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Firstly thank you for playing my game. I am glad you liked it and played it all the way. Your anticipation was my desire too but I couldn’t make any more levels due to the fact that I had exams going on and this was made between those. I assure you that I would add more levels in the future :) Also the last level in the game actually had a twist where you have to control both players simultaneously and have to get them to their respective portals by timing their jumps and using obstacles to match their arrival at the portals at same time. The last level was poorly explained by me but I am glad you figured it out on your own..

That helped a lot in increasing my satisfaction when I completed the level... No need to change the last level..

I would suggest you to make that feature in multiple levels and make it so that the player has to enter the area in a certain fashion so they will be in best position otherwise they have made it difficult for themselves..

Kudos!!! for even getting that idea of last level...

Really nice suggestion man, honestly didn’t think of that!! Thanks!! :) I will surely add an introductory level to explain all these mechanics and tricks and then build upon them in later levels.