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A topic by Atom created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 9,498 Replies: 125
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If anyone has anything else to add to these suggestion let me know in this thread and I will add your suggestion to the bottom of this post and give credit in the form of a link to your post.

As of 5th December 2015, I have added (IMPLEMENTED) next to all implemented suggestions. Any suggestions that have implemented pretty much exactly as suggested will be in green, any features that have been partially implemented (as in part of what the person wanted is there) will be shown in yellow. All fully implemented suggestions (green) will be removed from this post after a while to keep it clean. Any individual parts of suggestions will also be colour-coded on partially implemented to show what's missing if applicable.

So I've been on the forum and I've noticed it's missing a few things.

My suggestions:

  • Add image button
  • More text formatting options (colour, glow.etc)
  • Add videos to posts with a button
  • Emoticons (IN PROGRESS)
  • User statistics (e.g. date they joined the site, post count, online/offline.etc) (SOME FEATURES IMPLEMENTED VIA FORUM PROFILES)
    • These stats could also be incorporated into profile pages somehow.
  • Who's Online list at the bottom of the forum's "home" page. (Also suggested by SolarLune)
  • Friend list
  • Private messaging feature. (Also suggested by HAL 9001)

I know they can all be done with HTML code (I was able to add some text colour to my intro thread post via HTML) but not everyone knows HTML. Practically all forums have ways to add content such as images and videos via a button and I'm actually surprised that this feature isn't present here.

Here are some other suggestions suggested by people who replied to this:

  • Format visited links in a different colour. (Suggested by NotExplosive) (IMPLEMENTED)
  • Image gallery system. (Suggested by Virtually Competent)
  • Add link somewhere to notifications. (Suggested by SnoutUP)
  • Add inline reply forms. (Suggested by SnoutUP)
  • Forum signatures. (Suggested by Virtually Competent)
  • Add markdown support. (Suggested by nounoursheureux)
  • Add a reply with quote button. (Suggested by nounoursheureux)
  • Add page numbers to each thread page rather than displaying pages by the number of posts. (Suggested by eggboycolor)
  • Forum search to search for threads/posts (Suggested by Taro)
  • Remove edit count and/or allow "invisible" edits within first two minutes of the post being posted. (Suggested by ninjadodo)
  • Option to view all posts by a certain user and show new replies to your posts. (Suggested by ninjadodo)
  • Show number of active members/posters. (Suggested by SolarLune)
  • Boards on forum designed for player-to-developer interaction. (Suggested by Sun-Studios)
  • Allow people to tag others via the @ symbol (e.g. @archangelatom) and notify those who've been tagged. (Suggested by SolarLune)
  • Project progress icons for devlog threads. (Suggested by ninjadodo)
  • Make email notifications less confusing in terms of post links within the email. (Suggested by Guard13007)
  • Add a reply button under the first post in a thread. (Suggested by Cookaie)
  • Make topics bold if there are new posts there, regardless of whether the thread has been visited before. (Suggested by Jeasonfire)
  • Mark all threads as read. (Suggested by Jeasonfire)
  • Rearrange page links to first/previous/next/last. (Suggested by Jeasonfire)
  • Add inline code syntax (Suggested by Elisée)
  • Reverse post order (Suggested by slimefriend)
  • Let users annotate that analytics graphs. (Suggested by anderssonkev)
  • Give access to Steam keys once a game that someone has bought makes it onto the Steam store. (Suggested by dibdob1)
  • Scrap the current reply system and replace it with a more conventional quote system. (Suggested by Rotato Studio)
  • Add an help forum for help with various features of (Suggested by chicmonster)
  • Forum search feature. (Suggested by SolarLune)

It'd also be nice to have a Latest/New Posts button to browse instead of just by category.


this is supposed to be functioning right now but a bug is stopping it from working -- an update to the forums will be coming at some time tonight that fixes this.

I'll remove this suggestion from the first post since it's already been implemented then.


"Purple links" would also be nice. Some way to indicate if you have or have not already clicked on a thread. It's hard to look at a wall of pink threads trying to see if any of them are new to you or not.

(1 edit)

The pixel thread in the 2d art section it already getting huge with giant, gorgeous pixels. Some sort of embedded gallery system might be really cool. This may be something we could use from an outside source. I'm not sure if you can embed imgur albums or anything? But if it was built in with the "add image" button, that'd be great :D



Hey guys.

I've edited all your suggestions into the first post and given credit to those who suggested them.

Thanks a million! More of this please, it makes our admin lives much easier.


No worries mate. I will also put a message at the top of my original post as well telling people that I will add any additional suggestions to the top post.


Maybe a "Go to last page" button could be usefull at some point.

I can see clicking through every single page when you just want to see the most recent post of a thread quite nerve-wrecking as threads grow bigger and bigger.

I just came here to say the same thing. I'd really like this, please.

Agreed. A simple page selection method (either a box you can enter a page number into, or a series of page numbers as links, like [1, 2, ... 8, 9]) would be helpful.

More like feedback and less like suggestions. I hope Mark will be able to sort them out!
  • I can't find a link to my notifications page after I read them (is there one?)
  • Using "View parent post" in the page of specific post does stop before displaying the original post, which can be inconvenient
  • Inline reply forms would make many lives easier (at the moment that reply page has completely different post listing & it's confusing
I have no idea why so many people want emoticons. To me it's refreshing to see a forum without glitter everywhere in text! ;-)

Just had a look and I unfortunately couldn't find a link to the notifications page. However you can access your notifications through this URL below:

I'll add your feedback to the original post now.


The suggestions in the above two posts have now been added.


Signatures! Colin and I have agreed to manually append our personal info to each post so we can keep track of who posted what (since we're sharing a team account). This may be part of the solution for my post about managing "team" accounts, but I'm sure single users would appreciate it as well.

Eric Neuhaus (@donkeyspaceman)


I've added your suggestion to the top post now.

(1 edit) (+4)

As said in this thread, I would like to be able to subscribe to threads, and Markdown support would be a nice thing too :)

Also, it took me a while to realize that there is a quote formatting option, it would be more instinctive IMO to make it a button in the editor bar (or maybe add a "Quote" button next to Reply).


I've added your suggestion to the top post.


hmm. A Last Page link would be pretty handy, as there's a Next/Prev and First page link. I noticed this on the Introduce Yourself thread. For that matter, it might be useful to have actual page numbers to jump to specific spots in a thread quickly, but mayybe that might be tacky.

yeah second this

I've added your suggestion to the top post.


I have added everyone's suggestions to the original post now.

Also thanks for stickying this thread! Much appreciated.

Search function dedicated to the forum.

Suggestion added to first post.

Cool. Thanks, Mark.
(1 edit)

I second (third?) this.   First thing I noticed that was needed.


It'd be nice if clicking the links in the "Last Topic" column brought you to the latest post in that topic--the one you're actually trying to look at, haha.


Or if clicking on the person's name brought you to their profile (which is OK at the moment), and clicking on the "x minutes ago" link took you to the post itself.

Suggestion added to first post.


Please make it so you can invisibly edit your post for a couple of minutes after submitting, or at least remove the "number of times edited" and just have it say "edited". I seriously doubt I am the only person who compulsively fixes typos and wording after hitting submit and when a post says Edited 6 times it's kind of embarrassing. :P

Suggestion added to first post.


Separate forum user profiles have already been suggested I guess, but it would be nice if you could see "All posts by user" on a profile and a "Show new replies to your posts" button which shows all threads where you've posted that have new replies, plus a separate "All new posts" button.

Suggestion added to first post.

Also I don't think separate forum profiles have been suggested yet, so I added that one as well.

(1 edit)

^ Showing all posts by a user and "all new posts" would be nice. I think I'd also like to have a little write-up on how many active accounts there are (itch accounts that have been logged into at least once in the last month, say), how many active posters there are (active itch accounts that have posted), and the most recently created new itch account. All of this info can be unobtrusively presented in once place, like the home community page (so it's not like it needs to appear anywhere else).

Suggestion added to first post.


Fixed a handful of these in the latest update, thanks!

Added (IMPLEMENTED) next to all suggestions that were added in the above update. I'll be clearing implemented suggestions from the list every now and again but I'll leave them up there for a while to let everyone know what's been added and if any of their suggestions were added.

At a glance, the forum seems to be more for developers than gamers. Perhaps the community is mostly developers, but I would like to see an active dialog between Devs and Players.

So I'm assuming that what you're wanting here is more features or boards that are orientated more towards non-developers right?

Just making sure I get everything right before I add it to the suggestion list.

My interpretation of this suggestion (which I'd like to second, if it lines up with Sun-Studios') is that they believe there should be a dedicated area not just for players to talk to players, but for players to post with the understanding that devs hang out here and they might be able to open a dialog with the creators of their favorite games.

Overall I really love that this community is more oriented toward devs, largely because itch makes it so easy for ANYONE to be a dev. If a player stumbles into here, I would hope that they'd find a place to engage (possibly in this proposed devs/players board) and it would spark their curiosity about other boards, eventually encouraging them to just make a game themselves. :D

Eric Neuhaus (@donkeyspaceman)

(+1) is a store front for players to purchase games, I think the forums should be a place for these players to engage each other as well as us developers. So perhaps there could be a forums like 'Games on' where players can talk to other players and create threads about games they are playing /purchased from Itch.

It seems like we have a solid community here on Itch which is fantastic. But ultimately we develop games for players and itch serves games to players. The forum should focus on nurturing a community of players - certainly this is important for the growth of itch.

A personal messaging system in which you can send messages to other users of directly through

(1 edit)

That suggestion is already on the list (it was one of the suggestions that was suggested by me personally) however I'll add your name next to it as well to show that others want that feature.

As another suggestion similar to the one I made previously, it'd be nice to see perhaps who's idling on the forum at any given time. That would be helpful once direct messages are implemented, or perhaps just the ability to post back and forth with people in a more fast-paced manner because you know they're there, too.

So maybe a feature that would show if a user isn't currently active (as in if they've been viewing a forum thread or the forum home page for a while it shows their status as idle.) Is that what you're suggesting?

Well, I guess two things.

1) An icon by their name indicating if they're online (viewing the forum) or not.

2) A list or count of users currently online. I like the simple look and feel of the forums so far, so I wouldn't really sacrifice that for a long list of names, but knowing how active the forums are would be nice for maximizing views and activity.

Both of those features have already been suggested by me however I added your name anyway.

Ah, sorry! Guess I missed it when I looked over the first post.

(1 edit)

Guys sorry for the late replies. I've been in town centre all morning so I wasn't able to reply to your posts here.

@Sun-Studios: I've added your suggestion to the list.

@SolarLune: Both of your suggestions were already on there under my personal list of suggestions I've added your name anyway.

Oh, hey, I didn't see this on the first page, so maybe it wasn't suggested. @ tags so we can tag specific users in our posts would be nice. For example, in @Mark_G / @archangeltom's previous post, I wasn't notified, and this post won't notify him that I mentioned his name, either.

I've added your suggestion to the first post.

If possible, please add thread icons (percentage completed, done, cancelled) for devlog thread titles, like this:

This way you can see the status of a project at a glance.

I've added your suggestion.

I'd like to suggest for Mark to get an avatar, it's a shame to see such good work maintaining the top post & just the placeholder avatar next to it :) C'mon!

Best suggestion yet.

Suggestion added to first post, although I've always had trouble deciding when it comes to forum avatars lol.

Email notifications are a bit confusing.

  1. Replies have the first link being the reply itself, and the second link being the thread it was in.
  2. Posts on a thread you started have the first link being the thread itself, and the second link being the new post.
It's just confusing enough to make me have to stop and re-read it to figure out which link I want to click.

Suggestion added.

(1 edit)

Please duplicate the breadcrumbs at the page bottom, it's not a big deal but I'm lazy.

Suggestion added.

  • Music forum. I want to share my adventures with music-ering and stuff.
  • You know the "reply to the main post" button? That should also be underneath the main post, because you just read through a massive message and now you have to scroll all the way back up to even reply. It's just out of sake of easiness.

I've added both of your suggestions to the first post.

Admin (1 edit)

we've added a new music forum:

(1 edit)

Added implemented next to the audio forum suggestion.

And now I have a profile image I can add add implemented next to the suggestion of me getting an icon lol.

(1 edit)
  • An option that would make it so all threads are "subscribed" (ie. the thread names would be in bold if someone posts something, even if the thread hasn't been viewed before)
  • A "mark all as read" button for the whole forum.
  • The layout of the "next/previous/first" page links seems weird to me. I would find it more logical if they were ordered "First page - Previous page - Next page - (Last page?)", but maybe that's just me.

Suggestions added to first post.

It looks like we can now subscribe to the threads :D . You can mark it as implemented !


(3 edits) (+1)

True support for inline code snippets would be nice.

This is cool

But I'd like to be able to add some code as part of a sentence without going through the HTML editor and have it appear with a slightly gray background, like code blocks.

Even more awesome would be syntax highlighting for code blocks! does automatic language detection.

Added to first post.

Hey, is this available now?  (I can't seem to figure out how if it is.)  If not, is there an entry in ?  (I can't find one so will log if not.)


Logged as in case that helps track/vote.


All fully implemented suggestions have been removed from the first post to clean things up.

okay so i thought i saw this before but i've searched the list here and the github page and i cant find it--for devlogs and stuff, there should be an option to reverse the post order so newer stuff comes up first.



I have a suggestion, I would like to be able to tag a point in the Analytics tab in the Downloads graph. Be able to write a short text as an explanation (ex. Retweeted by Unity). Could be fun if you look back and happen to see a spike and wonder what happen then.

Added to first post

(1 edit)

This has probably been mentioned before ,but we really need a way to get our steam codes when a game has progressed on to the steam store.

I've yet again been wasting my time time chasing up another game ,this time it's Broken Dreams (under New Reality Games) .

There doesn't seem to any way to be contact them.

Some games have a comments section ,so at least you can ask by leaving a message but this one is just the game with no where to contact the dev.

Do they do that on purpose ? :P

Added to first post.

Sorry for the late reply on this one. I actually added this suggestion a while back but I was caught up in other stuff at the time and I ended up forgetting to let you know that I put it up there.

Hi, since the posts in a thread are not in chronological order I have to re-read the whole thread every time I want to read the new posts. Not very convenient to say the least. I would prefer the posts to be in chronological order like in most web forums.

The posts are already in chronological order except for replies to other posts within a thread.

So I'm assuming what you want is for the current reply system to be scrapped and replaced with the more conventional quote block system to keep all posts in chronological order. Am I right?

Yes, unless you can think of something else… I suppose there could be a "jump to next unread post" button, however determining what post the user has already read isn’t very easy to do.

(1 edit)

Nah I'll put your original suggestion down. Personally I prefer the conventional quote block style as well.

I'll add it to the first post now.

Cool, thanks!



I'm surprised there's no "itchio help/questions" section of a forum? maybe new folks don't know how certain things work, or where they can find a feature, so maybe a forum with some general FAQ/tutorial stickies about using the site and a place for people to ask other questions might be useful?



Some means of searching threads or game forums would be nice.

Adding that now.

I would really like:

1. A mouse sensitivity option available in the controls section please, right now its very slow.

2. An option to toggle the "auto darkness" when looking at bright things, like the forge, in the graphics section. This effect basically makes my whole screen go pitch black besides the bright object I look at.

3. A way to key bind in the controls section.

Other then that I love the game!

This is a reply made during Alpha_02, if someone is wondering.


I would like to have a history page of downloads.

Hi, the "forum search" suggestion is listed twice (but it probably deserves to be as it’s sorely missing! :p).

Also it would be useful to get the list of threads we’ve posted into somewhere in our control panel. Threads we’ve created don’t even appear in our list of subscribed threads at the moment.

Is there any Mac Games on this site?

I would really like Bitcoin payouts, instead of just PayPal


Not sure if this has been suggested yet, but it'd be awesome to access the list of game jams under the Browse tab for us developers.


hey there! 


- add the option to hide the download-buttons on the website (we don't want the users to download our app without the, instead we use our own links)

- allow users to use the launcher without an account (works only on free games)

- add an app store link for the mac store

- maybe add app store links for the itch-links (one for windows, one for mac, one for linux,...) or do it the other way around: make app store links look like the download buttons


we have an interactive experience which our customers download and install. i really like the but we've got feedback that it's too hard to install. users basically want a button for windows which installs the launcher and opens the game-page in the launcher. 

the app-links are also really distracting. the user sees a windows logo and lands in the windows store even though we want them to use the (windows has just more power then windows universal and the mac app store is just terrible to update the app).

you can see our workaround here: (the windows-version even uses a instruction page instead of the store:


Being able to easily search the forum instead of the whole conglomerate of superpowers. I always receive lists of games instead of helpful information from the community ;)


hi i feel like there should be a button for games that are finished, what i mean is like its annoying to search for games and then all are in development. there should be a button that allows you to see games that are developing, on hold, ext


Hi there! 
I'm sure you get this request a lot but I find that sharing a project between multiple developers still needs some work. Even though I get admin priveleges on projects that I've developed that were uploaded by a team member, there are still jams like salvagejam that I cannot submit to because I didn't upload the project to my profile. Someone please correct me if there is some sort of setting I'm missing but I find this doesn't really make sense and is a bit frustrating because I tend to work on teams. Anyways thanks for listening!


Being left-handed, I would wish for configurable controls.


Hello everyone, I'm here! I am new and I want to know them ejejejeje

Allow free games to be" claimed" so they stay in my library.

Should be an android/IOS game.

Allow tab characters as-is -- at least in code blocks -- instead of auto-expanding them into spaces. This would make it easier to post and discuss code fragments in languages where tabs matter (Python, GDScript, Haskell, Makefile, etc.). Optionally, add a toggle somewhere to switch between new (preserve) and current (expand) behaviour.

I would like to see a fish net added to Raft. This would be a great tool for getting fish.

This forum really needs something like a flair in Reddit where when you click on it, you get the desired threads and also needs something like "Recently updated, most viewed" etc so that I don't have to click "Next page" to get where I want to. Also is the search bar for in here also searches forum threads or it is just for games and creators only? 

Please add the ability to edit and remove key groups.

(1 edit)

I don't know if this is something that would be considered, or if this is the right part of the forums for it, but seeing as how there is a low distraction text editor (Left) that I believe is downloadable through, maybe there could be a small portion of the forums for writers and aspiring writers to exchange info on things that may help members of such a group. Just for instance I have a couple of short stories that I would have already submitted to some magazine for possible publication, but so far the requirements for all electronic submissions that I've seen require a cover sheet along with the work being offered. Exchanging info about such things would be great. Also it would be nice to have a place to share advice about writing (creative and other types) among people with like interests.


When browsing the forums, I would really much like to sort by most recent and most liked.


Right below the text Community - there are 4 tabls - the 2nd one is Recent Posts - if you click on that it gives you the recent activity of the community.


Thanks.. I meant inside a thread though.

I also would like to be able to have threads list in the order of most recent to oldest if I choose.

dont allow people to self promote themselves by posting  video links in the comments, so that area can be filled with genuine criticizm instead

Allow complex tag search like e.g. on Pixiv:
3d (rpg OR adventure)


I hope that we can sort paid projects including the "on sale page" by price.

In fact,I hope to claim 0$ products on sale more efficiently especially when there is a large sale.

Yeah man. I would love that would be implementend soon

Admin moved this topic to Ideas & Feedback

Hi guys! Nice to meet you! Need help. I'm a new Pixel Art student and need 150 views on my page (  for a class challenge. Can you help me? Just click on my page and the system will compute your view! You're welcome to comment on my job, but remember: I'm beginning in this! :) Thanks a lot!

This seems to be a dead thread, but as it is still stickied and the exact topic for this, here goes.

Is there not a simple way to view your own posts without digging through the whole list? If not, there should be a section in your profile or a prominent link to go to a list of your posts and see your replies all in one place. I'm new here, so apologies if I may have just missed it.

If I click on your avatar, it takes me to your community profile (on your creator page, scroll to the bottom and there's a link to your community profile) and a list of "recent posts". On my profile, the recent posts are actually  all of my posts that I know of, I don't know if that's true for everyone.


Thank you. I figured there must be a way that I just hadn't figured out yet. I still think it would be helpful if it was more prominent. It would be nice to have  a link for that at the top of the forum while logged in.

I agree, and since it's titled "Recent posts" it sounds like it may not show your entire forum history.

Is it possible to devide the games into pages and if not why not mage it so

I just realized that the (+X) next to the first line of each forum post is basically a counter of likes.

Would it be possible to make it clickable and to show who liked a post when you click it?

Deleted post

hey how'd you do that colored text?