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Thank you so much.

Glad to hear that ^w^

Aww thanks 🥰

Glad to hear that 🤗

Indeed she is (。・ω・。)ノ♡

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What a coincidence 😁

I also made a little (SFW) Visual Novel game focused on Modeus lol.

Nice work btw 👍

Thank you so much o((>ω< ))o

That's a great idea... I really liked that.

Anyway, here's my game (Which is a Visual Novel fangame focused solely on Modeus.)

Fantastic artwork and gameplay. Music is also catchy and exciting.

Your game inspired me to make a fangame of my own (a Visual Novel type, since I wanted so long to make one, but couldn't for lacking experience.)

Keep up the good work m8

The game was planned to be available on computers only. I can't make it available for mobile due to some technical issues.

But I'm pretty sure there are ways to play it on mobile tho.

I'm pretty sure the file is safe to use.

Could you share a screenshot of the issue you have?

I never thought I'll see that scene turned into a game. But there we are.

IT'S pretty darn good :DD

This is awesome, I like that :DD

The artstyle looks great :DD

Yes, but she may call him a degenerate tho :pp

I'm sorry, it's available for Windows only.

For a Touhou fangame made entirely with Scratch, this is quite impressive.

Thank you so much. Hope you did enjoyed playing the game ;)

Thank you so much for playing

glad to hear you enjoyed it ^^

Well, This is my very first post on the community, so nice to meet you all ;))

Ok then, This is my second game ever made "XcERD" (I made one before that, but it's not as complete as this)

it took me around 6 months of work using GameMaker: Studio 1.4

If I have to describe the game in one sentence, it'll be something like : "It's a bullet-hell wanna be" :pp

Please check it out right here, and I hope you'll enjoy it ^3^

Oh my goodness, THIS IS AMAZING OwO

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it ^^