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I have a question about providing credit. Steam does not allow any websites that lead to paid items in the game, so I cannot link your actual itch io page. Instead, I can provide credit with the asset name and your name. Will this suffice?

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Real Civil Engineer just posted a video of this on YouTube. It looks so fun!

Oh I think that's a great idea! Difficult for those who like it that way, but an option for some who want it a bit easier. 

The controls were a bit wonky and not all that intuitive, but I really liked the music and overall concept. The 2D on 3D is something I haven't seen before and part of me likes it but part of me hates it. I know that's probably not helpful! Some music in the beginning during all the text would be a nice addition. It's good as is, but I think with some fine tuning it could be great.

I have fixed most of those issues since submitting to the game jam, so I am definitely well aware of them! The browser version is a bit glitched depending on the browser type as well as some other random factors. It's why I've noted that the download version is much better--doesn't have those same issues! 

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback. Keep an eye out for updates--I've already fixed most of the problems from the comments!

Not gonna lie, that took me 22 minutes for the easy puzzle. The trick that you did (won't say) really got me until I figured out which way the pieces were supposed to go. The music is good, but it gets repetitive when you take as long as it took me! I had no idea what the final puzzle was supposed to look like so I just had to figure it out as I went along. I'm more of a 'see the picture on the box' kind of puzzle person, but I enjoyed the game nonetheless. Good job!

Thanks so much and I'm glad you liked it! I added the Scooby Doo sounds to further emphasise the need for munchies, but I am definitely taking them out for the next update. 

I did not notice the dog upgrades. I'll have to do some more playtesting to see what's going on with that, so thank you for pointing it out to me. It's amazing the things we miss even after continually playing them. The background is plain because it's all I had time for, but I'm working on making it a bit fancier. 

I'm definitely going to keep polishing it, so keep an eye out for updates!

Thanks! I'm working on a lot of updates and fixes for it right now. You'll be able to pet the dog soon :D

Only the dog can collect them :D

Super cute game and a really unique idea on the theme. Animations were a bit wonky, but a really good jam submission.

Yeah, I've a note in the comments about the enter key. If you've clicked off the screen at all before hitting enter, it doesn't register. The downloadable version is fine, though. In the pet upgrades menu, you can buy the pet upgrades with the 'bone' points, not the munchies, so maybe that's why it wasn't working? Or if you're referring to the actual 'buy pet upgrades,' it doesn't work until you've bought your first pet. Regardless, I need to add some tutorials and better instructions for all of it, for sure! 

Thanks the feedback and rating :D

That's because munchies are the best.... ;)

Totally agree on all of those points and I'm actually in the process of adding them to the game now. Thanks so much for playing and for your feedback :D

Yeah, there's a slight glitch that if you've clicked off the game at all before clicking enter, the screen doesn't go away. It works fine for the downloadable version, but the browser is a bit wonky. I'm glad you liked it, though!

Seems like we both made some addictive games ;) 

Nice time-waster that is helping me procrastinate doing my job lol. I agree with the other comments that it could be a bit more difficult and the time between the waves could be less. Regardless, I spent more time on it than I should have so good job on that!

Super cute puzzle game and definitely impressive that you did everything yourself. However, it drove me absolutely nuts that the controls were Q and D instead of A and D. I kept messing up because it was just awkward. Good fit for the theme though and super cute.

I absolutely love the interpretation of the theme for this game. It was difficult in a fun way and it's amazing that you could choose between difficulties if you're like me and aren't the best at these types of games lol. Super unique idea, for sure.

I definitely got a lot of my inspiration from the Leaf Blower Revolution. I am still learning the process of game development, so I totally agree that it is too similar. I am working on updates now that will make it different, though the idle game aspect will still remain of course. There will also be a prestige system and different upgrades to help with that plateau. Thanks so much for playing ande I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

This game has so much polish to it. The music fits really well with the aesthetics of the game. Few small notes, aside from the cooldown because you already know that. It would be great if there was a checkpoint between the first and second set of spikes. It took awhile for me to figure out the second puzzle and having to go back through the first set of spikes again got very repetitive. I love the art for the platforms, but I think it could be improved in the areas where there are more than just one set of bones. Instead of having let's say 6 of the skull sprites in a row, it'd be cool to see them mixed up a bit. Another very small note is that for the death count in the top right, it looks almost like a negative value so I felt like I died a negative amount of times lol. I don't have that much else to say about it because it is a really beautiful game and very fun to play. Great job.

I'd love to check yours out in the morning! In the meantime, it'd be great if anyone could check out my idle game

I will definitely be adding doggo pets! 

The purpose is to get upgrades for both yourself and your dog because as a team, you are stronger together in getting munchies! 

I'm glad you liked the game though :D

I know what you mean--idle games are so addicting. I've played them before and then looked at the clock and realised 30 minutes had passed!

I think the reason the pet upgrades wouldn't get purchased is because they use the 'treat' currency--the bones that the dogs pick up. However, the banners on itch block where you see how many of those you have, so it's kind of hard to tell. Didn't realise that until it was too late...

I really appreciate your feedback on the game. I definitely have intentions to address these, particularly in regards to upgrades and a prestige system. That along with some achievements I think will help with having more of a goal. 

The quotes were there mostly to emphasise where 'The Munchies' are coming from ;) but I get what you mean. 

I didn't even think of being able to pet the dog! Definitely an improvement that is needed immediately.

Thanks for playing and stayed tuned for updates. Also, there is a downloadable version that has a save file system...

Thanks, I'm so glad you like it! It's really nice to have feedback on the upgrade system--I wasn't sure on the level of difficulty having playtested it so much myself lol. I have a lot of plans for better FX , music, and upgrade systems. Stay tuned for a prestige feature :D

I really like the concept of joining the cubes for different abilities--I think it fits the theme really well. I wish that you only died when you touched the spike part, though, and not just the bottom of the pillar. It made it just a bit more difficult. Super fun puzzles though and overall a good game.

The cutscenes were great and really made the game feel more interactive. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be difficult or if I just suck at platformer games (definitely a possiblity), but it had a rage-quit like vibe to it. Increasing the length of the upgrade would help with that, unless the purpose is rage quitting! Overall a pretty fun platformer.

I'm definitely a 4 kind of person...on my way to rate yours if you want to check mine out :D

This game is really in-depth and I can tell you put a lot of work into it. The music and sound effects are great (I do understand that you didn't make them, but they still fit well). I'm not a religious person so the storyline to me was a bit weird, but that's a personal thing and is nothing against the game. The fighting style was also really cool. A different take on turn-based attacks.

On my way to play yours!

Aw the blessing and curse of idle games! Thanks so much and I'm so glad you liked it. 

Stay tuned for updates--I'll be adding a prestige system and some more/different types of upgrades plus better music now that I'll have more than a week. 

Thanks so much and I'm glad you liked it! I definitely have plans for updates to the game including some satisfying munching sounds 😁

I was not! I was jumping from the ledge. I'll try from below because it is a fun game. 

You know it! I actually just finished playing some Leaf Blower Revolution there... Idle games are so addicting.

This was so much fun! It's hilarious and I loved the art style and the concept. The hit boxes are a little wonky though--I got stuck for a few minutes. Super fun game.

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Thanks! The dog does help collect the munchies though... And once you unlock the pet upgrades it helps out even more! It does go after the treats first and then the munchies, but it does collect them. I'm glad you enjoyed it and the music :D 

Either I'm really bad at games like this (which is totally possible), or the placement of the jam to renew the double-jump in the beginning is just a bit off. I really liked the mechanics though and I think it fits the theme well!

The purpose is to upgrade both your skills and your pets. The more you upgrade both, the more points and better munchies you'll get!

It really fits the theme of the game jam! Puzzle games like this are always fun, good job.

The graphics were really nice and the audio was relaxing. I wish the shooting was a bit faster though as I had a hard time hitting the centipede enemies.