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We have a "donations account" (dont know how I need to translate this) and I dont know if we need more. We will see.
I need to get some sleep now, but thanks for the offered help.

I will try to participate in other Game Jams in the future, when we have something to stay I will get a pc soon and maybe will recover what is to recover and then go on with making games.
but its sad to let this one go, (and we finally got the spider (2d) animated in a way that looks good).

Maybe we will make the game that we planned for this Jam any way, because we really like the idea. (But we both need new equipment and time for this)

My home burned and my friend was there to visit me, and our computers are now a piece of iron with charcoal inside.
so we cant finish our game. (and we finally got a good idea)
I hope we are the only ones that cant finish the game because of something like this. (nobody got hurt btw.)

or you use the engine build in, ok.

"Asset store assets are not allowed either, except for the ones that don't contribute to the game itself but make the workflow easier"

My question is: can you use a asset that help you saving data (thinking of Save Game Free) or do you need player prefs or code your own thing?

what is a skeleton made of?

Sickness blocks the path, dont know what to do...

will there be updates? :D
because I really like the game, just player around 30 minutes and made my highscore of 111k points.
Its really fun

This is awesome!

I think it would be ok to do this with the demo and link the full version

More enemys would be nice, i didnt find the motivation to upgrade my ship to 100%.

Or maybe a end boss...

I wasnt at home sorry :c

to DireBoarGames; 1)I would say yes to the first (self made engine) 2) yes do it :) (if im not too late...)

to PlanetKiller: Its allowed. much is allowed here because its for fun :) and for learning something.

(sorry for typing errors etc, i had a 2 week computer break and im a bit rusty right now...)

nice, are there 2 or more endings? i made one and saw another. are there more?

Im not good at staying stealth :) again...

Wow. This is a very nice game :)

Can I submit a game, that i finish, but there may will be content updates (but the main game would be finished)

I failed.... 1. project unfixable -> no time to recreate it... (this was my favorite...) <- I will re-create this game some day.
2. project update is not huge... i have written plans etc for so many  enemys, towers, levels but no time to put this in the game-

I dont have time and need to make my game again... :|
thats why i maybe will just submit one game... and its the much more  simpler version

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wow :) will there be updates? (I mean more content)

Is it allowed to make and submit more than one game?


  • Unity
  • Gamemaker
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • PuzzleScriptEngine


would be nice (im new)


  • Unity
  • Gamemaker
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • PuzzleScriptEngine


Yes, cavestory is very nice :) he needs to add to the list.

But I´m 40 min. too late :c ( I saw something wrong with the time...)

I played both games -> both are very good :)

cool game.

just needs more levels and puzzle functions :)