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A topic by Icefix created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 701 Replies: 11
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This game is being created as a part of the internal "company" game jam series, so don't expect any mindblowing features.

About Project

Reversevader is a top-down, survival, runner game. So this is kinda shit that happens when I have midterms, and haven't worked on any project for a few weeks.

It's been in development for 6 hours, I record when I work on it, and I'll be making a timelapse of that. And name is gonna change, 90% sure about that.

About Developers

We're Icefix, 2 man team. I'm Mihael, brains behind the name, I do code, and minor business stuff we had to do so far. I'm located in Croatia, Europe, am 20 years old, and am balding at an incredible speeds. Luckily, girls love bald guys more than anything. So, my life is mostly perfect! I work with Argentinian dude, named Andre, aged 25, he should be beauty in the team but does some shitty art and animations I have to make look good. He also pretends to be all the best motherfucking gamedesigner around, so I give him that.

We both have crazy work ethic. Despite mocking each other all the time, we are pretty good at what we do. So things tend to go pretty smooth, with a few disagreements here and there, but he's the only artist I managed to work with for more than a year, so I guess it's meant to be. Fuck.

If you want to increase your following count by two, feel free to follow these ones. Totally optional, but gives you street credits, homie. Also, that is fastest way to reach me.


More about Project, aka images

There is some more stuff, polish and stuff, to add. And stuff. And some polish too. Gonna update you as we go.

I'm feeling extremly chill atm, and I'm trying to read this in hyped voice, and just feels funny. Read this post as slow as possible for full I don't give a fuck about anything experience. #additionalInfo

The animation looks pretty fun! I will say, the gif looks way more interesting than the mostly empty screenshots, so use those more. :P

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Thank you! And yeah we will, don't worry, we mostly use gifs usually, but this is so early into development that there is still not that much to show! :)

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I managed to sneak in few more hours of work, I'm testing some new polish techniques, and I'm really happy about how that shit is going.

Also introduced smaller, faster bastards. Also spawn animations. Also particles.

If you're into hiphop (or not :D) give a listen to Hopsin, he's fucking good!

Slowly wrapping up the game!

This is how you find the nearest Oxygen tank!

Hey, this looks really nice :D

Reversevader is a top-down, survival, runner game

Does that mean that the gamplay consists of escaping the enemies instead of fighting them ? I haven't seen lots of games like that, so for me that's original :P

Will there be other goals that finding oxygen to survive (maybe discover artifacts, assemble your spaceship, whatever) ?

Also, what are the target platforms ?

Thank you very much! And yes! There is no fighiting involved, just running! Now that you mention it.. yeah no game pops in my head that does that. Fuck yes, ( insert #millionDollarSpeech here )

Goal of the game is to find all parts, and return to ship, which gets harder and harder the longer you play! As for platforms, PC only. We'll post it to itch ofcourse, and gamejolt.

Will there be some special moves ? Like dashing, or jumping over enemies ?

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Yeah, dash & sonar. Sonar helps you find parts and oxygen tanks, at first we thought to not include sonar to make it more survivalish, but we figured there isn't much of the environment to help you remember all the paths you took.

And not gonna lie, I prefer it this way, animation turned out fucking sweet! :D

And thank you for your interest in this short project! Do you by any chance have a twitter I can follow? :)

We finished the game! Small project but feels damn good!

It's the meanest looking top-down, survival, runner around. Check it out here:

Feedback is always welcome!

If it's the first game here to have publish button pressed, I just wanted to say...
Hell yeah, FIRST!!1!


Congrats on finishing your game :)

Just gave it a go and I enjoyed it :D so thanks for making and sharing it! It took me a few turns to beat it (I think the right sort of amount of time) mostly because it took me a few turns to get the hang of how often I could press shift (at first I was too cautious with it but it regenerates really fast). I like the running animation of the astronaut! I know you say for best results download, but for people who are too lazy to do that (like me): if you play it in fullscreen (without fullscreen the arrow keys made me scroll around the page) it seems to work fine :).

One thing I wasn't sure about was that sometimes it seemed like I could bounce off a few enemies without being eaten and other times they'd seem to get me straight away. I died a couple of times due to thinking that I'd have time to run away from one red guy if he got too near, because I'd bounce off him first, but then I died on the first chomp.


Hey, thanks for playing, and taking the time to write feedback!

The moment enemies spawn, they play the spawn animation, in which period you can push them around to make your way through. We probably needed to give some feedback on that in the game to make it obvious. :D Oh well, we're bound to get smarter in the future!