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Share your soundclouds or bandcamps Sticky

A topic by leafo created Dec 15, 2015 Views: 22,583 Replies: 322
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Title says it all. If you have a favorite track(s) also list it! I'll start:

Most of this music I made for Weekly Beats 2014, typically made a few hours before the deadline. I've mode some rock music, chiptune, and midi music.

My favorite track at the moment is this midi:


a big primary focus in my music is in composing various forms of experimental metal; i dabble in other genres occasionally, but most of my music is either ambient or extreme metal. i also do hip-hop / footwork material occasionally, and i plan on doing a lot more in 2016. i also recently got my bass fixed, so i'll probably be doing lots of solo recordings. my soundcloud is usually where the work-in-progress material goes, and the finished stuff gets pressed to bandcamp.

admittedly my music can be extremely harsh, but that's typically my favorite kind of stuff to make.

(+1) There's only one album on my bandcamp right now but I put a lot of effort into it. At some point I plan to branch out into doing non-game music, and other game soundtracks. My style right now is kind of muddy and synthy, although that's just what this game's soundtrack called for, since it was set at night, and themed around the same styles of music the game is about. I also haven't been doing this for very long, and I'm also working my way towards being able to make the kind of music I've always wanted to (which would involve learning to sing...) so I decided to roll my own soundtrack as practice, as well as for its own sake. I'll post my soundcloud too, but it's not game music, it's just me clowning around with mashups, etc. It's old and not really anything I'd put front and centre to represent my style.

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Hello, May I ask if bandcamp allows you to add sounds in as you please to make music? I was wondering because I am making a soundtrack for my uses.

My Soundcloud: <'3

I'm mainly a video game composer (for my own projects and freelance) though I do make ambient, progressive, dnb, etc whenever I get the urge (though I've taken to mostly posting that on my secondary account). My main genres are orchestral music and retro wave (can't get enough!).

I have a Bandcamp, but there's just a bunch of really old stuff on it.

Hi friends! I'm a videogame soundtracks composer/producer and I would like to share with you some of my jobs and demos. I hope you like them. Thank you!

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Hey, there! My SoundCloud's here.

As for a favorite track, I dunno. People seemed to like this one, so I'll put it here:


I really enjoy your music, been following for a while :)


Yo, thanks! Glad people seem to like my music. :)

Hey, this is pretty cool man! congrats! :)

nice dubstepy-chiptune work man. lovely.

Here's mine:

Hope you like it :)

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Hey everyone! You can find my soundcloud here.

I actually just finished this track I'm really proud of:

Hello everyone,

while I do other types of music as well here is my soundcloud with my dancy chiptune stuff.


We has a Bandcamp!

We also make our music available here though:

Hi, I´m new here and just added my first game (Error Ware 2 Demo). I really like this site! You can listen some tracks I made in FL Studio with mostly free soundfonts & VSTis here:

You can also find music for games I sadly never finished there, too. Quite different styles, from dance / chiptunes to more happy "Nintendo" kind of music. Hope you enjoy!

A selection of some of the best music I've made to date:

I work in a LOT of genres: ambient, post-rock, chiptune, acoustic, hardcore, folk, and experimental.

For regular life I tour full-time with this guy:

Here's mine

Sort of house/deep house whatever

If anyone is interested I also wrote the sound engine, editor and sequencer used to create it all too.

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Hi there, Here's my SoundCloud.

This is one of my favourite tracks from PONCHO.

Here's my bandcamp:

I recently wrote the soundtrack for Her Tears Were My Light by NomnomNami, which is a great short visual novel to check out if you have about an hour to spare!


Here's my soundcloud:

My bandcamp:

And an embed for you lazy pants:

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Mostly unpublished demos, but a couple other tunes that were used in some rpg maker games

Subjectively the 'Best' of

Music from Ludum Dare

Well there, Hellow all :c

I dont have a lot of music yet, there is plenty of them i dont want to publish cause they are pretty bad, so i am too =.=

Yes... So... Th'as all i guess x')



Hello everyone!

I am Dimi and I compose and produce Synthwave music! This genre is mostly retro inspired by the 80s and 90s full of synths and nostalgia. You can check my SoundCloud here : and here is my Bandcamp :

I have also created some tracks for videogame inspired compilations.

The first one is called Stage 1 Time Warp and blends Chiptune with Synthwave :

I made Baotou with a good friend and tried to blend 16bit jrpg music (think Chrono Trigger) with synths again:

Finally, I had the pleasure to take part in a Mega Man compilation, covering the Freeze Man theme :

I also compose dark classical for my games. Tell me what you think and if you would like to work with me, just send me a message!

Hello! I'm Hippyman and you can read my "little" music bio on my soundcloud. Hope you like it :)

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I'm not a musician by any stretch of the imagination, but making crappy little tracks helps when I'm stuck in a creative slump. I haven't made anything in a while, and most of it comes from experimentation with various tools.

Jazz, Ambience, mostly piano, sax, strings and percussion, some woodwinds and SFX as well.

If anyone would like to commission a song, send an e-mail to


and youtube (where i post more music)

here's my soundlcloud : link.

My soundcloud's right here:

My most popular tracks are probably Fight the Bad Man, Hit The Ground Running, and Bygone Era.

Man, you guys have some great stuff!

I've got a Bandcamp page. I also have a Soundcloud page. I try to be as self-indulgent and obnoxious as possible.

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here my portfolio =)

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Hey everyone, here's some of my work. There's lots of different genres here. Hope you enjoy!



Mostly atmospheric/ambient tracks, but variety possible (check the reynard account in particular, and 'heavy drought' in the bandcamp).

I recommend headphones and an unlit room for the dark ambient/drone stuff. Thanks for listening!

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Hi, I'm Pat. Not sure which one is my favorite, but each one has its own thing going on. I try to write music that could potentially be something to put into a game. Not sure if this stuff works, but given the right project, I could pump out some jams for sure.

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Guess I'll put mine too. I'm bit of a newbie to ( and my game project is on-hold... ).

Been trying to create better music so I can compose for my games.


My current best tracks are all in the The Good Stuff playlist.

Hey guys.Ill be quick on this.Im composer.Looking out to compose music for ur game.Here's my sc page, take a listen and let me know if you need me.

Also you can e-mail me at

My regards,


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Hi there! I'm Lewis, A.K.A PixelDirt, and I've recently started composing songs/soundtracks for games!

I'm new on but I'm real excited to be here!

Feel free to check out some of my work here:

If you'd like me to work on a soundtrack for your project(s) please feel free to email me at:

Thanks for listening, and I look forwards to hearing from all you lovely people!

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Hello! I'm an orchestral and rock composer, and I would like to share my portfolio here.

You can find my Soundcloud here :

and my Bandcamp here :

Feel free to comment! And if you want to hire me, feel free to contact me!

Thank you!

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Enjoy! :)

Hi Everyone,

Someone on reddit directed me to this community so thought that I would stop by and stay Hi. My music's a bit all over the place combining rock with Electro, synthpop and hip hop / trip hop and industrial. Have a listen below and let me know what you think:

Full disclosure: I've never soundtracked a game before but I would dearly love to!

Cheers, Ian

Video Game, TV & Film Composer here!

Looking to join game jams and write custom music for your game!

Here is my soundcloud:

Here is recent chiptune I wrote:

Contact me here or at

There's some real quality in this thread, woah. Either way, I'll add mine to the list and hopefully keep up the pace!

I just picked a random one out of my profile to put here, since I don't really have a style I follow.

Looking forward to seeing more from people!

Oh, and I'm always looking for work. Just a little shameless self-plug, heh.

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Thinking about making some game music. Let me know what you think! Most of my music is inspired from an old school era of retro games.

Thanks in advance to those who do check some songs out! - video game tribute originals

Huh, why not? My soundcloud page is

My favorites of my tracks are probably these 2:

But doesn't SoundCloud want payments now? Maybe I read it wrong lols!

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Hey :)

I specialize in orchestral and Orchestral/Hubrid Music

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Hi my name is Cris and I am a Composer and Sound designer cant wait to work/collaborate with someone to make a videogame

Here is my band camp page:

my portfolio:

One of my track:

and Sound design example:

Have a listen!!!


i do some chiptunes stuff, if you interest

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Hey guys I'm Ian.  I write and record sad, lonely sounding indie alt-rock music with my band Among Authors.  We are always looking for new projects and avenues to get our music to other listeners, and being an avid gamer myself, the games industry is a no brainer.  Having worked at multiple game studios as a game tester as well, I am very familiar with the industry and development cycles.  We write emotional soundtrack-esque music that we feel would be great in emotional story-driven video games.  We also love to and have written project-specific music, one project being the music to an indie PS4 and Xbox One game trailer called "On A Roll".   I've linked below an official music video we made for one of our songs off our new album.  I've also linked the official "On A Roll" game trailer we wrote and recorded music for, along with a link to our full length album which you can stream on bandcamp to get a feel for the type of music my band makes.  Please let us know if you'd be interested in using a song off our album "I AM BECOME" or if you'd like to hire us to write music specifically for your current or future project!

Stream the album on bandcamp below:

Hey guys thought I would just shout out and share my stuff here.

My Bandcamp page - has all albums / soundtracks and work I have done so far.

My Mixcloud page - Has work in progress preview tracks of what I am currently working on.

Hope you like :)

Hello guys!

I've been composing for games for about four years, floating through a big diversity of genres. I've created a playlist so you can listen to my work. Hope you like it! 

All genius, cool!


Looking to meet other musicians and share my work.

I've currently done a few games and am looking to do more! 

Ueila! These are some sounds we made for our first game, you can also download and use them


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Oh, yeah making music for some 15 years now, but new on (below a little showcase)

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Hello everyone !

Here is my soundcloud page:
A description is available to know more about me. As well as various links !

Enjoy !

Hi there!
It's me: Hust. I do some music for videogames. If you like what you hear don't hesitate, mail me.

My Soundcloud:
My Fav song:

I love to do orchestral music, ethnic, piano songs and some other styles as chill, prog rock, etc. Actually I have a wide mix of references. However I found myself specially influenced by Nobuo Uematsu, Joe Hisaishi and Koji Kondo.

I hope you enjoy listening.
Your beloved musician, Juan Novella.

Hi guys, i'm Nom an amateur music composer. I really loves games and will like to try making soundtrack. I basically can go with any genre and quite flexible but right now i have zero experience in working with someone for game project so i may need some direction. However, i've been making music since 2015 and can be quite handy in making one

You can check my soundcloud or youtube for my work :

Here's my EP that is not electronic stuff :

Contact me if you are interested :

or message me via soundcloud

I'm an amateur game developer and I'm also composing my tracks for my main projects. I only have one track so far (from an old project) that I've posted on Soundcloud, but I'll post the link here so I can hopefully get a little bit of feedback to use for new tracks:

My style right now is fairly synth heavy, science-fiction or electronic, I think. I'm hoping to upload a few new ones over the next couple of weeks.

I am currently composing a complete, original soundtrack for the new game "The Watchers" on -

Listen if you like Electronic Music, Drum & Bass, Theatrical Horror, Orchestral, Ambient, or progressive electronic rock!  electronic and chiptune... been around since about 2000 but I want to score more games.

Here's my soundcloud link

I can't really say I specialize in any particular genre.  I've done a lot of dance tracks, a good few remixes, orchestral compositions, and now I am working on more chiptune stuff when I get the chance, but at the minute I'm just trying to concentrate on game development (

Hey here is my soundcloud with all the music we made for the Jams:
 I compose From Punkrock to Electricmusic to jazz. Almost everything that fits the theme. Sort of experimental.

I normally play guitar in my band, just started making sounds for my games

Deleted 5 years ago

Woah. I listened and I really like your stuff. Can't wait to hear more, although I haven't quite gotten through all of your Soundcloud quite yet.

Deleted 5 years ago

Pretty new to making video game music - and just making music in general to be honest! The goal is hopefully to get good enough to make some pop-oriented chiptunes for a game.

Critique and advice appreciated!

Hi, im a veteren electronic producer from Norway who make the music I like to hear when Im chilling out. Sometimes I play small festivals, this spring I have a few remixes out. But usually I just pay to play. I got into this website after purchacing a plugin I like. And if I can I support independant developers. 

and if you'd like to hear some of my stuff its here. Appreciate it!

My favorite track is this simple song (with a lot of post effects). Its currently been remixed 8 times. The playlist includes all current remixes.

And here is a remix of mine:

Guess I'll share my music here as well.

I'm no trained musician, so all of my music is a product of me being self taught.

My soundcloud:

My bandcamp:

Of particular note (in both cases) are Novembeat 2017, Refactor, and ...Or Die Trying. 

Greetings all!

My name is Chris, and I'm new to game development, but I've been making music for half my life, so once I started putting those together, I discovered that I love making chiptunes, and retro style game music!

My favorite song right now is "Rafuse to Give Up, Chelsea" which is a fun rockin' NES accurate tune.
But it's hard to decide, because I really like my funky "Xulogical Jeremy" which is another NES accurate tune.

I can make music specifically for you, so feel free to contact me, and we can work something out. 
I also work on game jams for free sometimes too, so hit me up if you like!
Otherwise I have some free and affordable tunes on my bandcamp.

ChristovixGames(at)gmail(dot)com (The fastest way to get in contact with me).

If you use any of my music let me know, I love seeing my music in action!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from some of you!

I'm a coder, not a musician really. But I'm keeping tiniest web-radio on the net (based on my D-Link router) and playing blues-funk jams with guys each thursday. We're casting our jams live from mixer usually. And putting later "best of" to our soundcloud:

From classical blues (ft. Cornelius Nolen):

to psychedelic instrumental rock:

All tracks available for download.

Yo yo yooo. I've been composing for 10 years now, writing a variety of different genres: Lo-Fi, Orchestral, Hip-Hop, Indie Rock, Electronic, Prog Rock, Ambient, etc. The genre specification doesn't matter much to me, but I do like having a video game flair in whatever I write~

Since my Soundcloud's messy, I'd recommend checking out my playlists:

Hope I can make some new friends and ultimately can write some really cool video game soundtracks!

Heya! :)

This has been my favorite tracks I´ve worked on:

Comments, Suggestions, Crticism welcome! :)

hey listen to this new track i made called Temporal Flux!

Hello everyone!

I'm Denis and I'm a composer and sound designer. I worked on different games for multi-platform like PC, Xbox and Mobile. I like to share my work and adapt my work with yours. You can see my work on it :

Send me a message ;)

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Hello Everyone!

This is the Current Soundtrack (In development) for the game Grand Guilds I`m currently working on the music!

You can check updates on the game at: :)

Hey, looking to get some experience composing / producing with small free games at the moment, maybe game jams and whatnot. Here's my work. 


Nice work.


Hi! I do music for an Indie Retro developer called Collectorvision. Since this was here Imma use the opportunity to share muh bleepbloops and other sound makings.

Hello everybody. My music might be old, but I figure it's still worth posting. I'd like to get back into it some time soon.


I've just uploaded my first chiptune album. Please show it some love and download/buy it for $3 if you really like it!

Video game graveyard themed album:

(1 edit)

Hi, I make orchestral and electronic music, free for commercial use with a creative commons license:

Hey this is my Soundcloud

(1 edit)

Hey all, Ian here from the band Among Authors. Just wanted to share our music with you. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you're working on developing a new emotional game that you need emotional music to!

Hope to hear from ya, below are a few different links to our music, social networks, etc.

Official Website
Watch: YouTube
Stream: Spotify • Bandcamp
Visit:  Facebook • Instagram • Twitter

Hi, everyone!

I'm Sara, from Sara Lopez Productions, and I am a professional composer, specialized in videogame and film soundtracks!
Go to my Youtube Channel or my Soundcloud down below to listen to what I have done, I even have a piece recorded with the Symphonic Orchestra of Bratislava !

I hope that you like it all :)


Feel free to purchase my music over here as well -->

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Hello, I'm making music for video game for about two years now. Here is my soundcloud :

My favorite is "Quest" 


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Professional Electronic Music Producer, Composer & Audio Engineer With 14+ Years of Experience.

Specializing in all sub-genres of Electronica, notably Ambient, Downtempo, EDM, Drum & Bass, Lounge, Hip Hop and More!

Download my songs for free commercial use in your video game projects from my Itch.IO Royalty Free Music Library 

Hi, I'm Alex, a composer and sound designer based in Germany!

You can find my complete Bancamp page here:

Hey there! I've got a solo project called Debutante where I basically try to blend drone/doom music with pop elements. Lyrics tend to be about personal issues such as depression or gender dysphoria.

Here is the main bulk of my work:

But you can also find me on Soundcloud


Apple Music


I have been producing audio for 25 years and have shifted all focus to game related audio.  Currently an executive producer with IVRT - putting some sample music and sound out for some of our active projects - ranging from electronic, techno, hip hop, dubstep to horror, dark ambient, atmospheric and twisted.

I'm open to collaborations.  Hit me up.

i am mikel, do 12 years German Rap

i mix elements of Rap / Trap / RnB / Pop my Songs

you listen here

My Soundcloud Profile

Hey Everyone, just getting started here. I've been doing music for a while just focused more towards film music. Now i'm wanting to work on some games. 

There's a few :)



(1 edit)

Hi! I wanted to share my SC page and BC pages along with some tracks which were selected for some compilations.

Making retro 8-bit music! Check me out :)

Love your retro music. Are you available for commission work?

im so sorry to everyone but im just in to much of a silly mood b/c been listening to ocean man like nonestop

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hello friends i am here -trebleafoot

goodbye friends! -wadidis, king of posters
Hello everyone, im Filipe form Brazil, and this is my soundcloud with musics i made for games and personal projects.

I doubt that anyone actually search stuff in here, but anyways
I started posting stuff since i was learning how to make music
The older the worse, but it's good to see how things evolve

Nothing finished at all

best one

My better more recent soundcloud stuff is here:

And you can purchase some of it here:


Here's some of my work!

My electroacoustic composition experiments. These are the links:

Hello! I am Ilya )

Hi everyone! 

I am a multi-instrumentalist composer based in Toronto, Canada. I love working in all genres and styles and I look forward to joining this great community!

I would like to share the soundtrack for my friend's project. If you are interested in tunes like this, send me a message :)


Classical and Early / Historical Music guy from Winnipeg coming back to game and film music, which is where I started.  Bandcamp is here. Looking forward to getting back into this wonderful scene :)


I make a lot of heavy rock, but sometimes I make lofi beats.

Canadian Amateur Musician/Composer who likes to make video game and electronic music. 

Here's an example of my work to check out!

Let me know what you think, if you like what you hear give me a follow. Enjoy

Here's my soundcloud. I make songs for it sometimes, tho not very often.

Hope you like the songs in the collection!

This piece is from an ambient album released recently, quite a characteristic tone 


Hello everyone My name is Daniel Teodoro. I am media composer. Graduated from a top film scoring college, and I would love to dive into the gaming world more! If you ever need music please feel free to contact me! Some of my works are on here. My email is 

Se Habla español


Also, does anyone know what the right Height X Width is for album covers?  Part of the title for my Universal Wars songs keep getting cropped out.


Hello everyone, I'm new here! Composer currently in LA
Here's my soundcloud:
Also if anyone has spotify, this be me:


Here is my latest release on bandcamp which i will share on this dead thread...

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Hi Everyone ! experienced video game composer and sound designer here. 
this links to my works for Video Games Music, cheers xD!


Hello everyone! Here's my attempt of movie soundtrack creation.
I personally ask you not to critisize this too much. The ideas of music are extremely diverse, but the technical part is rather weak in this album.

Inspired by Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Hans Zimmer, Hildur Guðnadóttir and Kelly Bailey.


Hey guys, i'v been late :D Here's something from me :)


Hello all! I'm a classical composer new to the video game composition and sound design scene. I'm hoping to get started on some projects soon and gain experience.


I'm an electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, drums) based in Los Angeles looking to collaborate on soundtracks and sound design for games! I graduated with a degree in Music from UC San Diego in June 2019. My styles include electronic (house, techno, footwork, ambient), rock (post-punk, math rock, psychedelic), R&B (funk, soul), jazz (fusion, modal, improvisation), and folk (instrumental, fingerstyle guitar), to name a few. I composed an original synthesized soundtrack for a student film from 2018-2019 called A Simulation ( I'm releasing a jazz album in April, and I am currently working on a techno/footwork album and an ambient electronic project, both to be released later this year. 

You can find my original music on all streaming services:

I'm also in a band:



My Soundcloud

you will find many many Songs recorded by Myself ;) some Songs which i mix & master for other Artist's

some prod. Songs from me with FL Studio

if someone interested in Help with Mixing Vocals / Mastering of his Song

contact me

much love from Germany


Here is one of my albums on bandcamp: It's instrumental experimental music and my 1st release on bandcamp.

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Hi everybody, 

Project Mycelium are about to release an album called "Islands: The Strings of Time". Any description would be somehow misleading, but let's say it is inspired by videogame music coming from JRPGs of the PSX era and composed for electric guitars. It is not an OST, cause each piece is very dense and works as an entire scene, it couldn't really work on the background. Here's the link:

Full album will be out next Tuesday, and like all the other albums on our list it will be Name Your Price. Hope you are gonna enjoy the preview  and want to get the whole thing. 

Cover Art by


Good day to you !
I'm Xavier, a Paris based self taught musician and sound designer

After few year working for Frackin' Universe mod (The famous Starbound mod) ; I would like to work with an indie studio to take part of the tough but fulfilling trip and the satisfaction that ensues once the game has been released.

Here's my soundcloud :

Hope you will enjoy what is in it :D



Please contact me if you are in need of some Metal! I'll write and record the tracks along with your project. I'm cool, too, with every other musical style/direction as long as I'm allowed to add lots of guitar chug! I do vocals, too, so choirs and Metal Gear Revengeance-Style Themesongs would be possible, if needed! 

Head to my Bandcamp for some samples:

I'll try to add some more, soon. Hope to hear from you!


Here is an experimental instrumental melody I composed sometime last year.


I'm self taught and this is my second year of making music. I mainly post music from my game but I do make royalty free music from time to time.

My best work is The Chase





 If you are looking for some 8-Bit/Synthwave/Orchestral music for your game or just to listen to them you can find them below.

Orchestral Electronic OST :



(1 edit) (+1)

Is spotify okay?

Frog music




I've made witch house, industrial and dark ambient influenced dance music for a while now. Some commercial albums and some self released stuff.


I'm starting now in the area of vgms, here are some of the songs I've made so far  


Here, these are some of the works I've done for a theatre play and a dance performance. Hope you like it.


I like to create music in all sorts of genre, blend of acoustic and synth. I have them separated by playlist


Hi. I compose mostly JRPG-style music but I take influence from a broad range of artists. Give me a follow if you like what you hear!


Hello! I'm a composer who's worked for a variety of different types of genres, from fantasy to sci-fi. I'm also a programmer who can help implement audio systems into your games. If you want to collaborate, send me a message!


Im a long time musician turned socially distant composer, id love to collaborate on a project i can do sfx and music. once upon a time i did program pretty seriously in game maker as well, so i know a bit about the game production situation. hit me up on discord if you need to contact  me, or through soundcloud 

discord: Raja Mystic#3508


Hey all!

I'm a classically trained musician with a love for music theory that's trying to break out into the composition and songwriting scene. I've been working for the past year or so with Pro Tools and recently Cubase to make some tracks for two game demos. Right now I'm currently building my portfolio as I work with this free trial of Cubase, so I'm always adding new stuff in multiple different genres! You can check me out here:

Feel free to get me on Discord (Tomcat#4901) anytime!


Just before COVID hit, I released two free (both as in beer and as in freedom) albums of retro video game music loops on my Bandcamp. Here you go! 

(Click an album cover to open a new tab)

Original OST created for Touhou-style Bullet Hell shooter, Wicked Wiccans.

Hi! Swedish composer and game enthusiast here. Hook me up if you like my music and want to collaborate!

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Hello there, I'm Esteban. I'm a self taught composer. I use to make jazz, world and classical music, but I can also compose in many other genres, and even mix them.

Here is a list of my best-made pieces. Enjoy!

Hello! I'm a composer. Here is my version of Street Fighter


Hi guys, I'm a producer and recently I opened my studio for projects aimed at indie games, check out the last song I produced, and if you are interested or want to recommend me, DM me on email.

Safe Vessel 

Hi! I'm a composer located in the Bay Area willing to score all kinds of games. My expertise lies in orchestral music and synthpop, though I love to experiment with other genres as well. DM me on Twitter @elfofcolor or email me at!


Howdy, y'all! I just released an EP I had a lot of fun with. The other's already in the works! If you ever wanna chat, hmu on IG @fairythingofficial, here, or on either of the platforms below ^_^

I'm a composer looking for a project to join. I'm comfortable working in a variety of styles, though historically much of what I've made is either classical/orchestral or more synth-driven techno and industrial.

Feel free to reach out on discord: Mil-Spec Mieze#7873

i hope you like this one, its an old one

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I made this little EP a couple years ago, shifting gears toward more instrumental bc I like to focus on the music writing more. Melodic/angular minimal synth music with a video gamey feel. Drive Me Home Please - Theme Music for the Studio Apartment. HMU on the bandcamp email if you like it or want to use any of it for anything!

Heyllo ! I make orchestral and electronic/chip music in varying styles. 

Feel free to listen to my most recent orchestral works here:

It is inspired by: Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, legend of Zelda and studio ghibli type music

And here is some more chiptune music inspired by: Legend of Zelda, Megaman, Kirby, Sonic and various artist I enjoy listening to.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter @gatortotsmusik 

My music can be used by anyone, just credit and link me what project it’s used for please. 

I also do voice overs. Please contact me for my demo reel. 

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Music for my game Sleep Tight
First time writing on piano, Jazz mood music.

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Hi, all! Here's my Soundcloud:

I've been lucky enough to try my hand at a few different styles while working with developers in the past, so hopefully there's a little bit of something for everyone in there!

P.S - feel free to get in touch at if you're looking to hire a composer for your project ;) 

Here is one of mine:

Still in demo, Just need to look for a vocalist. Anyway, I'm still new being a producer, especially in game music industry. Most of my work are orchestra music or lofi hip hop. Although sometimes I work on with synthwave and rock music.


I'm Croom --- let me know if you need any music. <3

Hi guys

Well, I've had a certain amount of projects in the past 25 years, here we go

Mainly "ambient" music, and pretty lo-fi.

I am a new composer, I have done pieces for a few upcoming podcasts and independent films but always dreamed of doing a game!

Hi everyone! I try to update things fairly continuously on my Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages. Not all of it is directly for video games, but there's a variety of different styles that I've worked in represented. I really like jazz and classical inspired sounds that intermingle with edm-like approaches, would always love to talk to other devs about what kind of thing they might be looking for for their project!

Hi! I started composing tracks about a year ago for my game projects and ideas I had. I don't really know what style they are, but I mostly use orchestral instrumentation and bells for now. I usually base my music on the visual idea I have from the game.

I'll post some new tracks from time to time.

Hey I am an aspiring composer. I really like experimenting with different types of generes mixing rock with electronic, orchestral and jazzy elements. I have yet to write much for any games but I would love to try it out.

Here is a my bandcamp although you can also find my music on your stream service of choice under the name "The Dream of Alexandria"

Inspired by the likes of ps1/ps2 survival horror, RPGs, Castlevania, DMC, games where the music is actually an important piece of the whole.

Ah, maybe I should have posted this here instead

Are you looking for a composer for the game or someone that could make some trailer music? I can also do sound effects.

Here is my portfolio but, i can promise you I can do a lot more styles than what's inside these portfolios:

Make sure to checkout my entire portfolio to get an idea of what i'm capable of doing

I can promise you that I can do a lot more styles than what's inside this portfolio

You can always DM me

Here is my bandcamp page

I've released two albums.  The first one is solely piano compositions, and my most recent album, Delusional, covers a variety of genres, from chill (and not so chill) electronic music to rock.  I am willing to compose for games, but please contact me through my twitter (under same username) as I do not check often


Here is link to the soundtrack of my game Trash Invasion. The last theme for the Space Level is not ready yet, thus haven't included it.

Trash Invasion Soundtrack

Trash Invasion Game on Google Play

Trash Invasion Game on

Hi! Here goes:


I've been doing this for around 8 years now. I have released approximately 70 albums on BandCamp. I range from dark ambient, experimental electronic, soft piano compositions, acoustic singer/songwriter, and corrupted soundtracks.


My most recent project sought to blend the music from Majora's Mask into a dark ambient mess:


producer/musician for 5+ years. I make ambient, hip hop, post-rock-ish, dark, and atmospheric music.

Guitarist & Pianist


My youtube consists of over 20 albums/eps so i'm pretty versatile. Make sure to check out my other tracks as well :)



the cloud:

My music is mainly orchestral stuff that I write for the RPG genres, although I do write some synth-heavy stuff as well :) -> feel free to check it out. I guess my favourite right now is but it does change every now and then :)

Heyo, this thread looks cool, 
I'm a freelance composer, working on 4 projects and other small stuff, here is my sc Michi VGC | Free Listening on SoundCloud if anyone wants to check it out

I kinda abandoned SoundCloud because there were too many bots.
Here is my BandCamp !

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Here is all my work for video game music. 

This is a 40-song set composed especially for video games and organized into 5 popular video game styles :

  1. A-RPG (Games in the Heroic Fantasy universe)
  2. J-RPG (Asian inspired games)
  3. SIDE-SCROLLING (Platform games)
  4. SURVIVAL HORROR (Horror games)
  5. FPS (Shooter Games)

Here is the link to listen to all my work:

Enjoy! music is now on Bandcamp!

Join calabash-made character Timbiliki@ on an epic journey across musical islands. Bang your wooden head to greet new friends; complete challenges to collect rhythmic energy; sweat your t-shirt at your favourite in-game music gig and climb the giant mwenge tree for the best view in the world! (multiplayer)

I make so much freaking music and I hate the marketing aspect of it. Enjoy. 

It is frog music 

Hey! This is an original song that I've composed inspired on the game "HADES" from Supergiant Games.
I am a professional composer, arranger, orchestrator, producer and multi-instrumentalist since 2011.
I composed this song entirely live on Twitch, writing note by note before recording it. That's the way I usually work on my music gigs.
I have several videos game-related on my YouTube channel. 
I hope you enjoy!

I have been a hobbyist music composer for a few years now, and recently I've made a ton of electronic-based songs (as that's what I am most comfortable with/can afford to make)

Here's my Bandcamp:

Also my YouTube (if you're interested in extra dumb shit to go with the songs):

Not sure if people still check this post, but here goes. My collection of Procedurally generated music here

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