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For the date of the jam, how about itch.io's birthday ?

You could also give the informations that you get from scanning the animals to the Earth/Space Station in exchange for stuff like boots, stealth suits, ... Or they could send you new parts of your base, like a laboratory to study the minerals, or a kitchen to cook things to lure the animals. I don't know, I'm just throwing some ideas :D

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Maybe you could add other interactions with the animals ? Maybe you could befriend them ? And you could also get seeds/materials from the plants, and make food with that for your animals ? Or potions ?

These are just some ideas, and I'm not sure if they are really good for your game, as this would add a more survival-ish side to your game. Let me know what you think ! :D

I don't know much about Superpowers internals, but I don't understand why Superpowers must manually parse the models when Three.js already has a bunch of importers ? Is it because you need some data about the model that Three.js doesn't provide ? Also, another advantage of using the Three.js loaders is that you would have out of the box support for all the other formats that Three.js supports (Collada for example).

Thanks :)

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Really simple mechanic, great game :D

The progression between the level is really well made too.

It looks like we can now subscribe to the threads :D . You can mark it as implemented !

Yup it works ! Thanks :)

I just found this answer on StackOverflow, I guess it answers my question :P

What versions of GLSL can I use when writing my shaders ? I am asking because I see that the default vertex shader uses the varying keyword, and AFAIK this keyword is used in old versions of GLSL.

I am trying Superpowsers, but I haven't found any documentation on how to build/run the desktop app. I have Electron installed but I don't know what I need to do to run Superpowers with Electron.

I really like it so far, and I hope I will be able to contribute (even though I have no experience with TypeScript, but this is the perfect occasion to learn :P)

Wow, so much great stuff there :D

The sarcophagus is really cool, and the skill tree is a very good idea too ! Everything looks great !

It looks great !

Congratulations :D

Can't wait to test it !

Maybe you can just find a name for this planet, and give the name of the planet to the game :P

It looks awesome :D

Just curious: what is the purpose of the blue bar ?

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Same error with FF 42.0 on ArchLinux

Your game looks awesome ! I watched your talk Adapting to Unity and found it really interesting too :D

Will there be some special moves ? Like dashing, or jumping over enemies ?

Hey, this looks really nice :D

Reversevader is a top-down, survival, runner game

Does that mean that the gamplay consists of escaping the enemies instead of fighting them ? I haven't seen lots of games like that, so for me that's original :P

Will there be other goals that finding oxygen to survive (maybe discover artifacts, assemble your spaceship, whatever) ?

Also, what are the target platforms ?

I'm kinda torn between showing a lot to kind of incentivize myself into keeping a regular schedule / getting feedback, or to not show much to avoid spoiling the game for players. Thoughts

I would say that if someone reads a devlog they are aware that there may be spoilers. Also I think you should reveal new mechanics, but not your story.

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It looks like they are having a lot of fun :D

Great idea! I don't think Mojang will sue you (unless your game is a huge success), but it just looked like you were too lazy to make your own models. However, this is a nice feature so I think you should keep it :) . What you could do is change the animations to look less like Minecraft.

The voxel style is good, but be careful: right now the players really look like Minecraft models.

It has happened to me too, on Firefox 42.0 . I don't know what triggers this bug.

This looks really nice :D . Why are there two cursors ? Also, what are the target platforms ?

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Amazing idea ! The visuals are very nice :) . The player will be able to modify the world, but will it be possible to create new assets (tree, chest, etc...) with mini-voxels for example ? Also something that would be cool is to use the virtual players' view, so you will experience in a first-perso view. I think some tycoon games do this (on roller coasters for example)

Also, what are the target platforms ?

I guess I've gotta take a look into what features the app has

Right now the app can install and run games from your collection (at least on Linux, I didn't test it on Windows)

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This so intense, I really want to play this game :D

I like the fact that the enemies blend into the background when there is no light, but I find it disappointing that they are completely black when they are lit too. Maybe add some details/colors ?

Also I know nothing about firearms, but is this the right way to hold a shotgun ? It looks weird to me, but I am certainly used to the completely unrealistic Hollywood movies (Shwarzenegger, I'm talking to you).

Also, what are the target platforms ? :P

A FPS in Zero G. Awesome !

The visuals are nice and colorful, too. How do you handle the degrees of freedom in the controls ? Also, what are the target platforms ?

Looks very promising !

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As said in this thread, I would like to be able to subscribe to threads, and Markdown support would be a nice thing too :)

Also, it took me a while to realize that there is a quote formatting option, it would be more instinctive IMO to make it a button in the editor bar (or maybe add a "Quote" button next to Reply).

This is completely unrelated, but could you please explain how you quoted my text ? I can't find a button in the editor :)

I was just curious actually, but a use case would be to make mobile apps.

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I'm used to the forums where you get a notification when somebody posts in a thread you've already took part in, not only when somebody directly answers your messages. Actually I think the current system makes sense, however I would like to be able to subscribe to threads so that I am notified when there is an update.

By the way, it is amazing you are really connected to the community, and listen to the feedback.

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Glad I could help :)

If you liked it, you might also want to watch Juice it or Lose it

Didn't know about that. So with iframes you can safely embed foreign code ?

Uh, it looks like notifications are already implemented, even if I don't really understand how they work ^^

> One thing I'd like to see is something I've found in Reddit's Roguelike Development Community (/r/roguelikedev), every other Friday is FAQ Friday

I follow that too, and it is really great to see how other developers solve their problems. I would definitely love to see this.

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> Also, this might sound crazy and could go wrong in many ways, but what about embedding itch.io games in your posts? I think it would be pretty sweet.

It sure sounds really cool, but in practice it is not a good idea ;). Malicious users could completely destroy the page, and steal your cookies.

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As said above the artwork is cool, but there is waaaaaay too much blur in my opinion. What are the target platforms ? And what is that minimap in the corner of the screenshots ? ;)