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8-bit Action Game Music Pack || Intro Sale

A topic by SkyhammerSound created May 19, 2021 Views: 51
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Intro sale (34% off) ends May 26th 2021 at midnight (EEST)!

Link to asset:
Link to preview at SoundCloud:

The 8-bit Action Game Music Pack from Skyhammer Sound contains 10 seamlessly looping tracks that are perfect for a retro, 8 bit style games. Composed with the aid of a faithful emulation of the legendary 6581 and 8580 SID chip models, this chiptune music pack is certain to help your players stay immersed in the game you’re creating. All tracks are mixed and mastered with a professional touch, and ready to be used in your project.

This music pack is a great match for arcade and retro games, for example in such genres as action/adventure, shoot ‘em up, racing and platformers. The tracks work well as level themes or menu themes. Each track is infused with memorable and catchy melodies inspired by the great composers of the 8-bit era.

I'm here to provide support if the need arises! The zip contains 10 WAV files which are easy to import to the game engine of your choice. Feel free to ask me anything related to the asset here :)

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