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very good game that works wonderfully with an interesting fighting game system sublimated by the artistic direction

What a great game. The game is easy to pick up and allows you to see a real progression curve as you play. Fun to play and challenging, a very good mix for a good game.

Thank you for your comment, we are very touched!

I find your game really correct for a game jam! Indeed, the level design is really nice (strong point of the game). The movements of the avatar are fluid and the double jump is really interesting. 

Good job. 

I really liked your game. The controls are fluid and most importantly, the puzzle is really well thought out every time. I also loved the way the "demon" or red character moves when it sticks to the wall. Very good game really, and good graphics. 

Don't hesitate to check mine if you want to

The gameplay is super interesting. Splitting once injured is a great idea especially the screen that splits too. The audio as well as the graphics are super well done. It's perfect. Well done. 

Great job.

Personally, I like this little game. The controls are fluid, nice to master. Controlling two characters is a nice concept! 

Good job :)

The fact that the design is made this way allows the game to stand out from the rest. The controls are super fluid which is very pleasant. The player immediately understands what he has to do. Everything is relevant and well done. Moreover, you want to stay in the game for a long time to catch as many allies as possible to see how far we can go. Very effective.

Great job. 

Wow great job. Visually the game is very beautiful, the audio is very nice and puts us in a relaxing atmosphere. The gameplay is also relaxing and the player understands very quickly what he has to do because the game guides him well! I really liked the graphics. 

The map is super big, it's great.

Good job.

Some mechanics are interesting: for example, dividing into several units to go to one place is nice!
Moreover there are a lot of levels proposed: 12 I think. 

Good work

Very good little game. The gameplay is nice and I would really like to see it on the phone! The rhythm and dynamism of the game is very exciting, you want to play it for a long time. Very addictive. 

The different classes are very nice!

I just got a big visual and sound slap while playing your game. Visually, your game is very beautiful, very well done and the sound is great. Moreover, in terms of game design, the game guides the player VERY WELL. I immediately understood where to go, how to use my abilities. The controls are super fluid. Very good game.

Very good work.

Ahahah It's a funny, fun and nice game. The mechanics of getting everyone together with the megaphone is just too much fun. The camera is fluid, the controls are super fluid too. Well done, well done. 

Special mention: Sound Design really very successful, 3D objects: impeccable. 5 stars.

When I first got into the game, I thought it looked very complex in terms of mechanics, but in fact, once you understand the game, it's quite fun! Very good game design in this little game. 

Great job.

This little game made me laugh a lot. I can't say why I stayed so long on it but the principle is cool! The controls are fluid, you understand very quickly what you have to do! Simple and effective ahah

Good job

It's a good little game! I really like the atmosphere, the theme is very well used here. Bravo for your very nice sound design which really made me stay on the game and discover your universe. The pixel art is well done. The shooting mechanics are interesting! 

Great job!

this game is promising with a little more polish and a real construction around the mechanics. I really like the narrative aspect of the game as well. The controls are quite fluid even if there are small bugs that can be easily fixed. 

Good work

We're sorry for the fps issue you encountered. It's the first time we've had this feedback and we'll see how to fix it! Thanks I hope you enjoyed the game anyway!

thank you for your feedback!
I hope you enjoyed the game and its gameplay!

Thank you for your comment, we are very touched. The animations will be reworked so that it is much more fluid.

I hope you enjoyed it!

thank you very much for your reply ! indeed, we are working on smoother controls but also on how to guide the player correctly. I hope you enjoyed playing it!

thank you very much for your feedback but also for your video which allows us to see how the player reacts to the game! it's a great idea to make a video. indeed, we planned to put a final boss but we did not necessarily have the time. We will continue to work on Lumi to improve the game. Thanks and we are sharing your video to the group members. thanks again!

I think the game is well constructed. The fact that there's both an exploration side and a "stronger together" side to it is really nice. I really like this kind of game. The controls and the camera are fun!

Good job

Being proud is the best thing and that's why we all participate in the jam. Nice mentality!

Wow, thank you very much for your comment, which means a lot to us! Yes, we found some bugs in the skills that are unlocked before accessing them ahah but this will be fixed soon! For the music, we'll integrate it later, unfortunately we didn't have time :(

I will test your game tonight! Thanks again!

I find your game very interesting. The art direction influenced me a lot to play it. The controls are pleasant and fluid. The player is well guided and knows his objective very quickly. 

Great job! 

Unlike the others, I find your game quite fun! The attack mechanics are very interesting when you have to aim with the cursor! The artistic direction is really nice, consistent with the rest. There are some bugs but that doesn't prevent the player from playing the game either and moreover it is quick to fix. 

Good job really!

Good toy prototype, a few bugs but nothing too serious. 

you have to work on it to make this toy become a game

Thank you for your feedback. Your comment is useful because we can see that some mechanics are not explicit enough for some people. So we need to create a tutorial! 

Thank you because it allows us to progress more efficiently in the production of the game. 

I hope you still enjoyed our game!

Super interesting game design, I like the fact that I can think about two solutions at the same time. The graphics are super cool and the controls super fluid. I had a lot of fun.

Good job.

We are going to rework the controls so that it is much more fluid and therefore easier to master. 

Thank you very much for your feedback, I hope you had fun!

We appreciate your feedback because it will help us to work on our gambling and some of its problems. 

Thank you very much for your feedback and we hope you had a lot of fun.

What a good little game. Too much fun to play, the controls are super smooth and the audio is superb. 

Good job.

Friendly atmosphere, sympathetic audio that puts you in a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. 

However, the controls are to be reviewed, I have the impression that the movements of my character are not fluid. Maybe, you should also modify the background which would allow us to dissociate the different entities in the game. 
The light cursor point is not visible enough, maybe increase the intensity a little bit. 

Good job anyway!

the light system is nice. I really like the atmosphere of the game. A little tutorial would have been a plus. The controls are nice, fluid and the game is fun.

Well done!

a nice little game. The atmosphere is nice, the decor is nice and the controls are fluid. I really like the design of the enemies. The player is very well guided at the beginning and the game is mastered very quickly. 

Well done!

Thank you for your feedback. 

Yes, we see what you mean and we will really focus on this to make Lumi the best it can be!
Hope you enjoyed it! 

thank you very much for this very positive feedback! 
Indeed, we have noticed a bug with the Lumi head that gets stuck in some platforms! We will fix it as soon as possible!
We're glad you enjoyed the game.
Thanks again!