now on the list of future changes

Hey your game seems to only be downloadable in .rar, which I can't open on mac. How can I play on mac?

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Ask devWez to add you and your teammates to the collaborators list, that way your game would show automatically. 

Being the clumsy fools we are, we uploaded the game in 16:10 when we designed it in 16:9. This cannot be changed until after the voting period, but for now just know one of the levels has a lever in the top right corner that you can't see. If you can't figure out why you can't finish a level, that's most likely why.

Here's a version of the game with the fixed 16:9 ratio.  There is a list of fixes and proposed fixes in the description

Please play this AFTER you've rated the uploaded version and/or consider the misstep in your rating. 

We're currently working on patching the bugs (while also balancing school)

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Unfortunately, we decided to exclude the arrow keys as not all keyboards have the same format, meaning the keys to rotate the piece wouldn't be intuitive to implement. (I loved ur game btw)

I love the new concept. I have two main notes: 1. Please change the sound of switching dimensions, the current one is very loud and harsh. 2. You should introduce that the 2d and 3d player are not the same entity so it links with the theme.

Not enough control to the player, you should also promptt the player instead of throwing them right into the game. But otherwise, great idea, visuals and music. 

This is a legitimate candidate for the top 5. I think the biggest issue I have with this game is that jump is space instead of w. I think that would make the game feel so much more polished. In order to jump off the pole, just press a direction then jump.

If you added HP and a wasd control, this game would be playable. In it's current state, it gives too little power to the player.

thank you


Though I'd like an explanation as to why fans make the player stronger and why the plyaer is fighting, the game is fun and I love this interesting take on rpg. If very refined and fleshed out, I can see this being a great mobile game.

I love the outro scene, the monkeys chilling with the bananas is very cute. I love the feel of the animation and I love how balanced the difficulty of the game is.