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Cool that you want to try a game jam :o
I wish you good luck and hope you can make a cool game, just keep in mind to keep your goal rather low and easy to achive, and when you have time left expand on it. (dont make the same mistakes i do way too often >.<)

Really fun. My highscore is 1110

A bit harder and it would be even better for me, maybe add difficulties?

Good Job :D

Simple but very good :D nice. different enemy types, the difficulty was right for me (a bit hard in the end but thats normal i guess, felt like that was the goal...)
Controlls are nice, sounds and music used in the right way. I enjoyed it.

what i did was (i have perspective camera, so for orthographic the first part is a bit different):

Vector3 targetPosition = Input.mousePosition;         
targetPosition.z = 10; //replace 10 with world zero    (difference from camera position to player position)     
//set the target position based on the mouse input position
targetPosition = playerCam.ScreenToWorldPoint(targetPosition);          
Vector3 direction = targetPosition - transform.position;         
float distance = maxSpeed * Time.deltaTime;          
if (direction.magnitude <= distance)             
    transform.position = targetPosition;         
    transform.Translate(direction.normalized * distance, Space.World);

its quite hacky, probably not bug free but it works!

if something needs explaination i can, but i think the names of all the things explain what happens quite good.

very nice for that small amount of time you put into it. good job.

aus lehan said i  would also prefer to let the player shoot when holding the mouse button down. (with a small cooldown)

Quite hard to clear the enemies within these 10 seconds, at least i didnt got it <.< so they were more and more.

Like already wrote here some hit feedback would be nice especially because the projectiles are quite small.

If there is a post jam update i would like to play it again :)

one of my friends did the music loop in the last 90 minutes of the game jam so i was able to focus on small bug fixes. 

i went for a really relaxing game jam on the side of doing school so yes its by far not finished or perfect.
thanks for playing and giving feedback :D

music is one of the things i will definitly polish after the rating period :D

My first try was ended quick, my second was a bit easier somehow :D
simple put on point, nice.

Enjoyed it. It was a bit easy for a long time (for my personal taste) :D

You mean that they appear in a random order? could try that.

I forgot to add linux build, and my web build just crashes (unity itself, not the project...) . I dont know how i can add this sorry :<
Also the submission phase is over so i probably cant add a linux build.

as long as it contains projectiles :D


I didnt do anything on the first 2 days, and after that i also wasnt able to do more than some hours a day. school keeps me busy :D

Agreed. would also lift a bit pressure from me <.< because im running low on time with the basic stuff that NEEDS to be done.

I would submit it, i for myself will also submit it, and i also didnt put much time into this game because of other stuff that happend.

In other game jams this worked, but i dont know for this one in special.

As Skyan said most bullet hell use this really simple default movement ant really snappy.

some also offer to use a controller (when you use unity for example it should be no problem when you already use the "input axis" horizontal and vertical.

you can also do that the player follows the mouse position.


I would like to try to survive 200.000 bullets

one last question; does this also work for 3d or is this just intended for 2d usage?

does it use Graphics.DrawMeshInstancedIndirect? anyway i will first try for myself and then look into it to learn from it. looks very good ^^
very kind to share the work to other people.

Do you use Jobs system? Object pooling? both?
just asking out of pure interest <.<

I hope this will help people especially beginners, i for myself will write an own system just to learn ^^

The sensitivty is somehow faster on bigger resolution, I will definitly overwork the camera in the next days.

I can add a speedup button, i had one at some point but removed it because the game is already not that long... I may add it back in the next version.

I would love to be able to aim the grappling hook with the mouse. :D

I really liked it. The art was so happy and nice. It just a  good feeling playing this game.

It was definitly something different to the other games I played, i liked the concept, i just sometimes got lost a bit behind stuff but thats probably also because im a bit tired, i will play it again tomorrow definitly if i can grab a friend :D

Everyone says that with the camera >.< I know the thing i will fix next is definitly the camera.

Would be amazing if we could move diagonally :D i think that would make the movement feel more fluent.

good job :D the smallest file size in this game jam i have seen so far.

I really liked playing it and it really fits the game, 
But i have to say that with 5 monkeys without constantly seeing their "number" i really switched much around until i slowly started to know which key represents which monkey :D

Our game is missing 2 ratings for the 20. :o

I will now take my time and play through the games in this post until i fall asleep and will continue after sleeping.

The camera sadly was one of the last minute things that were added, and I see how it turned out :|
But there already happend much bugfixing and some polishing which I will upload tomorrow after the rating period ended :D
Also there is some content still waiting to be fixed and added. (like placing spells or new monsters (not just towers))

I really liked that I was able to select the colors for each player :D very nice

(1 edit)

Extremly polsihed puzzle game, very nice :D
I cant find something I could really complain about. good job!

Oh that makes sense, 
they are normal sprites and not affected by light, im planning on switching to quads or to look into sprite shaders so they are affected by light and the enviroment, also maybe i will give them some depth.
I totally agree that they look a bit out of place.

What i really will take to my heart for the next game jam is working with gifs ^^
they just look amazing and i now question myself for not making and using them.

"Rate games early" is also a thing i will do in the next game jam, this time i was very burned out because of things that happend outside of the jam.

(web version was planned but i failed :| the game was extremly buggy until the last minutes of the game jam oopise >.<)
Also i hope that next game jam my real life will just on time take at least 6 out of the 7 days to work on the game,
Im a bit sorry for my team that i had problems from the days 2-4 so such important things as the camera were made in the last hours and minutes before deadline and other things had to be left out or werent polished, which now revenges itself.

I would love a close to 20 ratings tab, because i would use it to help everyone get at least 20 ratings, because i cant play all the games in this short amount of time, - it would also help our game right now which is close to 20 ratings.

what i really love about game jams is that im learning so much new stuff, this game jam also was a treasure of new knowledge. :D

Thank you for the tricks, I hope i wont forget them. I will also share this post :)

Oh thats not intentional, if its not the boss enemy. (day 4, in the post jam moved to day 7 and the days 2-6 last much monger)
The boss appears a bit short sadly because some things were just added last minute,
The pixel art characters are not place holders, the only place holders i have in my head right now are the selection rings. But maybe im forgetting something ^^

The sensivity of the mouse somehow depends on the resolution (higher resulotion = faster) I need to look into this definitly, thats one of the bugs i have not fixed yet.