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nice concept. I liked it. What is the name of the genre or type of mechanic used? Something like an idle game or something?

hi, very neat and educational quiz game. Some questions start to repeat even if you made them right. I am not sure if this is intended.

Hi, the game looks lovely. The dialogue characters are kind of oversized - perhaps make them smaller in a portrait at the side. Climate change is a hot topic nowadays. Keep up the good work.

Nice idea, I like how the planes crash.

Hi, interesting concept. I had hard time to understand where the platforms have some other platform underneath or there is nothing there. I died a couple of times already. The "Cancel" button doesn't do anything during attack.

Hi, I played your game briefly. I got a score of 20. The graphics are nice. I liked the colors and theme. It becomes too repetitive, perhaps change the clouds or put some collectables. Also the jump now is always the same length. Perhaps give it a little more depth - like holding the jump key to stay longer in the air, pressing it shorter - stay shorter. Change the speed of the clouds and this will give it more variety of gameplay and skill. Good luck.

Hi, nice graphics, I loved the starting landscape the most.

Hi, I played briefly your game. It seems there is some collision bug when the rats are very close to me, I can't kill them, and then they only suck my life. Seems there is no easy way to dodge them except hitting? Perhaps jumping over them might help with going away from them. Good luck.

Hi rosyrose, thank you very much for your feedback. It seems to me that the bonus level is actually more fun than the rest. I am going to focus on bringing that more forward.

The graphics looks so clean and cute. I will definitely try the game.