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this is quite annoying

Look around with your mouse. There are objects that you can pick up and use. Think about what the objects can be used for and used against.

The audio is fine, since you guys aren't voice actors, so a few imperfections are fine. But my main issue was with the implementation of the audio. Yea like you mentioned, the volume was loud, but just lowering the volume of the dialogue wouldn't do it. The easiest way to fix it would be to strip down a bit on the effects, and make audio fade in and fade out. Unless you want the sound of audio cutting in and out because of transmitting information. 

No problem :)

How the hell did you upload one hour into the game jam

When a player is playing a solely skill based game like a platformer, blaming the controls for failing is a very bad sign. The whole idea of skill based games is to give all the control to the player and then throw everything you have at them. So I was a little disappointed to find that a game with such a nice artstyle had this problem. Here are a few pointers:

-Jump should be binded to both space AND w

-Let arrow keys also be controls

-The hitbox of a platform should be a little bigger than the actual size of the platform, because this way a player can jump off the side of a ledge more consistently, and it isn't an annoyance to the player to always fall when jumping off a ledge.

-The left right movement would be a lot smoother if it was accelerating (meaning that it isn't a constant speed and accelerates like most platformers) 

Some tips for further projects for artstyle:

-Things other than the player can also have animations. For example, the bounce pad could have a little animation everytime you touch it

-Little visual imperfections adds a lot of character to the game. The floor can have little pebbles on them. The metal can vary in terms of scratches and wear.

-When you run, since this is on the moon, there should be little particles that trail your feet.

These are all very simple things to add and could all be added in under a day, no matter how skilled you are at coding. Maybe put a little bit more polish into consideration and it will improve your games greatly.

Holy mother of god. This is amazing for two weeks of work. It got me really nervous for a lot of it since I had no idea what would happen. Great job guys. My only complaint would have to be that the sound design breaks my immersion a bit. But still a great experience.

It's a cool concept, but I don't like the controls at all, they're very annoying an unfriendly to the player. I think controls that have almost immediate response from the player is better. Also the level design is a little tedious. The first stretch of the first level, for example, was pretty cool, until I got to the gate, where I had to turn around, then collect three coins, THEN go through. Also stuff like ridiculously thin beams are not fun and with the type of controls the game offers, is frustrating.

I love the idea and it's a really intuitive keyboard (Similar to garageband-type keyboard)

After playing a few tunes on it I feel like the main issue with this is the lack of a game. I really love everything else about it though. I love the artstyle, the visuals and the sound effects.

Another thing you might be able to add is a very soft pad in the background of every note so that there is a sense of genuine harmony and the overtones made by the drill sound can be ignored by the ears. This is more of an artistic choice, but I would have it this way.

Amazing graphics, honestly. Problem is the rest of the experience is a little lacking. Here are a few improvements I can think of: 

-Music, even a simple tune or chord progression to set the mood, search up an online DAW and just mess around until you have something you like.

-Make the gravity a bit stronger, you jump way too high in the air and fall way too slow

-Sometimes I can't input a hole because there is an object too close to it, it's a little annoying that my hole placing abilities are so limited, so I'd try and improve that.

Otherwise, a great entry