This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-02-14 11:00:00 to 2021-02-21 11:00:00. View results

Welcome to the 5th official Brackeys Game Jam! It's so good to still be going on strong - let's make some great games!

The game jam is a week long event about making a complete game based around a specific theme. After submitting the game gets voted on by the other participants. Jams are fun a super fun experience, and the best thing is that in the end you have a finished game! Even if you are new to game development and think you can't possibly finish a full game in such a short amount of time, give it a shot anyway - it's worth it!

Big thanks to NovaKnight for designing the art for this jam! ♥

The winners of the jam are:

Overall 1st place: TRIALITY GAMES (

Since TRIALITY GAMES is a winner in overall, as well as in Game Design, Fun, Innovation and Theme, we picked the next winners for those categories.

Game Design: pipotchi (

Fun: maumau (

Innovation: The American (

Theme: Deluge Drop (

Graphics: Lelefee, thathsmaik (

Audio: Mary, lioh, BubGame (

The theme is: Stronger Together

You can also join our Discord server to chat about the jam and share your progress on the server (just make sure you're in the right channel).

The only "real" rule is that your game must not include any content that is NSFW, or offensive/discriminatory to others. We want games to be playable by everyone after all!

Other than that, feel free to use any game engine or framework that you like! You can also use assets that were not made by you, but make sure that you have the rights to use them. You can, of course, make everything yourself and be extra proud at the end!

Teams are allowed, and even encouraged! We do, however, recommend that you stick to 4 people at maximum. Groups larger than that will have a hard time coordinating themselves in the short timespan of a week.

The games will be rated in the categories of Game Design, Fun, Innovation, Theme, Graphics and Audio. This is a wide variety of game development aspects, so don't worry if you can't hit all of them perfectly! Try to be creative and stick to the theme though!

After the submission period is over, you'll have two weeks to rate games! Your game needs to have at least 20 votes to be eligible to win, so make sure to play a lot of other games, so your own game has a higher chance of being shown to others!

The winners, decided by the best score over all categories, will be the "true winners", earning a shoutout at the top of the jam page and getting a fancy role on our Discord server! But don't be sad if you don't win - it's a game jam, so participation is all it's about!