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Escape through 9 levels of hell as a bat using only echolocation.
Submitted by gruebite (@gruebite), jestbubbles (@jestbubbles) — 11 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline
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Challenging game! I included it in my Love Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Clever concept and very interesting game to play, loved the atmosphere of the whole thing! One suggestion I have is some way to see what each colour represents once you're actually in the game, rather than just on the main menu. The manual is all well and good but the colours are introduced over-time and when I first encountered orange I had no idea what it was. Once I got the hang of it the game was good fun and very unique!


Farthest I got was lvl 6, at first I thought it was a little hard but I got used to it and how to move, very unique and I quite liked it!


I watched the discord when you first came up with this mechanic, and I've been interested to give it a go since! Great job :) I agree with everyone in that the concept is really cool, but I think some added touches here and there could make it easier - for example some extra sound component for when you're closer to certain things. Definitely need the rulers, before I turned those on, I definitely felt like a Bat in Hell, not knowing where to go!

Great job :)


Very cool - love the feel, and of course the meat loaf reference.


Great concept, fits the theme perfectly. Like was previously mentioned the game is quite confusing without rulers. They should be on by default for sure.


The idea works really well.

I did not realize that the space I was flying around in was much bigger than the window untill I activated the rulers. Maybe it's just me, but I think it might be good to have those on by default.


Interesting mechanic!


Interesting mechanic!


Really fun game, didn't think I could do it but then I found the last exit.


Love the consistence for the theme of the game, with the bat chirps for the menu selection sounds. Really sweet flying paths on those fellas, too! Definitely top notch mood setter menu. Nice music, too.                                                                       

The gameplay's very cool and feels original! It does get a bit boring after a couple of levels I feel, so maybe the concept needs a bit of something more. It also feels a bit claustrophobic seeing so little around you, but I understand that's part of the idea.             
Would've been nice to have some ambient music for the in game part!

Fairly simply concept, but a lot of fun to play, especially if you're into score chasers like old arcade games. This is the type of game I could see myself revisiting to try and beat my high score. Difficulty increases in later levels when the hell hawks start hunting you down, so you can be greedy and try to collect more points, or dash it for the nearest exit as soon as you find it!

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i like the concept a lot! the way sounds backing back is represented is quite clever and intuitive once you figure out what’s going on. in practice it’s very difficult to play, though…seems like a game i could play in small doses!