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Loooove the music

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You are seriously on to something GREAT!  When I started this game, I was like "GAH I needed this game when I was taking Japanese in 2000!" With that being said, I have always really sucked at hiragana, so I was excited to try this.  (Katakana is a breeze for me,  and I know that's backward, lol)
ANYWAY.. Aside from it not running well on my graphics computer (which I think it might be something on my end--would be happy to test stuff for you), my only big complaint is it is kinda hard using that English keyboard.  And since stuff gets REAL pretty fast in world 1-1,  (which might be my other complaint), it is a little tough getting used to the controls.  I know that I could get used to the controls after a bit, but it is kinda frustrating.  

I wondered if 1-1 was so difficult because, let's face it--your target audience is probably younger gamers which won't normally latch onto an educational game.  Educational games are usually SUUUUUPER slow and easy, as we all know.  I kinda like that you didn't give us a break...but even so, I think 1-1 was a little hard to learn controls on.  If you have never really recognized kana before, now it might be extra hard.  I almost wonder if you might want to add some sort of a quick interactive review as a portal into these worlds.

Other suggestions:

  • By default, the music drowns out the pronunciation voices.  Perhaps as a default, the volumes could be adjusted a little differently.
  • I wish the text scrolled a teensy bit faster. (I love the "talking" sfx!!)
  • I don't like how you can get attacked when fighting a large monster as soon as you input a correct attack.  Not sure if that can be delayed a sukoshi or what...  Sometimes it just seems like a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation when you're fighting with others nearby.  At first, I thought I was getting them wrong because the attack came so suddenly.  I only played 1-1 so far, so I am kinda scared to see what's on the later levels, heh!
  • 1-1 seemed a little soon for the powerups; I died from being curious, lol

I am pretty curious about the multiplayer mode this thing has, so I might take this to game night and see what some of my friends think about it.  This is an exciting thing you've done, and I hope you're getting some education grants or something!  I've been looking for any excuse to brush up on my Japanese, so I will be testing this further. ;)  Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Wooooooow, such cute character designs! <3

Definitely on topic! I felt like the NSA was actually breathing down my neck!

This is what seems to be happening to me right now.

I really liked this. It would be neat to see an official big, non-jam version. :D

Aww man, sorry I didn't update, but I got scooped up by team for art. Maybe we can hook up later, though? :3

Huh, why not? My soundcloud page is

My favorites of my tracks are probably these 2:

Oh hey, good to see you! I remember you. :)

Hopefully I AM in the jam! (Hit me up, folks!)

Hey, (Cuddly Battleship) Kattywampus here, ready to lend a Keytar of Justice to the cause. I also do Vector art and a little pixelling, too. Hit me up, especially if you are fixing to bust on the southern border wall!

Angrily in Arizona,


Thanks for the TS-filled trip down memory lane...

This doesn't seem to work in Windows 10.. :( The most that is happening is I can kind of scroll across what seems to be the top of the screen. Never saw that blue dragon in your screenshots.. (Heh, 4:20) I saw a tiny dude chilling on top of a building eventually.. I can check on my Win7 machine later.

Put that Nazi Furs Fuck Off thing on a shirt, and I'm buyin' it... hahaha.