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hey at least i didn’t put a crate at the end

set dry to 0%?

Type %appdata%/EAT GIRL into your explorer location bar and delete options.lua.

Here’s an example using Kenney 16x16:

That’s definitely something that could use some ironing out.

Type %appdata%/EAT GIRL into your explorer location bar and delete options.lua.

glad i could bring back both the childhood joy and fear!

my general design philosophy with this game was to avoid unnecessary “gameiness”, i.e. level complete fanfares, completion percentages, etc. but yes, you have finished all the levels and seen everything there is to see in EAT GIRL, at least for the time being.

i’m glad you enjoyed the game!

i didn’t want to add an indicator for where the secrets are because that makes them less secret. the post-game content is meant to be something you dig deep for. but i understand that it’s a little repetitive.

ghosts speeding around corners is unintuitive for sure. it’s actually not intended, but i left it in because i thought it was interesting. i see it as an interesting quirk that makes the ghosts more mysterious. that being said, i am working on some tweaks to make the ghosts a little more comfortable for speedrunners, so a change to that behavior is not entirely off the table.

greg is a mystery.

i’ll look into that…the whole reason i made the buffer non-infinite by default is because some people were turning when they didn’t mean to, but maybe the default needs some adjustment

glad you’re finding it helpful!


there’s no OST release at the moment. since the soundtrack is dynamically generated, i’d have to string the individual pieces into something listenable as an album. it might happen someday, but it’s not at the top of my to-do list. i figure the music is most impactful in context

I don’t have a mac :(

I’d need someone to make OSX builds and test them for me. Or I could buy a Mac, but that’s expensive as heck

maybe…the soundtrack is dynamically generated, so i would be constructing brand new compositions out of the existing sounds. it would be a lot of work, and i’m not sure how i would make it a listenable soundtrack experience

i’m definitely considering it!

consume woman

very relaxing! i love making virtual puddle splashes~

nice concept, but it’s very difficult to actually adjust the orbits to your liking. aligning the phases of the orbits properly and understanding what the resulting waveform will look like ahead of time seems practically impossible, and it sucks that you have to grab tiny moving handles to adjust them.

with better controls, i think this could be a really great puzzle game!

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i like the concept a lot! the way sounds backing back is represented is quite clever and intuitive once you figure out what’s going on. in practice it’s very difficult to play, though…seems like a game i could play in small doses!

(1 edit)

game is called Sinewave Surfer, you’re actually a triangle wave. misleading

that being said, nice gameplay concept! the powerups are a little difficult to collect though. i wish they were bigger or just generally farther away from the blocks you’re trying to avoid

you are correct that the filter labels are switched, i’m surprised no one called me out on that earlier!

you can reduce the clicky peaks by increasing the drive iterations. i’m not super happy with how the drive sounds. when i make cocoa delay 2.0 someday, i’ll change that

but then it wouldn’t be secret anymore

they used to be a lot longer! 😬

Even if I have background videos disabled, each screen takes a while to load. It seems like the dots on the loading screen always have to move from the right all the way to the left before the loading screen finishes. I'm wondering if there's some sort of bug there? Maybe the loading screen is waiting on that animation to finish. Whatever the cause, it's a little annoying to have such long loading times for such a non-graphics-intensive game.

When you want to move multiple rows or columns side by side at once, it would be nice if you could hold B and move to make multiple subselectors instead of having to press B on each individual one.

both are equally good!

i tried to avoid adding value judgments to the game. that's why you don't see any "you win" message when you complete a level - i find that when a game tries to make me feel good for doing a certain thing, it conversely makes me feel bad for failing to do that thing. but i do think it would be nice to have some sort of acknowledgement that you've beaten every level. if i do implement that, it'll be later, since i'm planning on adding more levels, and i'm not sure what form that addition is going to take.

anyway, thanks for playing and making a video!

thank you!

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EAT GIRL is a game about moving quickly and efficiently through tight corridors. it has a serene and unsettling atmosphere with unusual enemies and varied ambient music.

The game is short - skilled players can probably reach the ending in 2-3 hours.

There's some extra content planned for future free updates:
- assist/variant mode
- speedrun mode
- arcade mode
- secret levels

wait i'm curious, what did you learn assymetricaly? i thought i designed everything in a pretty linear fashion


I've been really impressed with Graph Ball and Super Polygon.

i got softlocked repeatedly, so i haven't made much progress in the game, but i do appreciate the dynamic music when you pick up the key!

i like the idea, but i think there's some subtle design choices that get in the way of the mechanic being really cool. i played the game with a controller, and it's disappointing that the movement and aiming is only 8-directional - the aiming in particular would be a lot more interesting with smooth analog movement. i also found it unintuitive how every enemy took more than one hit to kill, despite the dramatic blood particles.

thank you!

hope it wasn't too much of a slog to replay everything!

lil tippy taps

I do have a game!

what a cute game! very fun and polished~