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Hey, this looks really nice :D

Reversevader is a top-down, survival, runner game

Does that mean that the gamplay consists of escaping the enemies instead of fighting them ? I haven't seen lots of games like that, so for me that's original :P

Will there be other goals that finding oxygen to survive (maybe discover artifacts, assemble your spaceship, whatever) ?

Also, what are the target platforms ?

Thank you very much! And yes! There is no fighiting involved, just running! Now that you mention it.. yeah no game pops in my head that does that. Fuck yes, ( insert #millionDollarSpeech here )

Goal of the game is to find all parts, and return to ship, which gets harder and harder the longer you play! As for platforms, PC only. We'll post it to itch ofcourse, and gamejolt.

Will there be some special moves ? Like dashing, or jumping over enemies ?

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Yeah, dash & sonar. Sonar helps you find parts and oxygen tanks, at first we thought to not include sonar to make it more survivalish, but we figured there isn't much of the environment to help you remember all the paths you took.

And not gonna lie, I prefer it this way, animation turned out fucking sweet! :D

And thank you for your interest in this short project! Do you by any chance have a twitter I can follow? :)