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I loved the game except for those merchants ,constantly taking my fuel even if I reject their offer. Also, I got stuck in one part where i accidently searched a probe for fuel without having enough power to use my robotics system, so now i’m stuck. can allow player to still continue on with their journey to see how far they go. Good game overall tho, really enjoyed myself.

Thanks mate :)

It is a really polished game. Kudos to you man. Just a suggestion that you should add player location to the map as well, it makes navigating through this labyrinth much easier. Again really great job for making such a polished game :)

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I really liked game. The level design was good but Co-op was a bit difficult for me as I was playing alone.. Keep it up bro. Good Job :)

Firstly thanks for playing the game and taking the time to review it and I apologize for replying late.. I’m glad you liked it.. :) Yea the last stage had a twist to it where you had to control both players simultaneously and the “character switch button” doesn’t matter in last level. In that level you had to actually time the character jumps and use the obstacles to get to their portals.. The explanation of that level was really bad one from my side.. and about the second level, well that was just a bug I failed to fix. My intent was that when player pressed one button e others would reset, but it didn’t work :| Music is a really big area I struggle with but will improve it in my forthcoming jams.. Thanks for the review, have a good day :)

Really loved the game and level design. But the movement was a bit stiff and lever pulling was somewhat difficult as I had to press multiple times in order to activate it. You could actually make it a bit better by using some function which gets called as long as player is in lever’s proximity, like OnTriggerStay(). P.S. - I think vector art will really suit this game(since you are good with raster graphics..) :)

Really nice suggestion man, honestly didn’t think of that!! Thanks!! :) I will surely add an introductory level to explain all these mechanics and tricks and then build upon them in later levels.

Yea surely man, I would love to play it again after the bug fixes. I always hate to leave a story game without completing it.. Good Day to you too Good Sir.. :)

Firstly thank you for playing my game. I am glad you liked it and played it all the way. Your anticipation was my desire too but I couldn’t make any more levels due to the fact that I had exams going on and this was made between those. I assure you that I would add more levels in the future :) Also the last level in the game actually had a twist where you have to control both players simultaneously and have to get them to their respective portals by timing their jumps and using obstacles to match their arrival at the portals at same time. The last level was poorly explained by me but I am glad you figured it out on your own..

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The game was fun to play, turning from a platformer to a rage game as many have said so in the comments. I did not quite finish the game because I was constantly getting stuck in the geometry of the world while exploring the world and I didn’t had the option to go back to last checkpoint. But great job on the audio and graphics implementation :)

I really appreciate that you liked the game and will work upon improving the mechanics and add more levels to the game. Thanks for the review and for playing the game.

Thanks for the review, i will surely add more levels and audio in the future. Thanks :)

I totally agree with you regarding that directions point. I will try to make it more interactive in the next iteration of the game by adding some actual arrow key indications near or maybe the reactor itself. Yeah, that bubble thingy is actually the atoms inside the reactor :) . I wasn't able to convey that clearly to the player, that the energy is rising due to those bubble thingy collisions. XD

I will surely make the next iteration of this game better.

Thanks for taking the time to write out this review mate : ) 

I will surely look upon the UI to add more fun elements to this game like wrong button press indication as well as a particle system to make those collisions impressive (Yeah, those bubbles were actually atoms XD). I will continue developing this game to make it a good one in the future post-jam.

Thanks for taking the time to write this review and sharing your opinions. :)

I totally agree with you, I wanted to add some UI elements, such as actual arrow key images instead of the text, as well as some indicator of wrong button press near the energy element meter, but was a bit limited at that time by by knowledge.

I will surely work on adding these things and continue working upon it post-jam.

I really wanna thank you for taking the time for writing this review.

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The game looks good from the cover, but i'm not able to play it, even after installing OpenAL. I am able to hear the audio of the game but not able to see the visuals. here is what it looks when i open it.Can you figure this out, i really wanna play your game, the audio was too good  and i was excited for the real game play.

True, the same issue happened with me too. Maybe you could give us a drive link in the description for the game so that we can play it from there.

Hey matey, please finish up this game after the jam so that we can play it. :)

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I really like the art and audio that you have used in the game.The idea used is also good, trying to show a post nuclear world where  one has to travel for resources with specialised equipment. The walking part could have been reduced  a little  or maybe a minimap could have been added so that player can actually have a broader view of this map. Another thing  to add is that that i found  it difficult the first time to actually find the safest path to the store ,i.e the path determination on basis of change  in radioactive levels was a bit tricky to understand, so maybe you could improve that part a bit.

Keep it Up Mate !