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Here's a PICO-8 game I made after playing too much Tempest 4000. I aimed to make a game that recalls the unsettling mystique of Tempest, while also having some more personalized gameplay twists and enemy designs.

the description says 4-6 hours of play, but it fails to include the time i'll need to process what i've read and play it again to understand it more deeply

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This has actually been out for a while (you may have seen it on the tools page), but I never made a topic for it. It's a small subtractive synthesizer plugin designed to be expressive and fun with a minimal, non-overwhelming set of controls. It's currently available as VST2 (and it can be available in Mac plugin formats if someone with a Mac is able to make builds for me).

The source is here:

Here's a demo song by Septilateral:

Let me know if you make anything cool with it!

oh no i missed the free giveaway by a day

reposting from the github issue tracker:

cynthia micro isn't a standalone program, but a plugin that you run in vst hosts, such as a daw like ableton live or fl studio. sorry if that's confusing! i actually could make standalone builds, but i'm not sure how useful that would be

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What is NETTY?

NETTY is an intense arcade experience that requires you to link your MIND and BODY to achieve maximum kinetic synergy.

Interaction is simple: use the arrow keys to aim, hold Z to charge, and release Z to launch.

Collect gems, and become one with the grid...

NETTY has three different programs for you to enter unique FLOW STATES...

  • REFLEXIVE ..... a rhythmic, temporal challenge
  • CEREBRAL ..... the ultimate test of mind connection
  • SENSORY ..... a meditative experience

Play NETTY online, or download for PICO-8

I have two games I can think of that are really representative of my "first games": my first game, which I do not have a build of, and my second game, which I do. I feel like remaking either would be in the spirit of the jam. What do you all think is better?

(also, I made sequels to both of those games, and the first games and the sequels blur together in my memory, so I'd probably remake them both "as a whole")

Since the dawn of time, people have had visions of a rare occurrence...a cosmic, even heavenly, phenomenon...

...few people have seen it with their own eyes, but those who have described themselves as being transformed, never to see the world the same way again...

This miraculous event is known as...The Perfect Meeting.

In other words, this is a game about getting the DVD logo to hit exactly in the corner.

I can attest to Fruits of a Feather being quite awesome. It's a small game, but if you want to fly around a pretty space for a few minutes, that's the game for you.

Because that's what I did. But if we didn't have to wait, then I could have spent a lot more time on my game. :P

but why

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Cool. I like how much you can accomplish in 64x64; the level design is very well suited to it. My biggest complaint is that the camera is kind of headachey. I'm pretty sensitive to that kind of thing in general, though. Also, I'm not sure if I like the dead ends? I didn't play all the way through, but I'm guessing the point is to get 99 coins?

Can I give a small amount of feedback?

You should mark your downloads as Windows/Linux so people can install them from the app!

I don't know how I haven't seen this before, this looks great!

Thanks! My friend made that, I can't take credit for it.

Man, I really need to start checking the forums again. This looks great!

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Man, I'm really dropping the ball when it comes to being active on these forums.

Do it as a way of encouraging better, less stingy game pricing. :P

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It's been 43 days? Man, what am I doing with my life.

Oh, I haven't played that much yet. :P

People were getting headaches? Where did you see that?

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Spellrazor is an interesting top-down action arcade game with roguelike elements. It's got a couple of gimmicks: 1) you have 26 spells, 1 for each letter of the keyboard, and 2) the game is haunted.

If you miss the days of creepy, sinister, neon-tinged arcade games (especially Williams' games) that reward deep knowledge and skillful play, then this game is for you.

Spellrazor is an insane early-1980s-tinged Rogue-meets-Defender/Berzerk arcade-adventure game with (gulp) 27 fire buttons, auto-targeting, a bunch of secrets and a rather creepy meta-story.

Being a conversion of a semi-mythical arcade game developed by Duncan Bower in 1981, this version includes the unusual in-game development/debugger console which exposes the weird, glitchy nightmare of the game's mythology.

This is a cool game! Great aesthetics, interesting gimmicks.

Go play it!

Ah, OK. I'm pretty sure it used to work, but maybe I'm wrong. There should probably be an error message for that.

Mine used to be working, but it hasn't worked for the past couple weeks or so. I tried reuploading it; it didn't help. Also, if I try viewing the image at its original url, I get this:

Anyone else having this issue?

It's always fun to see the variety of things on besides video games!

Thank you for making a cool game!

Yup! That's a better explanation than mine/

Also a good reason! Community » General » Recommend a game · Created a new topic Imaginal
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I've already mentioned this game in the personal games thread, but I thought I would get the ball rolling. Imaginal is a pretty cool game. From the game page:

Hi I'm Lisa, and I've been thinking a lot lately about how I used to catch lightning bugs when I was little. I sort of miss it. Would you like to come catch some with me? It'll be super chill, we can just hang out, catch some bugs and have a chat.

Imaginal is a singleplayer game about catching lightning bugs and hanging out with a friend. Catch a lightning bug when it is lit by clicking on it. If you catch a blue bug you will get an insight!

I think this game is a good example of how you can make a game that just feels a certain way instead of making it about some gameplay mechanic. People generally think of games as a series of challenges, but they don't have to be that way. So yeah, you all should play this!

Since the most exciting thing about a devlog is when the OP posts a new update, why not have a tag specifically for that? It's a little different then what the current tag system is for, so I don't know how hard that would be to implement (or if it should even be a tag). But something like that would be nice.

Good luck! 1GAM is a great way to help yourself finish games if you're stuck in a rut.

The graphics and animations are really nice, but you need to be careful with your audio levels. That coin pickup sound is about 10 times louder than everything else, and it clips pretty badly.

I'm loving the animations! Just take the blur off of the backgrounds and I bet they'll look 100x better. :P

I love the colors in the dungeons!

Do you think Imaginal would count as a personal game? Because if so, I think it would be a pretty good example.

Found a speech synth. Used it.

I don't think I've shown off this powerup yet:

I don't have another person to play this with, but I love the art style...and the kazoos!