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So the impression I'm getting is that everyone else chose 'courage and skill' rather than 'wisdom and perception'. Which is a shame, because I'm stuck at [3] and don't see any hints here.

Ohh, or is the 'wisdom and perception' route a recent addition?

(Great game by the way!)

(edit: Not to worry. Power of posting!)

Beautifully designed, very nicely paced and some wonderful "Aha!" moments. Thank you!

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I'd start by zbivat gur jnyy gb gur obggbz yrsg jurer vg'f bhg bs gur jnl. Then you can hfr gur bgure oybpxf gb trg gb gur rkvg, znxvat fher lbh cnff guebhtu gur fjvgpu na bqq ahzore bs gvzrf.

I finally got round to coming back for the B side. Challenging but warm and lovely. Thank you! <3

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I've been playing this on Android and loving it! Sadly I've got discouraged a couple of puzzles from the end by not being able to work out exactly how one of the mechanics works, which made it too much of a guessing game. But up to that point it's been very enjoyable and the story segments are nicely written too!

Excellent. Thanks!

Taiji community · Created a new topic Pricematch

Thanks for doing the pricematch - that solves a dilemma! One thing - any chance of pricematching the soundtrack bundle?


Fair enough, it didn't sound as though your Godot programming experience was very positive but I thought I might as well ask.

Ooh, this looks fab. Does using Godot mean mobile/web versions would be (relatively) trivial to release?

Nicely done, and the twist in the final level made me think!

Awww, that's nice.

Looks fantastic, I'm dizzily looking forward to reliving some good Spectrum times!

The download icons seem to have got mixed up though - it's showing Linux and Android icons against the Mac and Linux versions respectively. There's no Android version really, right?

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I've finished the game now, and enjoyed it a lot! The script is very funny and very you, and I found I was more invested in the characters than I expected. I'm a fan of locations that change over time, and liked the soundtrack a lot too.

Phew! I thought it was just a mistake, but couldn't help worrying I'd missed a vital mechanic.

The Google Play links for Lifestream and Shady Brook are dead! Are the games no longer available there?

Not wanting to specify in case it's a spoiler, but is there a mistake in the 'Goal' picture?

Somehow I had a feeling Treasure Island Dizzy might have been an influence :)

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I enjoyed this a lot, and the final level was very cute. There was one subtlety to a couple of the rules that had me stumped for a while - sneaky!

Lovely relaxing game. Thanks!

Thanks, I enjoyed that! Not generally a fan of move counting, but you kept it nice and tight.

This is great, clever switching of mechanics and all! 28 had me stumped for a while.

I did not find this as relaxing as most of your games, but still rather lovely. Thank you.

This looks like fun! Are the maps specially arranged or would it work as a card game?

Cosgrove Hall? Nice.

Any chance of a Mac version?

Clever and charming as ever!

Very nice! You actually had me thinking the last level was impossible, then ohhhh.

Ooh, clever. I convinced myself that a couple of those were impossible before solving them!

This is a brilliant thing to do - any chance of a banner or something on the front page so people know it's happening?


YES! Manufactoria is the biggest reason I'm sorry to see the end of flash, so this is excellent news. Now - any chance there'll be an Android version?

The download file appears to be an exe - any chance of a zip?

Any chance of an Android version? The idea of a shared puzzle experience seems ideal for a tablet!

Yes, I've already bought the game here, and I'll play it eventually! It just seems a waste to download the full 3GB so I can listen to the soundtrack before I'm ready to install the game. If that's more complicated than just adding an extra file the the appropriate box, no big deal :)

I may not have time to play the game yet (though I'm looking forward to it!) but thought I might listen to the soundtrack sooner - any chance you could add the soundtrack as a separate download so I don't have to download all 3GB before I can hear it?

Short of clicking through to all the download pages individually or cross-checking against a browse of Android games, is there a way to see which of the games in my library run on Android?

Obviously the ideal would be to be able to filter/search the library the same way as the store browsing page, but this special case would be useful on its own if there's a way!



I had a look at BrandLibel's notes from the research on communication and I think I can help here:

Let's see...

The response to sweat seems to be RECKONING.

And the dish soap gave us GUILLOTINE.

I'm getting nervous about this.

Once this area was densely wooded, but not now. The trees have all been harvested, the stumps cut close to the ground. Ah, progress.