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Shoot out a stream of smoke at a fire to ignite it.
Any enemies that were touching the burning smoke will burn.
For the first enemy, use the fire to their right :)

I considered checkpoints but considering how short the game is, I thought it would make it too easy :D

The fire doesn't reappear but it's quick enough to restart the game with R :)

Thanks for playing!

Made in 50% of the recommended time, just like yours :)

Well done! I didn't find those two solutions :)

Cheers :) It's not exactly A* pathfinding but if you can't tell, that's good enough for me :D

Meltdown averted, phew!

Perfect game with Easter coming up :D

Most chickens: 17

Clever concept but definitely needs a restart button :D

Really like the voiceover :)

Managed to finish it by doing short taps

It looks and feels good but I couldn't play it

The game would crash when I returned a dog or wallet to their owner

I did explore the whole map and got a triangle from the lonely guy :)

Enjoyed the gameplay and level layouts. Finished all the levels :)

Would be nice if the music was in sync with enemy movements


I'm glad it turned out quite difficult. I thought I'd made it too easy :D

Cheers :) You were so close!

Pretty tough but still fun :)

Great music!

Would be nice if I could use the numpad too


I basically placed the triangles to make a nice pattern then added dots afterwards :)

Thanks :D

Clever idea and nice thumbnail :D
If the background was a grid, I think this could be more strategic than trial and error

I'd only say maybe the text should be bigger

Near the end, I had a lot of clear orbs laying at the bottom of the screen.
Clicking an orb again to deselect it would be nice too.

But the bounciness and slow-motion is great and the polish really does shine through!

Cool idea! My tactic was to find some empty area and pass the ball as much as I could before the triangles got close :D

I was too focused on moving and passing that I didn't make use of the rotate ability

I would prefer if everything moved a little faster and if there was an indication of where the next square would spawn from.

But I like the slightly trippy visuals and the cleanness of the game :) 

Also, thanks for adding SilentWolf to the description - I'll be taking a look at that

Thanks for playing! Sorry about the sound :D

I had my volume at 2% when adding sound so I forgot to turn the game's audio level down. Oops :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

Not sure why the audio is popping - will look into that

Really enjoyed this one!

There were a lot of great levels from such a simple mechanic :)

The original was good but this takes it to a whole new level! You can really see the work that went into this. The story mode is great and the choice of music is excellent. On Infinite Mode, I got:

I'm glad you went over to polish this and it gives me some motivation to clean up some of my old games too :D

I like the idea of a second weapon - that'd be cool!

The table is meant to be the main obstacle but there are a few ways to overcome it:

  • Get piercing bullets - allows some bullets to pass through the table
  • Get shockwave - press space to slow enemies down for a while
  • Get cord extensions - more room to move about

Thanks for playing :D

Very simple but fun
Got about 20 seconds but the timer continues after you lose :D

The turret looks amazing!
Surprised at the amount of work in a short period of time.

My only suggestion would be to have smaller/fewer displays in the turret.
They took up the peripheral vision and the camera, although it looked cool, wasn't really necessary.

Nevertheless, it was very fun to play :)

This is really fun but a little easy.
My opponent and I would press our keys at pretty much the same time so it was a stalemate most of the time.
I think a little variation and speed increase would add some challenge.

Also, the next letter should appear early if the player presses the key early.
I often found myself waiting for the next letter.

But overall, the game is very clean and has brilliant art!
It also looks a lot more relaxing than it actually is :D

Might be better if you zoomed out a little bit - couldn't see where all the bullets were coming from :D

The slow-motion ability was nice addition to give us a lot more control of the chaos

A lot of mechanics and even a tutorial!
A little tough to start with but it really gets you thinking.
Well done :)

Thanks :)
Spent quite a bit of time on the upgrade system so I'm glad it paid off

Excellent depiction of office life :D
The art style is great!

After posting my comment, I thought I'd try it one last time and got less than 1 minute!

I want to start off by saying I very much enjoyed this game :)
But it could be better:

  1. Sound - decent (not engaging but not intrusive either)
  2. UI - not very pleasing but gets the work done
  3. Esc for menu - not good when playing fullscreen in browser. Maybe use [M]enu or [H]ome
  4. Confusing controls...
    1. Moving on a char felt slippery
    2. Changing one char at a time was frustrating
    3. Accidently changing a char by more than one was even worse
    4. The direction the char changes depends on what key you pressed last: left/right
      1. You could keep jumping on a char to move it in that direction
      2. This is a cool mechanic but since it wasn't explained, I'll count it as one of my exploits :D
  5. Random was not fun to play
    1. There was no hint for the word so the player has to keep guessing
    2. But guessing takes a lot of effort
    3. Ended up just dodging cursors, collecting bits and dashing down to reveal char

Speedrun, on the other hand, was awesome!
My tactic was to get all the letters close to "WOWIE" without getting any correct or getting hurt.
This made sure that there were only 2 cursors at that time.
I would have "XPXHD".
Then I would a char once to it's correct letter, die, change another char once, die and so forth to end up with "WOWIE".
I didn't collect any bits for revealing chars.

I could have done better but I'd spent enough time already :)
I had a lot of fun beating your personal best :D

Thanks for the feedback  - glad you enjoyed it :)

Yes, the poison heaven was the end.
The player finally reaches their destination where their unquenchable thirst for poison will be eternally fulfilled with self-filling bottles :D

Pretty enjoyable with the perfect atmosphere! 
The difficulty ramped up after 500, with some speed demons appearing, which greatly added to the pressure. 
I particularly liked the art and chaining explosions :)