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I really like the art and audio that you have used in the game.The idea used is also good, trying to show a post nuclear world where  one has to travel for resources with specialised equipment. The walking part could have been reduced  a little  or maybe a minimap could have been added so that player can actually have a broader view of this map. Another thing  to add is that that i found  it difficult the first time to actually find the safest path to the store ,i.e the path determination on basis of change  in radioactive levels was a bit tricky to understand, so maybe you could improve that part a bit.

Keep it Up Mate !


Thanks for the feedback!

A minimap to show where the store is would definitely make it better. Thanks for the idea. I'll look into adding this.

The tricky part about the safest route to traverse is that on paper it works but when implemented without knowing where the hotspots are it is tricky. Ill look into adding some new environment elements that'll give you an idea of where is likely high giving you a choice to either take the longer route or risk going through the potentially higher area. 

Good points and I appreciate you taking the time to tell me.