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We've made it easier to transform now :)
Thanks, working with Nizart was a pleasure

Super challenging but I really like the old-school style

Would be cool to see which screen had the most deaths

Looks and sounds great but the timer was way too fast for me and my mouse :)

Clean and simple game :) 

Great story; glad there was a happy ending :)

Great use of all THREE themes!

Note: Sometimes, you can have the same kaiju twice in a row
Often I would run out of the yellow colour and I didn't know how to bring it back

But I like the story behind it; if this was possible, it would definitely happen :D

A little hard to control the individual characters but an interesting idea (quite similar to our submission)

It felt fast-paced but slow at the same time; fast when collecting eggs but then there were times where there were no eggs (for about 10 seconds) so I just hid under some platforms.

Died after 50 pogs when all hell broke loose!

My suggestions would be to always have one egg available to pick up on the screen and flip the pogchompersaurus when moving left/right

Great game though; played it more than a few times!

Funny story, clever ending and awesome that you created in your own tool!

Maybe you could add a link to the song in the description (I enjoyed listening to it while playing)

A very calming game about survival

Maybe the player could have a different coloured outline (we are effectively patient zero)

It got a little cramped later on and I ended up being stuck in and endless loop of starving and eating my neighbours :D

Your previous games were good but this just takes it to a whole new level!
There's more content to the game, great execution of a great concept and the transformation of the micro-organism was cute :)
Also, your credits section has improved and glad to see you're getting better at Trijams (and game development) in general

Very fun gameplay!
The magic projectiles should disappear when its wizard dies.
Besides that, the art and dashing makes this a very strong game :)

I can tell a lot of thought went into this (at least 2 days worth!)


  • Shrink as well as fade ships when they reach the planet so it looks like they're landing/descending
  • Option to invert scroll (took me a while to get used to it)
  • Alternative controls:
    • Hold and drag the temporal ley lines
    • Arrow keys: Up/Down to manipulate, Left/Right to select temporal ley line
    • My mouse wheel isn't 100% reliable and I don't want to jeopardise the colonists because of a faulty mouse

Great concept and execution overall!

Your 1-bit pixel art style is really good!

My suggestion would be to repeat the background and scroll it at the same speed as the planets.
Also, don't let planets with a straight trajectory spawn in the middle; they're impossible to avoid.

Bug: sometimes the ship would disappear (at least there were no invisible planets).
Also, I didn't know whether it was endless so I stopped at level 11 but I had fun :)

Haha cheers :D

Thank you :)

I usually like to add easter eggs but didn't have time for this one
Glad you enjoyed it :)

Maybe you could add something to the description to point players towards your perspective

Not sure how it relates to the theme...
I just see the flower being eaten

Almost thought you spent a whole week on it :D

Sorry about that
Thanks for playing!

This wibbly wobbly game was great and having to play it twice was even better!

The beeps and boops are the sounds the alien makes when calling home :)
(Feedback appreciated)

Such a cool mechanic and you joined 2 jams together!
Like mine, this game could do with some nice SFX or BGM :)
But the art was smart and simple

A lot of fun to play and good difficulty curve, especially when 2 cleaners swipe across at the same time.

My only problem would be the colour of the portals; I'm not colour-blind but still had difficulty differentiating between red/orange, yellow/green, blue/purple.
One way to fix this would be to have different shaped portals (e.g. Triangle, Square, Circle, Star, Hexagon, Spiral) and have the same shape in the background of the dimension it links to.

Music choice and art style was on point! Nice menu but I think you meant Portals, not Protals

Btw it's nice to see you on TriJam but you might have a game jam problem :D

 Sorry about that :(
I've tested it works on Firefox (Windows 10)
But couldn't test Safari

Great visuals for everything except the collectible coffee cups; they looked a little out of place.
Also, collisions felt off; I'd get stuck on a wall when jumping.
But the difficulty was perfect :)
And finally, I escaped!

It was tough having to remember who ordered what and how to make it
An easy mode could be to have orders and recipes onscreen at the bottom
Also, you could have cats order their favourite drink (e.g. ginger always orders Clawtte)
But the art was great as always and it helps to relieve the stressfulness of the game :)

Quite difficult but it has a very clean aesthetic :)

Coffee Rush was epic but it should be easier to get so more people can see the awesomeness within!
Also, you could use left mouse button for both jump and fall

Oh no! I wasted so much coffee.
But this game was excellent!

This is a solid game :)

If you had longer levels, you could make the coffee machines into checkpoints

Nice! Challenging and entertaining

Cheers :D

Really good visuals with a limited palette!
It looks really polished but needs some sound, even if it's a beep or boop :)

Thanks, I was learning about 3D games in Godot so I thought I'd make a (very) small game out of it :)

It's nice to see that you've brought your PICO-8 pixel art to Godot :)

The game starts off a little too slow. Not sure if it's the movement speed or the price of coffee.
By the end, the income rate is still relatively slow compared to a normal clicker game.
I think I spent more time watching and listening than actually "playing".

But I spent a while on your game (my plantation is pretty populated)...

Nice twist on a common block-pushing idea

Would be great if there were more levels :)

The game loop was really fluid :D

The music was very good, especially how it sped up with the game
But it was a little weird that I could double-jump with a skateboard

Your Devlog was an interesting read; it's nice to see that you're assessing your skills
Congrats on your second Trijam game and keep it up!