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There's no "You Won" screen if that's what you're asking xP

It looks cool but I think the different graphical styles could be made a bit more cohesive. It's a bit jarring currently.

I flipping love those backsprites. <'3

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It's a nice idea! My only suggestion would be if emoticons were added, there be an option to completely disable them forum-wide. I personally can't stand them, haha.

Those are really cute though! <'3

My Soundcloud: <'3

I'm mainly a video game composer (for my own projects and freelance) though I do make ambient, progressive, dnb, etc whenever I get the urge (though I've taken to mostly posting that on my secondary account). My main genres are orchestral music and retro wave (can't get enough!).

I have a Bandcamp, but there's just a bunch of really old stuff on it.

haha, no no I meant the "Sound can actually be a lot more important to certain kinds of games than people may realize."

Although I agree, I am unsure of the relevancy of this given the topic at hand.

Overall it's nice, but the proportion needs work. There's also a whole lot of pillow-shading going on, which is harshly detracting from the quality. The light source also appears to be coming from multiple different directions, which is a bit visually confusing. Keep at it! :3

It'd be nice if clicking the links in the "Last Topic" column brought you to the latest post in that topic--the one you're actually trying to look at, haha.

Wow, that sounds really complicated, haha. Certainly not for everyone! Thanks for taking the time to explain it. :3

Much better! If I had to choose, I'd say 0.07. But it depends on the game.

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I noticed there's an art section for 2D and 3D art and thought about a possible music section for SFX and Music. Thought I'd at least mention it.

Edit: Or maybe instead of an art forum, it could be a Creative forum. So instead of [2D, 3D] it would have [2D Art, 3D Art, Audio] or something of the sort.

The water is so gorgeous and dreamy. And those clouds! I've fallen in love~ <'3

This is super adorable! I think my only criticism would be that the movement is very slow.

You should! It's like the best name! Probably.

No kidding! I can't even think about anything or play any games anymore without being inspired with an idea I really like!

Oh wow, that sounds really cool. I've heard of lots of people composing on the Game Boy. What's it like? Was it hard to get started?

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I do indeed! You do what you gotta do when you need stuff you can't afford, haha. As for my music, you can check it out here if you want.

I'm currently juggling finishing content for my roguelike and making a game that's sort of Hearthstone meets Advance Wars (and that's not to mention the 5 other projects on the backburner...). I'm also working on the soundtracks for two games not made by me, so that's always fun! <'3

The hair is really nice and smooth and the colours are phenomenal <'3

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Hi everyone! You're all super interesting <'3

I'm Nathaniel (not Nathan or Nate!), a single developer with lots to do. I use Java, C# and Haxe mainly, with lua and ruby for scripting within those projects. I'm a pixel artist and composer on the side by necessity, though I do freelance music for other projects as well! I'm mainly a writer working on a few novels and fleshing out the worlds for those novels because writing is a joy~ I also voice act and perform in plays whenever the urge hits me, and I love to play my acoustic guitar. :3

I'm also currently working on too many projects right now. @_@

Looking massively sexy! <'3

I like your pixels <'3. The gallery idea seems like a good one.